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78 Comments on Contact

  1. Hello,
    I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to access the Scripture Index. Each time I click on a particular Scripture reference a message appears that “Safari can’t open the page…” I really do want to read about Luke 16: 1-8, as well as many other passages. I’m older and not very tech-savvy at all. How can I read your thoughts on this parable, which has puzzled me for many years, particularly Verse 8? Thanks for any help. Sorry if this is not the right place for this question or if the answer is somewhere else on your site.

    • Hi Sue, Sorry you’ve been having problems. Have you tried accessing the links from other browsers? I am not an Apple user, so I can’t test this myself, but I can assure you the index works fine with Chrome, FF, and IE. In the meantime, here is the article you’re looking for.

  2. Caleb and Monika Sannoh // November 21, 2019 at 3:49 pm // Reply

    Hello Paul,

    Thanks for being such a blessing to so many people in the world today. We are so glad that you took a rest after being burned out in Hong Kong. That decision to rest has been a huge benefit for some of us who may have never gone to Hong Kong to hear you preach. (With such a busy life, what did you preach anyway?)

    We are a missionary couple, stationed in Liberia, West Africa, in a small city call Kakata. One day, while searching on the internet about communion, we came across one of your articles. The rest is history.
    We primarily work with churches preaching GRACE and God’s unconditional love for ALL people.
    Liberia is a poor country. Lots of people have no TVs to watch. Radio is the primary means people get their news. Most preachers who teach on the radio teach LAW and the anger of God. There are churches all over the place, but Elijah and Moses are more admired than Jesus. We hear people praying all night for the Holy Spirit fire to destroy their enemies.

    Two years ago, we start preaching grace, love and righteousness on the radio. We have largely used your materials on the internet. When we went to the USA, we ordered your Hyper GRACE Gospel book and gave it as a gift to some of the pastors who have embraced the GRACE GOSPEL. They tell us that the book is so rich that they cannot just rush through it. These pastors say that your book is like a fruit from the tree of life. You eat it very slowly so that you can relish every taste that your taste buds come in contact with.

    Ordinary people see us on the streets and thank us for telling them that God is not holding their sins against them. People were tired of the burdens of the law but did not know how to get off from that burden.

    On days that we cannot go to the radio stations, we play messages by Joseph Prince. People who hear the message of GRACE say that it makes them fall in love with Christ all over again.

    Thanks for putting your materials out there for all to have. You are influencing people you will never meet on this side of heaven.

    Thanks for being a blessing.

    • Hi Caleb and Monika. Thanks for writing. It’s wonderful hearing what God is doing in Liberia. If you need more copies of The Hyper-Grace Gospel, just let me know.

      • Caleb and Monika Sannoh // January 8, 2020 at 12:29 pm //

        Hi Paul,
        Thanks for for being a blessing to so many of us out there. In my last email to you, I told you about how we use your articles extensively on our daily radio program. I also told you that we bought and distributed your book, “The Hypergrace Gospel”, to some local pastors. It has been a great blessing to them. Pastors and congregations are changing as we preach God’s GRACE in the person of His son Jesus.

        A few months ago, you offered to send us some of The Hypergrace Gospel books if we needed some. Sending us items to Liberia can be very difficult. So, we normally ask friends to bring us items when they come to visit us from the USA…

      • Hi guys, I just sent you an email. Check your spam folder if you can’t find it.

      • M. Caleb Sannoh // January 23, 2020 at 1:29 pm //

        Hi Paul,
        Thanks so very much for sending us 5 copies of your book, “The Hypergrace Gospel.” The books got to our director before he left from the USA to come visit us in Liberia. A church invited us to talk to them about GRACE. We gladly accepted the offer. We used your materials to do a side by side comparison of Grace & Law. At the end of the service, we gave one of your book to the pastor. We encouraged him and his congregation to go to your website and learn more about Grace.

        We are normally on the radio 5 days a week, preaching and teaching GRACE to our listeners. I am so glad that we listened to the promptings of the Lord to teach on the radio instead of opening a church. We are reaching more people via radio than we could have if we were confined to a church building. Pastors who invite us to preach in their churches are not afraid to do so because they know that we will not steal their sheep.

        I have read your story about pastoring a church in Hong Kong. You influenced people who may be influencing others at this time. But you listening to God’s leading to have a website has allowed you to reach far greater number of people than you probably would have if you had stayed in a church building. Of course I am guessing.

        Bottom line: You are reaching people and being a blessing to people you will never meet on this side of heaven. Thanks Paul!

        Caleb & Monika.

      • Thank you, Caleb. I’m glad you got the books in time. We weren’t sure that you would. Thanks for the encouragement. You are doing a great work in Liberia.

  3. Thank you Paul for being a fellow enjoyer of God’s over-the-top love and grace, which unfortunately many so-called Christians throw stones at in their blind zeal and self generated righteousness. Sometimes I really get mad that folks make little of the finished work of Christ and want to mix in their own filthy and hypocritical religiosity, but then I realize I had once been consumed by the same displaced zeal and God had patiently taught me, bringing me to a place of realization that I was made to be a receiver and dependent of His grace, not a giver or impresser of God. I can only pray that other ‘Christians’ listen to the loving, still small voice of the Lord and relax in His love, knowing that everything, including eternity, is taken care of.

  4. God has used your spirit-inspired works to bless me and my circle of influence. The gospel in ten words has already become a classic for me. I hope that your hyper-grace ministries expands this year. I was happy to hear that you plan to publish a book addressed to women. I would as well embrace writings addressed to the age groups of children and teenagers. We currently use the Jesus Storybook Bible which is not bad. If there are already hypergrace-inspired reads, apps or tools, I would be grateful for recommendations. Best wishes!

  5. Karissa DeVries // January 27, 2020 at 3:53 pm // Reply

    Paul (or any E2R staff), do you have any references or articles on speaking in tongues? I’m not particularly scared of it, and I don’t exactly feel confused by it, personally. But I get a little bit jolted by people strongly opposed to it and I feel like I don’t have answers for them as to why I think it’s important. Joseph Prince’s ministry says it’s for praying on your behalf when you don’t have words to pray. I don’t exactly exercise it myself, but I’m curious what findings you might have.

  6. Ash McKenzie // January 30, 2020 at 12:14 pm // Reply

    Recently, the Church I attend had an Anointing service where teaching was given on “A Fresh Anointing with Fresh oil,” Psalm 92:10, followed by prayer ministry. I accept that we have an Anointing, 2 Cor 1:21, 1 Jn 2:20, 27, and to suggest that we need a fresh anointing implies at least to me that my present anointing from God has gone stale. Further, it is not New Covenant teaching. My verbal response (given in love of course) didn’t go down too well. However, the comeback was, “to be (being) filled with the Holy Spirit,” Eph 5:18, therefore the Old Covenant approach from Ps 92:10 is legit and reasonable. What would be your response to this classic Pentecostal approach please on “The Anointing.” Thx.

  7. Are there audio resources (sermons, sermon series, podcasts, etc, by Paul or others that effectively capture the essence of The Gospel in 10 Words?

  8. Aleisha Boersema // February 5, 2020 at 3:19 am // Reply

    Hello Paul! I am mentoring a 17-year girl who is very confused about God. She sees Father as a rule maker and one who is demeaning to women. She says she is tempted to give up her faith. As I start to meet with her casually, I would like to read through a book with her. I’m wondering if you might be able to suggest one of your books that would be a good match. Although I read your articles faithfully, I have yet to purchase one of your books. (I hope to remedy that soon! 🙂 Thank you for all of your articles, your time and your passion for the person of Jesus Christ. It is infectious!

    • Hi Aleisha, on the subject of women, I highly recommend my next and still unfinished book. (It’s about God’s plan for women.) In the meantime, and to shatter a few sacred cows, I’d recommend Stuff Jesus Never Said or The Gospel in Twent Questions.

  9. If you believe in OSAS/Eternal Security how do you explain Heb 3:12?

    • Hi James, for my take on specific scriptures, please check out the Archives > Scripture Index. Thanks. And as long as you’re thinking about eternal security, don’t forget to check out these 90 scriptures guaranteeing the believer’s eternal security. Since you’re already in Hebrews, I recommend Hebrews 5:9.

  10. Hello my name is Israel your blog has been a good way to view God and how I should view my relationship with the Father.. It’s been difficult for me though I’ve had a lot of what ifs going through my mind and it’s been getting easier to ignore them.. Today though has been a particularly difficult day. I have this insane worry that somehow I’ll end up like those Gnostics.. I know I wasn’t blameless without Christ and the moment I believed in Jesus (even that faith is a work of God he comes.) I was saved.. Yet I get these worries like what if I didn’t understand the message? or what if I’m not blameless yet and I didn’t turn to Jesus? I still get these worries that I’ll miss out on God as though I’m standing on the edge just an inch away from the Kingdom.. I still struggle at times to avoid law-like behavior and these fears don’t help.. I know that Eternal life is simple to know The One True God and the One he sent… I’ve asked God to take these thoughts away because they just steal peace.. What do you think?

  11. Garry Pifer // April 12, 2020 at 8:28 am // Reply

    Paul, I recall that some time ago you mentioned that if one was desiring to write a book you would be willing to give some ideas or tips. I would appreciate anything you might be willing to share.


    • Hi Garry, because I get asked this question a lot, I have compiled some practical and easy-to-follow notes pertaining to writing and publishing. You can find them on Patreon, which means it’ll set you back $5 I think. But since vanity presses will charge you $5000-8,5000 to do what I teach you to do, it’s a pretty good investment.

      • donbeeson // April 12, 2020 at 10:39 am //

        I know it’s off topic, but Happy Easter, Paul! And, yes, that $5 is definitely worth the investment 🙂 I just finished your Moody Redo. Thanks again for sending that out to us and to opening up grace to so many of us here : )

      • Happ Easter, Don.

  12. Just finished, “The Hyper Grace Gospel.” I have a question about Psalm 103:12 NIV, “…so far has he removed our transgressions from us.” This obviously was written long before the Cross. Do you suppose that since Christ was “the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world” Rev 13:8. That our salvation was secured by Grace before the foundation of the world and our sins separated from us long before Calvary?
    Ed Dower

    • We can see from God’s conversation with the serpent in Genesis 3, that his redemptive plan was not something he concocted on the fly to fix our mess, but was in his heart from the very beginning. Prophetic people in the Old Testament knew his heart and saw what was coming. Prophetic people in the New Testament looked back and realized Calvary had been in God’s mind all along.

  13. Shantelle // May 4, 2020 at 4:20 pm // Reply

    Dear Paul
    In your article ”About Dr.Paul Ellis” you wrote ”….it was an unsustainable lifestyle and eventually i crashed and burned….” can you please throw more light on how you crashed and burned and how you were forced to rest plus a good description of that place of inactivity and inability,i do think am in such a situation and place and i badly need your encouragement. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Shantelle, I should tell my story one day. The short version is I had a major burnout in my mid-30s and was unable to function for a while. I was forced to take a few months off, which was very hard for an over-achieving, sleep-when-you-die person like me. I was put on all sorts of meds, most of which had side effects worse than the thing they were trying to cure. It was a horrible, dark and scary time. Yet God revealed himself to me in new and amazing ways, and I came out a changed person. I became much better acquainted with grace. One thing that helped me – apart from a lot of prayer – was keeping a journal. A journal can bring perspective when you need it most.

  14. Ed Anderson // May 10, 2020 at 3:12 am // Reply

    Hello, I donated to this great ministry on giving Tuesday. Always get a lot of good from it! I accidentally hit the monthly donation but cannot do that at this time. I haven’t gotten an email to set up the account either. How do I stop the monthly withdraw? Many thanks and God bless!

  15. Ed Anderson // May 11, 2020 at 7:55 am // Reply

    Thanks for your help, that worked! Looking forward to supporting you on a monthly basis in the future!

  16. Gary B Greer // August 24, 2020 at 1:38 pm // Reply

    I love your books. I’ve used 2 of them for study purposes in Grace Groups that have met in my home. I’ve just finished writing a book, entitled “A New Covenant Understanding of At-One-Ment” that I’ve quoted you in two places: Chapter 9
    Limited Atonement, Unlimited Atonement, Universalism or New Covenant At-One-Ment? and in Appendix A Made or Being Made in the Image of God?
    The book is in early draft form and I’m seeking input from various people, including some of the authors that I quote. I’d like to send you pdf files of this early draft or the entire book. If so, what email address would I use. If you prefer a hard copy, send me a mailing address. If it’s outside the US, then the PDF would work better.
    Blessings in Christ.
    G. Bruce Greer
    Boundless Grace Ministries

  17. Teresa M Vaughn // September 5, 2020 at 9:48 am // Reply

    Hey, Mr. Paul! Blessings! And thanks for all you do for the Body of Christ! I cannot locate a way to acquire your Spanish book The Gospel in Ten Words. Could you please inform? Thanks so much!

  18. Hi Paul. I was wondering if you could compile a list of books about how much God loves us. I want to know Him as my loving Father, but I could use some help in finding a good book about how much He loves me.

      • Hi Paul. I am looking specifically for books on how much our Father loves us. I am not looking for books on Grace . If you could just recommend one or two just on His love for us I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

      • Scott, you speak as though these were discrete subjects. They are not. Grace is what God’s love looks like from our side. Everyone of these books reveals and revels in the love of God. For instance, the first chapter of The Gospel in Ten Words is entitled “Loved.” But since you mentioned knowing the Father’s love, why not start with Abba’s Child or Who’s Your Daddy? You can get the latter free here.

      • Thank you Paul I really appreciate it.

  19. Rodrigo Hinojosa Camargo // December 16, 2020 at 9:30 am // Reply

    Good afternoon! My name is Rodrigo Hinojosa, I am a Christian translator from Queretaro, Mexico. I serve as a teacher and worship leader in a reformed Bible church in my city where my father also serves as pastor. I am currently looking for work as I would like to serve with a Christian ministry, either translating books or articles or managing/revising translation projects.
    There is a great need in Latin America and now also among Hispanic families in the US for good, professional translations of healthy Christian materials. Even though many materials are being translated, I can tell as a translator and avid reader myself that the translations tend to be of poor quality, lowering the professionalism and readability in a second language of many books by great authors and teachers.
    I am willing to provide a resume and would be grateful if you would consider my profile or direct me to the right person or in your own ministry or other ministries where you think my services might be needed.
    Thank you very much and God bless you,

  20. Hi Paul, You’ve changed my theology of God’s will for mankind, but how can I trust God when it seems that successful prayer is reliant on something from me? e.g. believing (Mark 11), not wavering (James), not having unbelief (the gospels), faith (the whole bible!). My life seems to be supernaturally cursed and I desperately need God’s promises to manifest (I hate that word), but with so many asterisks on his promises, and so many negated prayers I find it difficult to have faith. I know this is me rather than God focused, but He is faithful so the problem doesn’t rest with him. Any suggestions!?

    • Yes, make it your aim to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. Feed your faith and starve your doubts by reading and meditating on the goodness of God.

  21. Hey Paul, we run a Grace based ministry for women out of Atlanta called Be Still Ministries @bestillministries. We have taken over 500 women thru a study we wrote called Father’s House and teach many of the truths you speak of as well. We value your voice, have devoured The Gospel in Ten Questions and Hyper grace Gospel (for which I am extremelllly thankful when people think we are teaching HERESY :)))). All that said, WE would give anything to interview on our Instagram live!!! Can you let us know if you would be open to that? Pls ! Pls! Pls! Thanks!

  22. Hi Paul,

    You take issue with the label of preterist, but the Wikipedia entry on ‘preterism’ states: “Preterism teaches that either all (full preterism) or a majority (partial preterism) of the Olivet discourse had come to pass by AD 70.” There are very few full preterists: almost all preterists believe that the Second Coming is yet to come—in the future.

    You also take (insultingly strong) issue with my statement that when Jesus announced in Matthew 24:34 “this generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled,” he was prophetically addressing a FUTURE generation, those who will be alive when the events are finally being completely fulfilled.

    Yet this is a known prophetic practice. Jeremiah said, “Babylon is fallen, is fallen.” Revelation later repeats it, applying it to a city that has still not yet been rebuilt (see Zechariah 5).

    Paul used this principle when he wrote, “Then we [meaning “they”] which are alive and remain shall be caught up [raptured].” Paul knew that, for himself, the Second Coming was not imminent, as for instance, he also says, “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin [Antichrist] be revealed, the son of perdition.”

    Also, what about Zechariah 12 (cf. Rom. 11:26) describing how immediately after Armageddon, the house of David will mourn their earlier rejection of Jesus, at his Second Coming?

    • Just as some preterists are looking forward to the final coming of the Lord, some futurists believe the temple was destroyed in the manner Christ predicted in Matt 24. So what is the difference between a partial preterist and a partial futurist? Labelling people is counterproductive. No more partisan eschatology please. Far better to discuss each prophecy on its own merits.

      I’m not sure why you are insulted by my interpretation of Matt 24:34, but I’m sure you will agree that being insulted is better than being dead – which is what you would have been in the first century if you did not think Jesus’ warning was for your generation.

      Yes, there are many prophecies in the Bible which remain to be fulfilled. You could write a whole book on them. But be warned: write a book on prophecies and some people will attack it without properly reading it and they’ll attack you too. Preterists will dismiss you as a futurist while futurists will dismiss you as a preterist. Something about the endtimes seems to bring out the worst in folk.

  23. Abhisek Rai // August 22, 2021 at 6:03 pm // Reply

    Hello sir Paul
    I’m Abhisek from India and I read one of your books – Stuff Jesus never said. It’s so liberating and helpful. Iam so excited to read more books. do write more ✍️. I will be in touch

  24. Dear Pastor Ellis:

    How is Daddy God guiding you to deal with all of the lockdowns taking place in your home country of New Zealand?

    Feel free to contact me via the email address below. Thank you!

    • This is an unusual question. I think we are handling the lockdowns well, certainly our children are. Most nights at the table we ask God to give our leaders wisdom and we thank him that they are smart enough to listen to the healthcare experts. We also thank the Lord that our hospitalization and death rates remain very low. Although many people are hurting financially, the vast majority of people in our country are united in our war against COVID and we are thankful for that too.

  25. Hi Paul,

    I gave a message on you on Facebook. Just appreciating your help in sharing the Goodness of God revealed in Jesus, and I thank you for that, of course I thank God for your life. And also I mentioned in that message that I would like to ask for permission, I made a song, inspired by your book “The Gospel in Ten Words”, with title “Ten Words”, it is already posted in Youtube and Spotify, and in my Facebook Page, “Today with Grace”.

    Let me know if I have to remove it.

    Thank you.

    Title: TEN WORDS
    Album: The Message of Love
    July 11 2021 11:55pm (Doha, Qatar Time)

    Ten words the Gospel declares
    You are Loved, Forgiven and Saved,
    You’re Accepted, United in Christ,
    Holy, New, Righteous, and Royal
    And Died

    Ever heard this
    Jesus’ Work
    God’s rejoicing
    In joy about you
    With your Father’s
    Undying Love for you
    You’re Forgiven
    You are eternally Forgiven

    Saved by His life abundantly
    You are Holy, indeed, you are Holy

    Yes! This is
    A Good News?
    Grace is singing
    A song about you
    You’re Righteous
    Heaven ready
    You have a New Life
    Who Died with Him

    You’re old has gone and New has come
    Royal Priesthood, and a Holy nation

    Listen to this
    Stunning announcement
    That He, He accepts you
    The Lover of your soul
    Desires to share His
    Life in wedded union
    With you

  26. Thanks Paul, thanks for your book, really the hand of God is so amazing, He reached everyone according to their own languages so they can understand Him, what a Great God, a Great Father we have. Stay blessed!

  27. Paul Nankivell // October 25, 2021 at 6:53 pm // Reply

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your work. I’m just wondering if you know about any free grace churches in Adelaide, South Australia.
    Thanks again.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Paul Nankivell

  28. smackattack52 // February 9, 2022 at 2:04 am // Reply

    someone recently said…THERES NO SAVED AND UNSAVED, THEIRS BELIEVERS AND UNBELIEVERS !! i cannot remember where I heard it but paul is one of the few I read anymore. was it you and if so what was the article ?

  29. Terry Kauffman // March 8, 2022 at 5:50 am // Reply

    I happened upon your site today while doing some casual reading about the roles of men and women in the church. If God’s creation is ordered, assigning roles to gender-types is not sexist, it’s God’s desire. Anselm stated that ‘there are things we cannot know’, to rationalize away God’s order is somewhat problematic. Your title says “Dr.” so I presume that to mean PhD. Where did you acquire your initial training? Also, when possible, please identify your resource for the translations you are quoting from.

    • If you would like to comment on one of my articles, please do so under the article in question. My articles on women can be found here. You can learn more about me on the About page.

  30. Paul – Do you have a blog post that deals with Jeremiah 17:9. I couldn’t find one but I’m sure you do. I just heard a message (before I turned it off 😂) where the pastor was saying Believer’s have a deceitful heart. I know that old covenant but wanted to study it further by reading one of your posts.

  31. Paul,

    Love what your going after bro and what the Lord is revealing to you. I made the first great step toward the Kingdom and married a Kiwi, lol. I’m deep into writing my second self-published book detailing servanthood and friendship with God. I stumbled on your article on servant/friend/son, very interesting and compelling. I wanted to ask if I can reference that article in my book.


  32. Haha. Awesome brother. Thanks so much! Blessings!

  33. gideonstorch7 // December 15, 2022 at 3:42 pm // Reply

    Paul: Bro,I thank Jesus,Father God,for using you to write these blogs! I’ve read most of them already & they have set me from the religious mindset and have deepened my trust in God’s love, thank you sir.

  34. Hello Team,

    Wondering how we can order your book “Original Sin” in bulk along with the study guide.

    Thank you so much,
    Impact Church London

    • At this time my Original Sin book is not available for sale. It is a thank you gift I have written exclusively for patrons and supporters. Their support keeps everything else free. You can read extracts from the OS book for free here on E2R. Also, there is no study guide for this title. Thanks.

      • Hello Paul,

        On average we purchase 50-100 of your books annually for our small groups for many years as they’re incredible books! Would there be a way to get access to a link for ‘Original Sin’?

        Thank you so much,
        Impact Church London

      • Would you mind emailing me on the KingsPress address normally used to order books? Thanks.

  35. M. Caleb Sannoh // May 11, 2023 at 6:40 pm // Reply

    Hello Paul,
    We thank the Lord for using you to help us mature spiritually. I am reading your book “Spirit, Soul and Body”. The book is so rich that I cannot just skim through it at a glance. Everyday, when I wake up in the morning, I read a portion of it. If I remember correctly, you had asked volunteers to proofread it before publishing it. I wanted to participate but was very busy. I appreciate those who helped out.

    On page 25 of your book “Spirit, Soul and Body”, you narrated the story of a woman who was coughing loudly during service. You sensed that something was wrong with her. Here is a quote from your book:

    “This lady was a recent arrival to the church and I didn’t anything about her”. I think you meant to say, “……….and I didn’t know anything about her”. You left KNOW out between DIDN’T and ANYTHING. I think it was a typo error.

    You don’t need to add the pointing out of this typo error in your comments please.

    Do you prefer I save all the typo errors until I am done reading the book and then send them to you or send them to you everytime I see them?

    Suggestion: I am sure you do not write a whole book in one sitting. What I normally do when I write articles that I want to post in a forum, I copy and paste the writing in Google Gmail (THE TREE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD & EVIL). Most of my errors are then captured. I make the typos and grammar corrections before I post my articles.


    PS: I got that quote in parentheses from JP.

    • Thanks for this Caleb. Yes, please save all the typos until you’re done and then PM them to me via Patreon. This one has been picked up by a couple of readers already.

      Study notes like this one are usually written and rewritten and rewritten over a period of 4-6 months. They get a light proofreading from one or two readers, but I save my proofreading team for books that go on sale. I have found that no matter how many times a MS is proofread, there’s always some small typo or two that gets though. Good idea about using Gmail. Thanks again.

  36. Ashley Caputa // May 17, 2023 at 4:19 am // Reply

    Hi Paul! Our church is looking for children’s Sunday School resources that are new creation and grace-based. Would you be able to point me to anything of that sort? Thank you!

  37. Scott Spiier // May 26, 2023 at 11:43 am // Reply

    Hi Paul. I just received an email regarding the “Grace Bible James” edition. I did not know that you are in the process of translating books of the Bible. My question is, I noticed while reading a sample page the their is a “Romans” edition as well. I can’t find it on Amazon. Is there a way that I can purchase a Hardback edition?

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