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10 Comments on Contact

  1. Steve Lindberg // October 11, 2019 at 5:14 pm // Reply

    Hi Paul…

  2. Hello there…
    I have extreme anxiety and fear because i am caught in work based religion… i fear everything and once i figured something out, something else comes and just knocks me down again… now i feel my heart is hardened because of all the anxiety… i am extremely afraid that i cannot trust Jesus because of my lack of feelings… is there still hope? Because i have very strong strongholds built inside my heart because of the lies i believed from the enemy… i am very afraid of my heart’s condition…

  3. Hello,
    I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to access the Scripture Index. Each time I click on a particular Scripture reference a message appears that “Safari can’t open the page…” I really do want to read about Luke 16: 1-8, as well as many other passages. I’m older and not very tech-savvy at all. How can I read your thoughts on this parable, which has puzzled me for many years, particularly Verse 8? Thanks for any help. Sorry if this is not the right place for this question or if the answer is somewhere else on your site.

    • Hi Sue, Sorry you’ve been having problems. Have you tried accessing the links from other browsers? I am not an Apple user, so I can’t test this myself, but I can assure you the index works fine with Chrome, FF, and IE. In the meantime, here is the article you’re looking for.

  4. Caleb and Monika Sannoh // November 21, 2019 at 3:49 pm // Reply

    Hello Paul,

    Thanks for being such a blessing to so many people in the world today. We are so glad that you took a rest after being burned out in Hong Kong. That decision to rest has been a huge benefit for some of us who may have never gone to Hong Kong to hear you preach. (With such a busy life, what did you preach anyway?)

    We are a missionary couple, stationed in Liberia, West Africa, in a small city call Kakata. One day, while searching on the internet about communion, we came across one of your articles. The rest is history.
    We primarily work with churches preaching GRACE and God’s unconditional love for ALL people.
    Liberia is a poor country. Lots of people have no TVs to watch. Radio is the primary means people get their news. Most preachers who teach on the radio teach LAW and the anger of God. There are churches all over the place, but Elijah and Moses are more admired than Jesus. We hear people praying all night for the Holy Spirit fire to destroy their enemies.

    Two years ago, we start preaching grace, love and righteousness on the radio. We have largely used your materials on the internet. When we went to the USA, we ordered your Hyper GRACE Gospel book and gave it as a gift to some of the pastors who have embraced the GRACE GOSPEL. They tell us that the book is so rich that they cannot just rush through it. These pastors say that your book is like a fruit from the tree of life. You eat it very slowly so that you can relish every taste that your taste buds come in contact with.

    Ordinary people see us on the streets and thank us for telling them that God is not holding their sins against them. People were tired of the burdens of the law but did not know how to get off from that burden.

    On days that we cannot go to the radio stations, we play messages by Joseph Prince. People who hear the message of GRACE say that it makes them fall in love with Christ all over again.

    Thanks for putting your materials out there for all to have. You are influencing people you will never meet on this side of heaven.

    Thanks for being a blessing.

    • Hi Caleb and Monika. Thanks for writing. It’s wonderful hearing what God is doing in Liberia. If you need more copies of The Hyper-Grace Gospel, just let me know.

      • Caleb and Monika Sannoh // January 8, 2020 at 12:29 pm //

        Hi Paul,
        Thanks for for being a blessing to so many of us out there. In my last email to you, I told you about how we use your articles extensively on our daily radio program. I also told you that we bought and distributed your book, “The Hypergrace Gospel”, to some local pastors. It has been a great blessing to them. Pastors and congregations are changing as we preach God’s GRACE in the person of His son Jesus.

        A few months ago, you offered to send us some of The Hypergrace Gospel books if we needed some. Sending us items to Liberia can be very difficult. So, we normally ask friends to bring us items when they come to visit us from the USA…

      • Hi guys, I just sent you an email. Check your spam folder if you can’t find it.

  5. Thank you Paul for being a fellow enjoyer of God’s over-the-top love and grace, which unfortunately many so-called Christians throw stones at in their blind zeal and self generated righteousness. Sometimes I really get mad that folks make little of the finished work of Christ and want to mix in their own filthy and hypocritical religiosity, but then I realize I had once been consumed by the same displaced zeal and God had patiently taught me, bringing me to a place of realization that I was made to be a receiver and dependent of His grace, not a giver or impresser of God. I can only pray that other ‘Christians’ listen to the loving, still small voice of the Lord and relax in His love, knowing that everything, including eternity, is taken care of.

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