Women in Church

Since the Fall, women have been treated as second-class citizens, even in the church. Find out what the Bible really says about the value of women and what they can and can’t do:

Are women permitted to teach?

Are women more easily deceived?

Did Jesus say adultery is the only grounds for divorce?

Do you have a Biblical view of women?

How did Jesus empower women?

If a women can’t be a husband, she can’t be a pastor, right?

In marriage, who takes the lead?

Is the church too feminine?

Is the Bible sexist?

Is the KJV sexist?

Jesus and divorce

Jesus, champion of women

Jesus listened to women, why don’t we?

Jesus, pioneer of women’s education

Jesus stands with the accused

Should women remain silent in church?

Submission doesn’t mean what you think it means

What does the Bible say about women pastors?

Who submits in marriage?

Why the church is wrong about women

Why the woman of Proverbs 31 may not be your ideal wife

Women preachers? Where’s that in the Bible?!

Women pastors in the Bible

For more, check out Dr Paul Ellis’s new book, The Silent Queen: Why the Church Needs Women to Find their Voice.

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