What happens to Christians who commit suicide?


What do you say to the parents of a Christian teenager who has just killed himself? I faced this situation several years ago and, I have tell you, it’s not easy. Premature death is hard to handle at any time but suicide leaves loved ones bewildered at its senselessness.

It seems the subject of suicide is one of those sensitive issues that Christians don’t like to talk about. That’s probably because most of us don’t have anything good to say! Ask a believer, “What happens to Christians who kill themselves?” and you’ll likely get one of the following responses:

1.    They go to hell because they never repented for the sin of murder.
2.    It’s not up to us to judge – we don’t know what happens.
3.    It’s a grave sin but God will somehow take care of it in his mysterious ways.

None of these responses brings much comfort to those who are left behind. But happily none of these responses is true! Let’s compare each response with what the Bible says.

What does the Bible say about those who commit suicide?

First, do people who commit suicide go to hell? Not if they’re saved. Revelations 21:8 tells us that the lake of fire – whatever that is – will be full of murderers. But you don’t end up in the lake of fire because you are a murderer (see Rev 20:15). If murder sent you to hell, King David would be a goner. But it doesn’t and he isn’t.

But didn’t God say, “Thou shalt not murder”? He did – it’s the sixth commandment and part of the law. Do you know what the penalty for law-breaking is? Jesus said anyone who breaks the law is in danger of hellfire (Mt 5:22). But his words were directed to those who were born under law – not you (Rm 6:14). When Jesus went to the cross he fulfilled the requirements of the law on your behalf so that you might live free from its curse. Don’t look at your own obedience for salvation; look at his. On the cross Jesus carried the sins of the world and now you are completely and eternally forgiven.

But what about repentance? Don’t we have to repent in order to receive forgiveness? Isn’t this the stumbling block for those who kill themselves – that they never repent? No. We are not forgiven on the basis of anything we do or don’t do. We are forgiven because of what Jesus has done:

In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace. (Eph 1:7)

In God’s eyes you are forgiven whether you repent or don’t repent. To say, you must repent to be forgiven, is to cheapen the riches of His grace. The blood of Jesus paid for the sins of the whole world – including the unrepentant and suicidal (1 Jn 2:2). This isn’t to say that the whole world is saved, for we all need to respond to the grace of God by faith (Eph 2:8). Everyone is forgiven but not everyone has received the gift of his righteousness (Rms 1:17). But we are talking here about people who are saved when they die. Can a Christian nullify God’s forgiveness by committing suicide? No – it’s impossible. God’s gifts are irrevocable.

Second, to say, “we don’t know what happens to Christians who kill themselves” merely reveals an ignorance of God’s promises. We do know what happens. They go to be with Jesus (Jn 3:16, 14:3). Some say that “suicide is a grave sin.” Is there any sin that’s not?

The good news is that God’s grace is greater than our gravest sins; His best is better than our worst (Rms 5:20). Just as we are not qualified by our good deeds, neither are we disqualified by our bad (see Col 1:12). We were condemned by Adam’s disobedience but now we have been justified through Christ’s obedience:

So then, just as sin ruled by means of death, so also God’s grace rules by means of righteousness, leading us to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Rms 5:21, GNB)

Third, to offer vague comfort by saying, “God will take care of it in some mysterious way,” is to insult the finished work of the cross. Take care of it? He already did! He came and died and rose again that we might have resurrection life:

“I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies.” (Jhn 11:25)

Look closely at this promise of Jesus and see if you can find any conditions pertaining to the means of death. There are none! The way in which you shrug off your earth-suit has absolutely no bearing on his promise of resurrection life. Whether you die in a house fire, from an over-dose, or go down with the Titanic, Jesus said, He who believes in me will live, even though he dies.

The main thing

For those who are left behind, suicide hits like a Mack truck. But allow me to bring some perspective to this issue. The single most important fact of your life is not where you were born or how you die, but whether you believe in Jesus – whether you have put your trust in him and confessed him as Lord.

You can be born a prince and die on a field of glory, but unless you know Jesus it’s all for naught. Conversely, you can be born a nobody and die a nobody but if Jesus knows you, all is eternally well! If you have lost someone to suicide and they belonged to Jesus, all is not lost! You will be with them again. Believe what God has promised and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

It is beyond the scope of this post to discuss those things that might drive a believer to suicide. Perhaps you find it inconceivable that someone acquainted with the goodness of God would ever consider ending their lives. But only God knows the depth of pain that some of our brothers and sisters have to endure in this world.

The teenager I mentioned at the top of this post took his own life because he was the ongoing victim of a sexual predator and he could see no other way out. Who am I to say that I would’ve chosen differently if I had been in his shoes? I’m not trying to justify suicide. I’m saying I can’t condemn those who, for reasons I cannot fathom, choose death over life.

It’s too late to help that young man but it’s not too late to comfort his parents and those of you who’ve lost loved ones to suicide. Maybe you have heard words of condemnation or hollow comfort. Maybe you’ve been be told that the one you lost is lost for eternity. If so, I encourage you to find rest in the grace of our loving Father and to cultivate the same conviction as Paul:

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Rms 8:38-9)


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  1. Rick,
    I’m praying for you now.
    I abandon reason, and leave it in the Lord’s hands

  2. This is the truth! I have given people the same answer when asked about suicide victims. Yes, the saved will be in heaven with our Lord! There is no ‘but’ to it! I’m excited to see the truth of God’s Grace connecting us in revelation! Good going Paul! I am led to start a campaign in Bangalore (India) on suicide, which is going to be a social awareness. please guys remember this initiative in your prayers. I have the will and am excited for unveiling of the way! 🙂


  3. I am grateful for everyone’s comments and support to people who feel their road has come to a dead end……but why is it I still try to find god every night I cry and beg for healing but he does not listen……I am starting to feel more now that suicide might just be what I was destined for…..I know healing will come in the spirit world where I can be nurtured……I honestly believe god will forgive those who are beyond help here on this earth……and believe me I’ve tried every night for a full year now preying for relief from symptoms of a medication that this world has poisoned me with. Today I put a rope around my neck for the first time and tired it on the light fitting on the garage……I choked a little and let go seeing if god will come and be there for me…..nothing I just thought I’m not going by hanging and letting my parents find me like this I’m finding another way now. Anyways please prey for me

    • I am with you. I have been here in this site for past couple days, and believe me I have been so ready to go. I am still struggling, but I do feel His presence, and some people on this site have reassured me, as well prayed for me, and so I am trying to live in the moment. It is not quite frankly very easy, but Jesus said “why worry about tomorrow, today is what you have, tomorrow will have its day”.
      In other words, we are expected to live by faith in Him, each day, maybe moment by moment. It is much easier to feel His presence, as God told Moses, or David said in Psa. 37….BE STILL. Jesus is in you. Be still, he is with you. Be still, he loves you, Be still, He will not forsake you. But first you just need be still…He will do the heavy lifting.
      I am praying for you, that you WILL know the presence of Christ in your midst.
      Your Brother

  4. Don’t be deceived and beware of false pastors who preach about eternal security. Suicide is a sin and Christians end up in Hell, because they did this sin and dead can’t repent. You died in your sin unrepentant. Christ doesn’t care about this.

    • Nothing could be further from the truth. Christ cares deeply for the last, the least, and the lost. The damnable notion that says the desperately suicidal are in danger of hell sounds hellish because that’s where it originates. I guarantee that you will find no such teaching in the Bible. This idea comes not from God but was born in the graceless heart of smug, self-righteous men.

  5. I have gone through the thread and I’ve realised only comforting words are given to those suffering. I have also been contemplating suicide due to joblessness. It’s now almost two years with a zero income. I have a good education but that has not helped me get a job. I wonder what I’m doing in this world anyway. I know you’ll give me encouraging words but of course they are just words and they won’t give me a job. I know suicide won’t give me either but at least it will end my struggle and shame.

    • Well there are comforting words, and then the promise of God. Jesus said “I will never leave you nor forsake you”. in my struggles, God continued to let me know how much he loves me…as he loves you…and where you are is not where you are going to end the journey of purpose God has for you. Psalms 37 states…”Fret not…Be still before the Lord, wait patiently for Him. God has the job and is going to bring it to you. Surrender this to HIm, he will not i promise you, HE will not leave you. He has a mighty plan for your life.
      i am lifting you up even now.

    • And how many of your family will you be dooming to a life of emotional sorrow and agony just because your tired of being broke!?!!? I’ve been deeply depressed before and your excuses sounds flippant and paltry. Yeah I know about being broke too. Right now the only way we are surviving is from the government and family handouts. No one here wants “out”. I can’t encourage someone who does not sound depressed but who is wallowing in a pity party. Life is more than dollar signs and employment. If your entire self worth is wrapped up in your credentials, employment and finances you have my extreme sympathy because that is sad shallow way to live.
      Watch the Passion of the Christ movie. While Jesus is suffering tell yourself that He did that for you, broke, unemployed, empty you. He knew what you are when no one is looking and He still did it just for you. He loves you that much. He doesn’t want you to waste His gift by giving up over temporary things that don’t end up meaning much anyway. Surround yourself with positive bible truth teachers and don’t quit until you believe it too!

  6. What good is Grace if it’s only ever perceived and read about in comments and scripture but never personally and intimately experienced?…

    Where is the God that runs out to the child coming home? Who sees him/her from far off and RUNS out to them. Takes the initiative of Love and proves himself to his child in a way that sending a letter of words to that child in their rotten life instead, could never do what that act of Love did?

    Yet these are just more words and Jesus is reading this as I type and yet I’m lost in just longing for that experience. Use my life however you want Jesus, Father, but just only this, deliver me, set me free to actually live, Run out to me and wrap your arms around me as I’m broken and so weary. Father, prove yourself to me so that there will be no room left for doubt anymore and so ultimately LOVE can reign in my life.

    • hi Benjamin,praying for you and just want to encourage you that i think you are on the right path,crying out to Jesus.Also want to encourage you to not under estimate words.Words are powerful.Your words are powerful…they grip me and inspire me to be more like Jesus.

      • Daryl, I wonder if you would have been inspired if you had read the unedited version of my post instead. Anyways, at least something good came out of them.

    • Benjamin, I have felt the desperation and longing that I hear in your comments. I understand your feelings. I imagine most of us have felt this way from time to time even though we don’t always talk about it. Having experienced this lost feeling and made it through the woods to the other side I would like to share The hope that comes with making it to the other side with you and how you might find the light to do the same. With that said I am not at all not making light or trite your comments about an intimate God on paper and wondering where that same God is in life. But you can be encouraged by the fact that it has been put to paper and is an expression of the genuinely real experience that is available for you to have with the father. That was the purpose to express to you and us that desire of the father.
      The longing you have is evidence of the wooing of Jesus in your life. He is calling you to a deeper experience with him. That longing can be expressed one of two ways. The way most common is a disappointment in God. That he has not reached out and satisfied me with an intimate experience. Emotions are like little fuel cells that attach themselves to Our beliefs and thought process. They supercharge these and drive us quickly to an end result. Good emotions Come from good beliefs of something good about to happen to us and they supercharge and energize us. Bad or negative emotions Spring from beliefs or thought processes that bad things are about to happen to us becoming energized by fear.
      Begin by taking the longing that you have an connecting it with faith. The believe that God is good and has good things for you and has designed an intimate relationship with you. The lack of this good perception of God is the only thing that stops the process. When we buy into the lie that because we don’t have it God must not be willing to give it.
      The experience that you long for comes to someone who hears the good news of what the father did with Jesus; That by sending Jesus to die and suffer and destroy what separated us from him. When you realize this and it’s connected with your longing for the reality of God, Jesus joins himself with us and we become a new person. It’s a real experience; that’s what I experienced. We can’t make God do anything but by realizing that he’s already done something; something so powerful that when you consciously or unconsciously connect his goodness with this event and invite him in you can receive what you have been longing for. Intimacy. As you allow the good news mentioned in the Scriptures to wash through your mind and begin to see this incredible goodness, stated through the expectation that God has done and will continue to do good things for me and with me,as this becomes foremost, Joy, as evidence of his presence , is right around the corner! All this is a gift to be received and not intellectual manipulation.

      • Well i wish i could get an email to my friend Daniel Dixon…i lost my ipad in an accident few months ago and have not been in contact with him since.
        he was a stalwart in my journey over the last few moths, so if any of you hear from him let him know, try as he did, i lost the fight.
        the experience of Jesus has been very powerful in my life, i am a believer, and i do see his power in so many touched lives. i have been as well touched by him, but i am sad to report i am have lost the battle, the enemy has now convinced my that while my circumstances continue to denegrate, there is nothing God can do for or thru me now.
        no more pop soda from Joel Olsteen, no more good vibrations from my church…the last place on to go for help i might add.
        loving God, studying his word, surrendering, and persevering are simply not enough in some cases.
        i am trying to get everything i have left…and i have truly lost everything…to someone or a charity. my beloved dog? well i was finally made to give the last breathing thing on this earth that loved me. Some God eh?
        He promised some things…like never leaving or forsaking us. he promised an abundant life, He promised life to the fullest, and He stated Fret NOt know that I am GOD.
        i wish he had promised i would not have every single opportunity on this side to have even a remote chance…so every single opportunity is now gone.
        My Girlfriend…well such as that is…gave me a cup that got broken last week. it said “Never, ever, ever Give up” Winston Churchill. well not til it is over anyways.
        Best to all and to all a good night.
        You will be blessed best, when you know God has blessing for you.

      • WOW…this was not written to me, but it sure was written for me. Thank you for being present to bring forth a word to me direct from Jesus. what a tremendous inspiration, to those of us who get so very caught up in the lie. We believe a lie long before we accept truth sometimes…and I wish I knew why. The power of an ALMIGHTY God that loves us as described in both His word to us, and your letter, is truth i wish to receive, and live out of.
        Thanks so very very much.

  7. Rick. You are basing your life on the condition that you must succeed. Christ already succeeded. Today I had the terrifying feeling waking up this morning that all my desire to look and be righteous in this world, to live even up to the standards of grace preaching and nursing, were made to seem impossible. It was then in my failure, that I realized that as precious as it that Christ died of the world, even sweeter to whisper that he died for me. God did not die for the gospel, but for me. Yes it is good to build yourself in a positive way, (I attend Joel Osteen’s church), but have you noticed that we fight fear so often with faith when the Bible says it is love that overcomes fear. You should read One Way Love, a book by someone who was a failure in life yet expected to be great who was condemned by the ministry of Law, but loved in the ministry of (surprise!) grace. I am speaking of Billy Graham’s grandson who could not live up to his own standards of success or meet his parents desire for success – a desire that is in every one of us. When I read that to MY mom, she was freed from the prison of works. And so was I. God does not sit on a thrown of Law. He lives on a thrown of Grace. That’s what the Bible says and no matter what I am not going to be defined by my choices or behavior. I am defined by Father’s great love for me. I am His beloved. You are one with the Lord, and the Lord is not 100% sinful, He’s not even 1% sinful. That makes you 100% righteous. The Law: No one is righteous. The verdict: No one is righteous. The gospel: Jesus is our righteousness. You may feel like an unholy mess, but the Holy Spirit lives inside of you. You must be holy! Rest in the unmistakeable knowledge that the only one who can condemn, does not condemn you. He loves you bunches! And He’s with you. He’s with you, because He’s in you. Even if God seems like he’s on vacation to Mars, it’s only a feeling because the fact is He’s in you! Jesus is in you.

    • Roshan, I want to thank you so very much for expressing something I had forgotten over the past few weeks and months. I have pushed Jesus aside in order to satisfy a personal need. Problem being i still Love her…but have pushed a dagger thru it. She still also loves me, but the timing is not right. Even when that need was met with disaster at times I would not give up on what it was doing for me, and that I felt was coming from God. The enemy was telling me i deserved this, and i needed it so very badly, it was a gift. It may have been or still may be, but not in this circumstance or this time for either of us, and this was more than evident.
      The enemy is good, he rolls thru our desires and then gives us what we believe we want so much, and then he poisons it. My issues of anger and temper rage thru me like a ravenous bear, destroying everything around me. that is the curse of satan.
      But where is God? How come he seems so distant, how come no matter what I do he will no longer let me make a living or even live? Why then am I here and having to rely on friends, as this seems so very disrespectful to and for them, and i have some really awesome friends…yet God seems determined to keep every blessing of work as reward…i do have work to do…at arms length. This makes me feel that ending my life is the best course, no more loss, no more anger, no more lost love, or lies, or deceit, or taking. God has reduced me to nothing…what can be done with that????
      This…Whatever deal I have made with myself I am ripping it up. Its just you and me Jesus, and that will be exactly enough. Now Lord…LEAD ME.
      my prayers today are specific…shelter, work, money. God will provide.
      “God takes full responsibility for the life fully yielded to Him”. Dr. C Stanley
      Please pray for this broken heart and bottomed out hunk of life. If God had no purpose…He would have taken me home by now. He has a blessing for me. I must believe it.

  8. I hate to say it, but I think of suicide almost every day. I have been miss judged, slandered, abused, belittled, bullied, since 1st grade. and now shunned by my own brother. I used to be strong, and stand up for myself, but the older I get, the less fight I have in me. after 48 years of negatives thrown your way, you figure whats the point. God has denied me children, and taken away, all that gave me unconditional love. all that is left, are the people that have rejected me. I am not abusive, never stole, very rarely lie, only so I would not hurt some ones feelings. I try to find reasons to live, but with no children, I feel like I am just taking up a space, that someone with a family should have. I have ask God for help, but I get no answers, I think the only reason I am living, is that I am a coward, and can not bring my self to end my life.

  9. Nathaniel Kelley // January 15, 2015 at 7:37 am // Reply

    I like the idea of attempting to provide answers to the unknown; however, I think the questions to ask are:
    1. What is right?
    2. What is wrong?
    Conclusion: any person/christian taking his/her life simply says, “there’s no hope, so the “only” way out (I see) is suicide.” The idea of not going to hell but heaven is heresy and a false doctrine of the gospel. Let’s reason the question for moment: why is suicide an option anyway or what is the result of suicidal thoughts? Christians do not have the option of an easy escape route. We have the power of Christ to overcome these thoughts of depression or bad experiences of abuse.
    The message should not be comfort but the message of the hope in Jesus Christ and his redemptive established work. Paul I’m sorry but this is a false gospel and you are and will lead many towards a lie and distruction. This gives a suicidal Christian a licensee to carry-out his/her plan of self distraction.

    I pray that some1 reads this before it’s too late. Please seek salvation and Jesus.

    Peace be to you all…

    • The desire to know right from wrong is noble but it’s fruit off the wrong tree. It leads to law-based living and walking by sight. It’s a recipe for carnal living that has led to every church split, every argument, and every war ever fought in history.

      The overwhelming lesson of history is that we don’t know enough to live this way, consequently we should not trust our own judgment; we should trust our heaven;y Father. A far better question to ask is, does this lead to life or death. This is the central question of scripture, and the emphatic answer given throughout is “Choose life!” (eg: Deu 30:19).

  10. I never thought that i would also share my testimony , I am a survivor of attempted suicide. I attempted suicide on the 15th of March 2015. My heart beats fast as i write this and im trying to stop tears from running down. I want to share my full testimony but my words are limited, Firstly i want to thank you Paul for the truth of The Gospel you share to us. Believe me . Much of Peoples lives are messed up by Religion .We need the truth of Gods word to shine in our lives and mow out all the Religious Devils in our minds. I was in depression for 2 years, lack of sleep, fear condemnation , guilt,confusion and anxiety gripped my Soul. I just couldnt see a way out . I wanted to take my life and just go. I drank 32 sleeping pills cause i had given up .After drinking the pills i told my friend and immediately upon hearing this in Gods mercy he told me to drink lots of water. I drank lots of water . He prayed for me. I was terrified, it was terrible, i kept on drinking the water and started vomiting, He then called the ambulance, i was in so much pain i couldnt breathe. i remeber this so clearly , I felt my spirit wanting to depart from my body , i felt a pulling out and each time it happend i would scream Jesus help me i want to live. it Happend so many times and i would just scream his name . I remember waking up on a drip , but they had sedated me and i was in confusion. I remember seeing my mom in tears and asking me why i had tried to do this. i remember responding in tears. They let me rest for the night and the next morning i was refreshed and whole, i had to stay in hospital for two more days. All i can say is that Jesus saves

    • Thank you for being open and sharing your story, Mildred. Sounds like you have a good friend there!

    • I’m so glad for you…Jesus heard your pleas and was right there always…Praise God! I don’t know you but I think you’re very special….never forget that…and how much God loves you 🙂 take care….love in Jesus, Jane

      • Rick Stroud // February 16, 2017 at 9:34 am //

        Jesus promised us something, well he promised many things, but this one…I will NEVER leave, nor will I Forsake you. I am always with you. Never forget, your pain is felt by Him, you are his child. What Father does not care about His child when that child is in pain.
        It may seem the hardest thing to do…open your arms, be just a little available, He will do the rest…because HE LOVES YOU.

  11. it hurst my heart when people say that God deosnt forgive all our sins, Didnt jesus pay for everything. May God help us not to be trapped in religion, Sometimes the devil tries to ttack me with thoughts like , you couldve been in hell with all the suicidal folks , but this is not true. i know deep inside that God has forgiven me i just need him to heal all the pain i have inside and have the courage to live life again. Religion is the devils favourite tool. May God open our eyes to see the finished works of Jesus

  12. Lastly Paul i wnat to thank you for your amazing Blog it gives light to many lives You touch on these sensitive topics and you set many people free. May Gods revelation rest upon you

    • Thank you, Mildred.

      • mildred // July 6, 2015 at 11:31 am //

        Paul .., im still a bit tossed with religion i have a firm conviction in me that God forgives all sins but somehow theres things ive been taught concerning all these heretical doctrines. How do i remove it from my head. For instance ive listened to A great man of God who said that well it depends maybe a christian can go to hell for taking their lives and he said that in revelations the lake of fire will be full of the fearful and murderers, my pastor at church also said its unrepented sin.

        Somehow i really believe that Jesus finished the Work. How do i remove these teachings from my head paul. Isnt it religious doctrines trying to manipulate me?

      • You need to feed on Jesus and not on so-called “great men” who use fear and terror to push what is supposed to be good news. Paul says “fix your eyes on Jesus.” I recommend getting hold of a devotional such as Joseph Prince’s Destined to Reign Devotional. As for that comment about who’s going to hell, please see this post.

  13. I came across this by googling suicide forgiveness God. I am 61 yo female strongly contemplating suicide. I’ve had depression on/off since mid-forties and 2 prior attempts. I got physically ill with a pulmonay embolism 12/10, hospitized 8 days w/ 4 months recovery. Due to being ill I was unable to do the bills & my husband of then about 28 years used my credit line against our home and my credit cards to I don’t know what. I refinanced the house to pay the creditors, they cut my credit line but he did it again as much as he could. He ruined my excellent credit to this day. He then left me- sick, w/o much money and no credit. Divorced me, then a 30 year marriage. NEVER thought he would do any of that! I picked myself up with the grace of God but never got my full health back, had 2 bad relationships both of which unbeknownst to me had issues they didn’t reveal until well into the relationship. So physically sick again, depressed beyond belief, no money and no support from family. My 27 yo son is on the autistic spectrum. My ex pays little attention to them as well. I don’t want to wind up in a mental hospital or be a burden to my kids but have no money. I have prayed ceaselessly and it only has gotten worse to where I just want the pain I can’t bear anymore to go away. My 29 yo daughter will be the only one to really be hurt. My son is too detatched to be so. I don’t want to die but cannot bear this anymore. I just exist. Cry with mental and physical pain. I was a good wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, employee, person. Helped all I could. I do not understand why this has happened to me. Why is it that people who are much less compassionate, etc etc a lot of time have it so well & the means to get if they need it. They have more money than they could possibly use in their or more lifetimes and others through no fault of their own have none, not even enough to live on? I am in big trouble physically and emotionally and I guess spiritually. This is like a bad dream. Help!!!!

  14. Thank you. Thank you so very much.

  15. Thank you for your post. I do believe in god and I have lost alot of people to death and suicides. My heart is heavy everyday and feels like its getting heavier. God bless you and thank you

  16. I feel Jesus will take his arm around you and forgive you for wanted go home. Some of us want go home, Instead being on earth. Some of us don’t feel they need to be on earth and should go home. I think that why many people kill the self to help god for us to go home. Many if us rather be with someone in heaven then be with someone else.

  17. Jenny Beauchamp // April 15, 2016 at 3:14 am // Reply

    Thank you for sharing everyone! I’m Jenny and I have lost 2 siblings to suicide and I can tell you that I have no doubt I will stand with them again– in heaven. And yes, they are both believers. First was my sister and it was her death that caused me to jump toward Jesus! The very day of her memorial service, I found myself reading brochures from the funeral home and finding comfort in what I was reading and actually noticed others gathered around the family yard swing to hear and receive the same comfort. Five years later, sitting with my firstborn in church, I accepted Christ as my Savior. The second was my brother and he too was a victim of childhood sexual abuse. I know he was a believer because I was blessed in part with leading him to Jesus. Depression is an illness, just like cancer you cannot see it but only the effects of it. It is not something we fully understand; however, this does not make it not real!

    All sin is forgiven and like the 2 men on crosses, once on each side of Jesus, we either believe in Him or we don’t. Neither knew much about Him, nor did they say the “sinner’s prayer”, nor did they confess all their sin(s). And yet, we know one was going to be with Him that day!

    Yes, it is that pure, simple, light and easy!

    My large family has struggled since and honestly, it has been changed forever! I do not believe there is any greater rejection, “I love you, but not enough to stay alive”. The walls go up for everyone at first and they are walls of protection cuz you never want to go through that much pain again. But, go through it and the walls will fall down, eventually. To go through it a second time, I think I may have flipped out for a time. I do know that I flipped out even more for Jesus! The children left behind may say they are scarred forever, but I have no doubt our Lord will use (He has used this for the good of those who love Him). See, I am saved in Jesus because my sister’s death caused me to look to another, Jesus HImself. That may seem sick to some, but it was a turning point for me. We are still a connected family and we continue to love and be loved by each other. And I know we are each greatly loved by our Lord Jesus Christ!

    My advice to families, work hard to not define their lives by suicide, they are/were so much more. We mourn and we eventually try to celebrate their lives. Please rest in Jesus Christ, pray for one another, and take it one step at a time. It does get better! He can and will use this too because He and His Love and Grace (toward you) are greater than everything else.

  18. Very comforting to know. Gives me great rest now to know GOD loves us no matter what.

  19. Hello, back in May 6, 1988, my brother killed himself….he was my best friend…all of us kids accepted Jesus as our Savior at a young age and grew up going to one of the best churches that I loved….going there was like walking into a room full of family. We grew up in the youth group, doing fun things, fellowshipping…our pastors were all great…true men of God, genuinely seeking the will of God and praying before each service for God’s leading in what to say. Our church was non-denominational…we welcomed anybody….Anyway my brother was going through something really bad that I didn’t know about and only found out after he did what he did….an uncle of mine was visiting my brother traveling a long ways to see him which wasn’t normal and I didn’t know he turned gay the only thing I can think of and I don’t know for sure is my uncle maybe did something sexually to my brother and my brother knowing that was wrong and would have been too embarrassed to tell anyone because he felt shame but we would have not judged him or made him feel bad we would have understood all he said at the table the night before to my mom because she could tell by his demeanor that something was wrong he just said It’s really bad and that’s all he said…then the next morning he walked down from my grandparents house who are both deceased but he was living there by himself and it was about 6:30 am he woke mom up and asked if he should give the plants back to Brett a friend he was working with in a landscaping business…mom said I don’t know so he left and went back to the house and grabbed a handgun and shot himself. My mom when leaving for work drive by the house and noticed my brother hadn’t taken the dog off the leash like he normally did and his truck was still there….my mom walked in and found him on the floor….I was at my apt. feeding my young son breakfast the phone rang it was a friend of mine I said hello she said Jane do you need any help I said no why would I need any help I had no idea what she was saying then she said those words….Bart is dead…he killed himself…I screamed dropped the phone on shock not believing that I just heard….he was just over on April 24th for my son’s birthday party…I had no idea anything was wrong but there, was a time when I asked him to come over to see if he could get a sprinkler system for my little back yard so he came over and took a look and tools me what I’d need and he usually just leaves right away but that day he stayed and we talked about stuff nothing big but it was unusual and I had a feeling inside that something was going on I wish I would have asked…he did ask later on a question to my ex in a conversation does God forgive everything and he said yes so I don’t know if he was already considering suicide and that’s why he asked question….he didn’t talk or express his feelings….he kept things to himself…all I know is he was in turmoil and needing help and did what he did in a rash moment…..I believe whatever happened that God knew what Bart was going through and not thinking clearly…I know he never stopped believing in the Lord he had a strong faith when he was close to the Lord but I believe God had mercy towards him at that moment I don’t know what he said if he prayed but after he died my older sister prayed because she was concerned about Bart and if he was okay and she told me she had a dream within a dream and she said she was in heaven and saw a tree and she saw Bart sitting down leaning against the tree wearing what he always weared blue jeans and a plaid long sleeve shirt with both sleeves rolled up to his elbow and his regular shoes so she walked over to him and asked him Bart, are you with Jesus are you okay and he said yes I am and I’m okay she said are you sure and he said again yes I’m with Jesus and I’m.okay and then the dream ended….she told me and that comforted me….I just wanted to share what happened….I miss him greatly….he was such a neat person, we were like kindred spirits, we had the same sense of humor and in all the years we had together growing up he, was 27 at the time I was 25…..we never fought or said an unkind thing to one another and that I’m proud of….I wish you all could have known him….he was laid back, funny, quirky, artistic, loved music, was never a mean person, loved to play practical jokes on our older sister who was bossy…..just a unique, special kind of person who would befriend anyone. I hope those who have lost their loved ones and friends all the comfort God can give you and that your heart heals and you remember all the good times you had and that you will see them again…take care everyone
    Jane 🙂 originally from Santa Rosa, CA.

  20. So what is a person supposed to do when doctors can’t help them, and prayer doesn’t help? When one’s pleading with God is met with silence? How much suffering does God want? Why should a person “hang in there” when it’s obvious there is no hope anymore?

  21. Andrew Jardine // May 30, 2017 at 7:24 pm // Reply

    Hi Paul. Do you have any writings on Hebrews 6 and 2 Peter 3 regarding your above article. Many thanks.

  22. This is comforting information to know because this is one Christian that feels like he’s being pushed to that very thing. Is God aware? I really wonder.

  23. Paul, I am the chaplain of a fire department in Arizona. Last night I was called to the scene where a 12 year old boy committed suicide in his home. When a shot rang out from the bathroom his mom rushed in and began CPR. By the time I got on scene she was in a catatonic state. Over the four hours I was with her she got to the point where she wanted assurance that her son was with Jesus. I had ascertained that she knew Jesus and so did her son. She wanted me to promise her he was with Jesus. I told her that based on my understanding of the Bible I was assured that he was, in fact, in the arms of Christ. This article beautifully articulates what I tried to communicate with her. I am asking permission to make copies of this to use in my ministry to families who will face this same tragedy. Of course I will give full credit to you and a link to your web site. I am sure this has helped MANY other people over the years. Blessings!
    Steve Wright, Senior Chaplain – Golder Ranch Fire District, Tucson, AZ

  24. The love of my life recently killed himself.. Ty, for this! I have been absolutely lost, then asked my mom-in-law what the bible said cuz I believe in God, jesus,heaven,hell,etc. But haven’t been to church in yrs. I just wanted to know he was ok &reunited w/loved ones. And if we would be reunited one day when it is my time. Your words have helped me understand a lil more.

  25. Paul, growing up I was constantly told sexual things and no one wanted to talk decently. Now I am struggling with the fact that I could not keep those things from causing me to act indecently at some points. It’s like we have no choice but to relive these thoughts again and again. How can this lead to life? Andrew Wommack teachings that it’s not because we are trying too hard. I think to myself if I don’t try to overcome then I’ve failed. But I’m here to rip the head off this demon.

    • rosheasoneaso I see a lot of my struggles in your recent comments. Despite trying to learn everything I could about grace and refine my beliefs to the correct way I could not obtain freedom. The short e-book Emotional Healing in 3 Easy Steps granted me complete freedom. It is not gimmicky or believing hard. I was slightly skeptical while reading it but I did go through the 3 steps. I have been fully set free.

  26. Thank you for this page, Paul. I have been plotting suicide for the past year and a half for a multitude of reasons and just need someone to vent to. I hope you don’t mind if I tell my story.

    I didn’t grow up in a Christian home and we stopped going to church when I was 7. My dad was abusive and my home growing up was filled with violence and fear. I was diagnosed with severe childhood anxiety at age 8 and was heavily medicated until age 12, and during this time was also bullied in school because of the things the medicine made me do. After I turned 14, I became invisible.

    I graduated high school, went to college, but after my first year ended up taking time off for money reasons. I decided to have a relationship with God because other things in my life took a nosedive during that time as well and people told me that God was allowing these things to happen to get my attention. At 19 years old, I was naïve, sheltered and still very messed up from what I’d gone through in childhood and the loss of school, the one comfort I had, made everything that much harder. I came to God out of fear of going to hell and spent the next two years being afraid that He would punish me for every little thing I did wrong, and believed that all of the struggles I’d been through in life were because He was punishing me for being a sinner. I ended up in a Pentecostal church that was legalistic, emotionally manipulative and taught false if not demonic theology. As a result I was afraid of Him and when I finally left that church in April of 2015, completely traumatized and hated Him.

    But God had other ideas. He showed me what a truly good Father He is. He put me in a church that teaches sound doctrine according to what the Bible says and surrounded me with people that helped me begin to heal and teach me The Truth, not the lies that the Pentecostal Cult taught me. He made a way for me to go back to school and when I was baptized on August 9, 2015 at this new church, He took away all of the pain and trauma and gave me a new hope and a purpose. My life changed that day and I had everything a person could want spiritually, mentally-emotionally and materially. I never thought that life would end up being the way it was back then.

    However, the good ends there. Not even a month after all of this happened, I made some very bad decisions based on things I had learned in the old church that came back to haunt me. Before God had done all of these wonderful things for me, I had come to the conclusion that things like what I was given were something that I would never be allowed to experience this side of Heaven and when they came, I was in such disbelief and everything was so wonderful that I thought for sure it was a trap. I fell back into legalism and fear in disbelief because I was afraid that if I did something wrong, God would punish me and take all of those things away and ruin my life or something else bad would happen to do the same thing. By Christmas 2015, all that God had given me was gone because of my sins and mistakes and I fell into a depression unlike anything I’d ever experienced in my life and have been there ever since. No matter what people say, I know that I blew God’s plan for me and have made even more bad decisions as self-punishment for the past two years. My life with God was over before it even started and I am afraid to go back to Him out of fear of what He will do to me or what life has to be like now knowing that His best for me is gone. I think about all I could have been and done and had for Him and from Him…and when I see the gap between what my life is now and what it could be, it fills me with despair because I know that I can never have that again. I have searched countless hours about suicide and hell and have decided to go through with it after all of this has happened. I think about coming to God having done next to nothing for Him and the shame I will feel, and I also think about the people God had placed in my life to witness to who will see this…but then I remember that God can bring about better things and He can bring someone better to help those people after I go. As for me, I doubt God will do much more than look on me with shame when I come to Him…maybe He won’t even want me at all…

    • Rachel, God is not into what you have done or not done, and there is no shame for a beloved daughter in her Father’s presence. You are loved because you are His. You can’t blow His plan for you, it is not made of what good you have done, or what you have accomplished in life. God’s plan is for you to believe that Jesus is Saviour, and to know He loves you unconditionally. He wants YOU to believe that just as you are, in whatever state you are, you are loved and accepted by Him. God loves those who hate Him, He just plain loves us. Condemnation is not one of God’s qualities! Unfortunately we’ve been hoodwinked by religion, but the message of the Gospel of Grace is coming in like a tsunami.

      Please reconsider your plans, give yourself a chance to hear some kind thoughts God has towards you. There is only one you. I hope you will read through Paul’s posts, also Joseph Prince has some encouraging testimonies and articles on his site that are free to read. Bas Rijksen and Bertie Brits are wonderful Grace preachers who have free messages on the net and youtube.
      I wish you so well Rachel.

    • As someone who has dealt with it first let me tell you depression spins lies in your mind. The majority of the guilt and fear you are thinking are lies, untruths and simply not real no matter how real they feel right now. I too came to grace felt free but then in peeling off the onion layers of build up from childhood abuse and legalism acquired over many years I bounced between life & freedom to overwhelming depression, fear thinking the whole bible thing was false spurring me to investigate other spiritual philosophies.
      It was not until this year(I’m 41) that I learned about the lies depression and anxiety tell us. All the things I thought God was doing, not doing or probably thinking about me were flat out myths stemming from bad brain chemistry and deeply ingrained, toxic, mental pathways.
      Even if you were to take your life you would be amazed at God the Father running out to meet you before your could even blink and you’re not even a prodigal daughter. God doesn’t care if you served Him from birth to grave or floundered about like a small child more distracted and playing than actually working. Performance died on the cross with Jesus! It have zero, zip and nada to do with God’s view of you.
      Everyone has regrets made of should-have, could-have and might-be. But regrets are just guilt dressed up in new clothes. There is NO condemnation for those in Jesus and you are IN Jesus simply by belonging to Him. You don’t get there through performance or religious living. There is a song I know that talks about the wise men following the star to Bethlehem to the new born king “..and all at once your past doesn’t mean a thing!”. That the line that always makes me cry. It is truth and our lies do not want us to know that.
      Don’t let the lies rob you of life. Nothing they say or make you feel is true or real. The only truth and reality is what scripture says about you. The biggest one right now, right now as horrible as you feel, Jesus is not ashamed to call you His sister. Listen to the facts of scripture and not the lies of depression and the false guilt, lies of legalism/religious tradition.

    • First, even though my story isn’t the same as yours, and it certainly never has reached the low point you have, it is nice to know I’m not alone. I too have seriously screwed up and at times, even now,I know my life could be much better than it is. I can’t go into too much detail, but I did something horrible, probably one of the worst things a Christian can do. I received a direct message from God about what I should do and I didn’t do it. Because of that my life has gone down a very wrong path, and honestly my mind is a bit messed up because of it sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) filled with a lot of doubt. I try to rebuild my relationship with him, but it always seems to fail. But, and this is a big but, sometimes I don’t fail, some times he succeeds. I’m starting to realized the effort I put in is form of legalism. I’m also realizing that he has been here with me this entire time rooting for me. I’ve experienced if a few times directly, and looking back I’ve noticed times that were obviously him that I didn’t realize it was. We are biased against him, really, because agape is not a human kind of love. You may even struggle to see him more than I do because your upbringing was, to be blunt, awful.

      Too be honest, the reason I’m writing this isn’t to make you feel better. It is to thank you. Knowing some else out there has similar struggles to me, even if they are worse, makes me feel less alone and I’ve felt very alone for a little too long. You say that God can bring better things, but you don’t realize you can be that better thing. We bear fruit without trying and you wrote this without any intention of helping me, clearly not trying to be a perfect Christian (maybe the first time in a long time) but you did and you helped me. And how could God be ashamed of someone that helped His child?

      So, don’t go through with it. I can tell you that you don’t seem to understand God as well you think you do. If you ever think he would be ashamed of you you don’t really know him. Read the Bible. Saul murdered countless Christians and spent years being opposite of what God wanted. God wanted him. Nicodemus was a thief using the power of the Government to line his pockets. God wanted him. You think just because you fell away God is done with you? Peter became a Judaizer, God didn’t hurt him for it. I can’t remember the details of the story but Paul did something bad too and was disobedient, and he did face natural consequences for what he did (sound familiar, kind of like us) but God did NOT abandon him. Heck, the Jews repeated worships statues of pagan Gods, but God didn’t abandon them, and they were under a much worse covenant than ours.

      Me and you are thinking with Law and we need to renew our minds, which is easier said than done.But if you think suicide is the right answer, when God has turned so many lives around, then you are wrong. My email is rodgelinkbot@gmail.com I would like it if you would write me, because I’m much more comfortable talking there then here. But if not I want to add one last thought: 2 Corinthians 7:14 “and My people on whom My name is called be humbled, and pray, and seek My face, and turn back from their evil ways, then I — I hear from the heavens, and forgive their sin, and heal their land.” If he would do that for them, under law, how much more is willing to help you? After all,if he remembers your sins no more, what is there for you to be ashamed of?

      • Thank you so much for your kind words and I am glad that this was able to be of help to you. I would very much love to keep in contact with you and am glad that you sent that to me. There are many more details to this whole thing that I would not like to post here, but would be more than happy to share with you in private. Watch your email and I will be communicating with you soon.

      • Hank, you seem like a genuine guy… consider this… you don’t have to rebuild your relationship with the Father! Just be available for him to have a relationship with you! That’s it. He is a God who fulfills both sides of the covenant!

    • Rachel, my mom is rachel and we’ve been through stuff. You need to listen to something Jesus never Said – he never said , “Too bad, you’ve forfeited your eternal destiny.” No no. #StuffJesusNeverSaid

      God loves you the same whether you save millions of lives or none at all. – That’s a very key verse in Paul Ellis’s book The Gospel in Ten Words. You were kinged even before the game began. Whether your ministry flounders or flourishes it’s in his hands. But how can it flounder, Almighty God on your side you cannot fail. Almost too good to be true? That’s the gospel! Trust him to bear that fruit for eternity.

      You are deeply loved, highly favored, and already blessed. What you say is hard, but I believe God to bring joy out of any situation. He’s done it before.

      We hurt each other true. But we Love (italics) each other very much.

      I was just reading a comment today about someone learning the finished work and unmerited favor of God and fight their way into His rest. You may need a new church. But there is hope. You are already a vessel of his grace. You are loved unconditionally.

  27. Rachel, I struggled with suicide. The pain was just too great. I was tormented by sickness, and bad doctrine. I was tired and very afraid, all the time, for a long time.

    How is your physical health? I had undiagnosed sleep apnea. Plus respiratory allergies worsened the apnea. This led to heart attacks and depression.

    I am on the road to recovery in my health, and my doctrine. I am learning, and experiencing, that God is only love. (And I no longer believe the lake of fire is never-ending, anyway.)

    Also, regarding suicide, all demons are lying spirits, whether speaking about suicide, condemnation, poverty, or disease. Jesus made full provision for your abundant life when he said, “It is finished.”

    We know from the “Divine Exchange” of Isaiah 53 that Messiah would TAKE our sin and suffering, and GIVE us his righteousness and shalom (shalom being variously translated as “health,” “prosperity,” “safety,” “contentment,” “friendship,” and “peace”). Jesus has done that.

    You need to fight against a victim mentality, and take every lying thought captive to Christ’s obedience in his finished work. He has made provision for you. You need to fight against being defrauded of your full inheritance in Christ.

    I would recommend the grace teachings of Joseph Prince. He offers two different daily email devotionals, and on TBN’s web site you can find his video sermons for free.


  28. I still have yet to find a reason to keep on. Bear in mind it’s not depression, “relationships,” professional failure, romantic loss, or any of that which makes me want to exit life; it’s chronic illness. All life has for me at this point is more of the same misery. I hope God forgives suicide; I have no choice.

  29. Rob, God doesn’t want you sick and desperate. He sent Jesus to take your suffering. We know from the “Divine Exchange” of Isaiah 53 that Messiah would TAKE our sin and suffering, and GIVE us his righteousness and shalom (shalom being variously translated as “health,” “prosperity,” “safety,” “contentment,” “friendship,” and “peace”). Jesus has done that.

    So, the question is, why is the exchange not manifesting in your health? I don’t know why, but I do know that Jesus is your healer. The Savior saves.

    We don’t want to focus on ourselves and our pain, but on Jesus, and his victory. When the Israelites were bitten by snakes in the wilderness, those who looked away from themselves unto the bronze serpent on the pole were supernaturally healed (Numbers 21, John 3:14). And Galatians 3:13 tells us that “Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us.”

    In Mark 9:23 Jesus shows us once again that ALL we need is found in Him, including faith. The father tells Jesus that his disciples failed to heal his son, and invites Jesus to help, “if he can.” Jesus answers him:

    “If You can? All things are possible to the one who is believing.” (NIV, YLT) The one believing was Jesus. He was referring to himself! All things are possible for him. Give Him thanks for His faithfulness. Rest in “the faith OF the Son of God” (Gal. 2:20 KJV) for your miracle.

    • Is this comment Kevin responding to Rob? I wasn’t sure but I did read the comment. I am 53 years old and have never made so much as 20k in my life. I raised 3 children, believe it or not, got full custody of them and raised them on a wing and a prayer. One turned out to be a pastor and two went into the Navy. They are all doing better than I ever did and it’s just what I wanted. The thing is I continue to live on a wing and prayer and it frustrates me to no end. To simply trust in Jesus, give it to him and let it go I never knew how to do. It makes no sense to me. If I am in need and the need is not met then what went wrong? I use to get verbally angry at God, I really let him have it to, screaming, yelling, calling him every name in the book but I’m beginning to realize that what I need to do is well, just trust Him, let him have the worries and stop dwelling on them. Doing that is impossible if you don’t stay in the Bible, continually claim scripture for your own. Satan comes to rob, kill and destroy and it all starts in our minds. Cling to scripture, repeat it as many times as you have to, don’t let it go. Lean not on your own understanding but in all things acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. I’m still working on this myself but hope it is encouraging.

    • Four years of this and God hasn’t done a thing to help me. If he exists at all, he loves his creatures suffering. He can’t get enough of it. I am out of work, broke and soon to be homeless because of this chronic illness. If God wants to heal me, I’m not stopping him. I would even forgive him.

      • Wow, you sound like me a few years ago. I think that maybe something you don’t understand is that God does not answer prayer based on our needs but on our faith to fulfill those needs. The woman with the issue of blood for example. She touched his robe and was healed. She wasn’t healed because she needed to be but because she believed she would be. She was so utterly convinced that she would be healed that Christ turned around and told her point blank that it was her faith that healed her, he didn’t tell her that her need healed her. What we put our faith in makes all the difference to. Don’t put your faith in a politician to do the right thing is a good example of that. I hope that helps you to understand. Hopefully Paul will further address your concern but what I mentioned is what I have learned from Joseph Prince.

  30. Rob, evil spirits are lying spirits. We must fight against allowing ourselves to be victimized by the enemy, and defrauded of our full inheritance in Christ.

    “Lord Jesus, you are the author and perfecter of faith. We thank you that you are, and have, everything we need, and that you give us YOUR faith to believe and receive what you have made freely available through your finished work.

    We bind and cast out lying spirits in the mind and health of our brother Rob. We command sickness and disease to be uprooted from him, and planted in the sea. GO, in Jesus’ name!

    We loose health, provision, and truth into Rob’s life.

    Father, thank you for all the excellent plans you have for Rob. May they be fulfilled, down to the smallest detail.

    Thank you that you are helping Rob to find Jesus, to roll over all his burdens to him, to abide in him, to rest in him, and to freely receive everything from him—with thanksgiving, even in advance of the actual physical manifestation.

    We ask that you, the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give Rob the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that he may know your Son better (Eph. 1:17).

    The battle is yours, Father. Please help Rob to position himself, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord.


    • I am in agreement with that. A-men. All God’s answers are yes and amen.

    • All I want is to wake up and not be exhausted. That’s it. Nothing more. I don’t think that’s a lot to ask. I have nothing else, this life has been crap; just let me have the remainder of my days be without constant fatigue. Or just end it. Either one God gives me is okay.

      • Oh boy can I relate to that. I have come to expect more but more doesn’t come. If Jesus were here in the flesh I wonder if it would make a difference?

  31. John C., if God is waiting on me to whip up enough faith, then I guess I won’t be healed. But then Jesus healed people who were unconscious, so I guess God isn’t locked into anything here.

    • I try to be encouraging, I know how hard it is, I’m in the middle of terrible times myself. I often think that doubting Thomas was justified. In his doubting I can only imagine that he himself had been struggling and was seeking answers he didn’t receive so Christ rising from the dead had to be seen to be believed. Talk is cheap, I know, it’s power that you, me, we need.

      • I just don’t see the point in my continued existence. What is proven by holding onto a life that is miserabe? No one faults a person for taking medicine to relieve their suffering; so what’s wrong with ending one’s life to relieve suffering? I never get a good answer to this.

  32. If things are so bad in a Christians life, they have gone to God many times to no avail and suicide will not send them to hell then why not do it? Everything to gain nothing to lose, right? Then again if God said he would heal and doesn’t why should we believe that going to heaven is something that will really happen?

    • Dear John and Rob, I am so sorry that you are finding life very hard to cope with and am wishing you both so well. You may have already done this, but have you tried listening to a gentle grace message? I can recommend Bertie Brits messages, dear gentle manner, and life giving.
      I do know grief in some way, maybe not as you are both suffering just now, but we lost a beautiful daughter in a car accident a few years ago. I know the value of one person, and you are priceless.
      Bertie’s messages are free to watch/listen to on his site, and are also on youtube.
      Isaiah 40 says to ‘comfort My people, speak tenderly to them’. You are so unique and valuable and I pray that you will know that.

  33. Debora Loraine Kean // April 16, 2018 at 4:38 pm // Reply

    Paul, 14 years ago, someone really close to me committed suicide – and he had been a Christian, but he had been wavering and confused for some time (obviously!) Sometimes (a lot of the time) I fear for him, as I don’t know for certain that he was a Christian! I can’t wait until I get there to know – can I be reassured?
    (At his funeral I asked the celebrant to read an evangelistic post he wrote for a website and you’d think that would be enough… but I wonder!)

  34. Im vary sorry for the loss of that young man he is with the lord now the lord will judge every one person for things they have done only he can judge not us. God bless. Will pray for.him.

  35. Abegail Lacson // September 13, 2019 at 1:00 am // Reply

    Amen. I couldn’t agree more. Without a revelation of the greatness of the finish work of the Cross, I would’ve still believed that Christians who committed suicide would end up in hell. No, no, no, suicide is just another form of death and for those who are in Christ, “Oh death where is your sting?” God the Father exhausted all of His wisdom and greatness on the perfect, masterplan – the Cross, wouldn’t He have thought about His children who would later on commit suicide? I believe nothing could ever separate us from the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus, just as Paul said.

  36. I am to have come across this timely message. Worth reading and worth sharing. God bless you

  37. Revelation 21, that many quote, is not speaking to the Believers, who have already been raptured by this time. It is in effect speaking to those still under the Law, or without hope in the world, being heathens and without the Lord.

  38. Thank you for the article.
    I believe in Jesus but I think I have so many problems with no way out for years and since have become truly desperate life.
    I have been battling suicidal thoughts for months.
    I am very close now to commit suicide and today have been further strengthened by this fact, giving me courage to do

    • Quitting the fight is not the courageous thing to do. I don’t pretend to know what you are going through, but I’ve been through the Valley of Shadow. Many people have. Don’t succumb to the temptation to quit, and don’t listen to the spirit of death. Hold fast to Jesus. I’m praying for you.

    • I am praying for you and your thoughts. Christ is with you through it all and will get you through this. Please also do not hesitate to seek medical help from a professional if you haven’t already. Trusting in the Lord and in spiritual healing does not mean we should not also get help from a medical perspective.
      The Lord also says “I will not leave nor forsake you” (Heb. 13:5)

  39. rafaeleko, our unchanging God is a loving Daddy, and the Bible needs to be read through the lens of agapē love: that is, by the Spirit, and not by the letter. Grace teachings from Steve McVey and Joseph Prince helped me to really start getting free of the heaviness, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. (I later found this site as well.)

    The Lord has very good plans for your life rafaeleko! But the enemy doesn’t want you here long enough to fulfill your destiny, because you are a threat to him. The devil is a liar (John 8:44) who is about killing, stealing, and destroying; whereas Jesus only speaks the truth (John 14:16), and is about ABUNDANT LIFE (John 10:10).

    So listen to Jesus. In Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus says,

    28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
    29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.
    30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

    I am praying for you, too!

    • John K Cheeseman // January 13, 2021 at 1:09 am // Reply

      Good words. Joseph Prince did alot for me, which, like you, brought me to this site. Faith comes by hearing, an easily forgotten truth. When more bad then good gets into your head bad things happen. Thank you for reminding me of that. This is a classic example of feeding one another.

  40. John K Cheeseman // January 12, 2021 at 2:48 pm // Reply

    I have been a Christian since I was young, was dedicated to the Lord and everything. Baptised I think a total of twice, rededicated my life,which really means nothing-i guess it’s a Baptist thing. Have my life to the Lord several times thinking my life should be alot better somehow. When ex wife took kids and was seeking divorce I half attempted suicide twice but couldn’t go through with it. I ended up raising kids on my own- how bout that. I’m in my 50’s now and still don’t know how to have the relationship with Christ I think I should have. I have to live in this screwed up, wicked world,deal with it somehow and Christ does not register on any of the senses. It’s like prayer has always been one sided, I’ve asked, pleaded for dreams and nothing. I just don’t get it. I firmly believe in God, sometimes doubt and even get really angry with him. I see and hear of Christians being killed recently in Africa and then there’s the Muslim beheadings of men, woman and children and it infuriates me. Where the hell is God amongst all this, why can I not have a relationship that I seek to the best of my understanding, being told and convinced he wants a relationship but apparently does nothing to have one? What am I missing? My oldest son is even a pastor, I raised all 3 in church for guidance as I was, dedicated them and a relationship is always elusive. This drives Christians to despair, God knows this so, for the big question, why?

  41. Brother John, I sure don’t know all the answers either, but I just wanted to say I appreciate you. Whenever I see your name on a post I look forward to reading it. Praying for you and rafaeleko as well.

  42. Im reading and reading and reading and realizing that there is “Alice in Wonderland”dimension…If something brings HEAVEN down to earth then THIS WILL!Tnx.

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