8 Comments on Family devotions

  1. Been there…done that…got the t-shirt! Then, I was under the law but now I know unmerited, undeserved favour by the grace of God and I am righteous because of my Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ!

  2. Oh yeah and talk about something that will pile on the guilt when we lose momentum and fail to keep it up!! Been there and done that!!

  3. hahaha, I remember back in my IFB days. I would be the one preaching what everyone needed to be doing more of in the house. Sometimes I would grab a good emotional stimulating book (hellish, fire and brimstone Christianity) to scare obedience into the my house. When I would announce it was “Bible Time” and if I heard a “sigh” then it would give me an opportunity to preach the guilt of who they love more…God or TV? It was great being the “spiritual leader” because I chose the topics. If I felt my wife was lacking in some area was for me to indirectly use Scripture to preach about it so that way I could appear innocent. If she got upset then I would preach, “Wow! You must have a guilty conscience.” I was trying to force the 5 points of Calvinism and Lordship salvation into the home. I’m surprised that religion doesn’t come out with subliminal devotionals for the house. Those are the ones that will say, “Woman, you must be a slave to your husband and do whatever he commands. Men and women, do more for the church. Give more money. Give more of your time.” Religion is all about control and manipulation.

    Praise God that He delivered me from all of that nonsense! I praise God for His grace freeing me from that nightmare I once was in. I’m still amazed as to the depth of the heresy I once was in, and how God brought me out of it.

  4. wow. that hit right at home.:)

  5. So what is your take on family devotions? Loose them all together? What about our responsibility to bring our kids up in the ways of the Lord Jesus Christ? Where will they learn to pray if we don’t pray together? If grace has filled your heart, what is wrong with having a seperate time with your family to pray and share?

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