6 Comments on Prayer kisses

  1. Love this illustration of truth!

  2. Heather Boothe // January 7, 2015 at 3:42 am // Reply

    I need your help. I have just recently understood grace and forgiveness this past year but I am struggling with my prayer. To be honest I have always struggled with prayer and I have yet to understand why it’s so difficult for me. I feel like Im fumbling around, grasping at different ways but can’t get it down. Now it seems even more off. How do I pray with the grace and forgiveness I now know. Before I would be asking for grace all the time and confessing sins, even imaginary sins just to be good standing with God. What now? Help, please.

    • Heather, forgive me if I overstep here, but it seems like much of your prayer life has been characterized by unbelief and fear. You would not be asking God to give you forgiveness if you knew he already has. Prayers of faith are different: 90% of the time I’m either thanking God for what he’s done or praising him for it. I suggest finding a promise of God that is relevant to your need and praying that scripture. For instance, if you’re battling with illness, you could pray Is 53:4 or 1 Pet 2:24 or Acts 10:38. More examples on how to pray are here.

      • Thank you. I agree, my fear and unbelief had held me back. God is faithful when I am faithless and its what’s held this girl together. My hearts desire is to pray the in the spirit with the mind of Christ and faith driven power that I have already received. Your artical is what I needed and I will be getting my hands on Wommack’s book. I’m encouraged and driven to speak the finished work in faith and stand firm.

  3. Hi Paul, I’m not sure if this is the right post to ask my question, but I wasn’t sure where else to put it. I thought of an idea of something you could do on your site that would be a blessing to all your readers. How hard would it be to dedicate one page as a “prayer wall” where instead of leaving comments on a post, people could post their prayer requests and all the readers could pray for each other. (you set the word count, ie: <50 or whatever..) we can all use more prayer! Is it a possibility? Thanks, and be blessed!

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