GITW Update

A friend of mine told me he had given away ten copies of The Gospel in Ten Words to people in his life group. This news made me both happy and sad. Happy, because I’m always encouraged when people give copies of my book away. Sad, because he bought all ten copies from Amazon and he lives outside the United States.

“Don’t do that again,” I told him. And why not? Two words: Shipping costs.

For those of you living in North America, Amazon is a wonderful bookseller. You can get most titles delivered to your door in just 2-3 days. But for those of us living elsewhere, Amazon is a temptress, a ruiner of bookworms.

“Look at this great book – it’s only $14.95. But shipping is how much? And to get here it will take how long? You gotta be kidding me.”

It’s not uncommon for me to buy books from Amazon and pay more for shipping than for the book. I hate that!

This is why I am pleased to announce a few improvements to your shopping experience – at least as far as my book is concerned. As of today, The Gospel in Ten Words is being printed in four separate countries. (India will soon be the 5th country.) This means lower costs for you.

So if you want one or ten copies of The Gospel in Ten Words, where’s the best place to get it?

–    if you live in the US and you just want one copy, your best bet remains Amazon or Barnes & Noble
–    if you live outside the US, you may find retailers in your country listed here
–    if there are no retailers in your country, try the Book Depository
–    if you want to buy books in bulk for friends or family, then the best prices anywhere in the world are found here

Speaking of bulk orders, I would like to congratulate Jennie who won the first GITW competition. She bought 30 books to give away to friends and family! Those of you who are buying books to give away – you guys amaze and humble me. Thank you.

I plan to announce another competition next week.

10 Comments on GITW Update

  1. Paul, why oh why stick in American politics? The office of President has not religious test for qualifying. And besides, he is a Christian and surely knows about those verses. As liberal and a Democrat who voted twice now for this wonderful man, I have to object to that question.

    • Hi Pat, my intention was certainly not to offend or have a go at President Obama. I was merely trying to be topical. My point is to raise the question – does he see himself as God sees him? I have no idea. But it would do well for us to ask ourselves the same question. In my experience, many Christians do not see themselves as their Father sees them. If you still think this offends, I’ll take it down.

    • we can never assume any Christian has had a revelation of or understands who they are in Christ…
      if asked the question, the one who does understand will smile and agree and be thankful for the reminder…
      the one who doesn’t understand will be exposed to the truth and hopefully set out to gain and receive an understanding and experience liberty in Christ…
      the one who takes offense at being asked the question and rejects me for asking it, is not rejecting me, but the One who sent me…

  2. I am on my 3rd reading and plan to use the entire book as messages for my mission trip to Costa Rica. I purchased 10 copies and have given them all out to friends and strangers. Thank you for writing such a great book.

  3. Paul, It would be great if it could be translated into Spanish? Any plans for that?

    • Rich, at this stage we are in discussions with several foreign publishers but nothing concrete on the Spanish front. I would love for a Spanish-language publisher to contact me with regards to this.

  4. Whew! Just found out it’s available here in the Philippines! 🙂 Gotta purchase it.. Thanks Paul!!! cheers!

  5. Phillip Waite // November 2, 2012 at 11:06 pm // Reply

    Awesome Paul. I have mine on my iPad. But I want to gift…….

  6. Pastor Paul, I spent the holidays (here in the Philippines) reading your book “The Gospel in Ten Words”. What a revelation..I so love to declare it over and over again. “Because of my union in Christ, I am loved, forgiven, saved, accepted, holy, righteous, dead to sin and royal” Glory to God! I know more people need freedom from religion and self righteousness and this book is one of the spiritual eye openers, (if i may use these words). Thank you. Will surely share…

  7. Amos Moorthy // November 9, 2012 at 1:21 am // Reply

    I am from India and so glad to know that soon we will have an Indian Publication. Hallelujah !!! I found your blog very useful to help me understand ‘Grace’. After 10 yrs of legalism … when i started hearing of Grace I was delivered from law mentality … BUT found it tough to understand it in more detail…. and your blog has greatly help in that. God Bless and Keep going.

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