Christmas Giveaways

Christmas is the season for giving and, frankly, there’s no better present than a book! (Hint, hint.)

Seriously, I love books and especially free books. Don’t you?

I have been so inspired by those of you who have given away copies of The Gospel in Ten Words to friends and family, that I have set up the best E2R competition ever. Unlike the last competition, where only the winners went home with prizes, this time everyone who plays gets something.

You play, you win. How good is that!

Here’s the deal, if you plan to give away The Gospel in Ten Words this Christmas, use the comment box below to let us know how many copies you intend to give and you will automatically qualify for one of the following awesome prizes:

•    Give 1 book away to someone who needs to hear the good news and you will get my sincere thanks for your partnership in the gospel. I will fall asleep at night thinking of you and thanking God that he put you here on this planet.

•    Buy 5 books to give away and I will give you a bear hug of thanks, the next time I see you.

•    Buy 10 books to give away and you will get a bonus copy of The Gospel in Ten Words absolutely free. Plus you get the hug.

•    Buy 15 books to give away and you will get the free book, the hug, and a personal thank you post card featuring a rare New Zealand stamp (Hobbit stamps, if I can get them). By the way, it’s a limited edition E2R postcard too, not for sale anywhere in the world.

•    Buy 20 books to give away and you will get the hug, the post card, and two free books.

•    Buy 25 books to give away and you will get two free books, the post card, the hug, plus lunch at our place (if you can make it to Auckland).

•    Buy 30 books and you will get all the other goodies (hug, postcard, etc.) and three free books.

Now here’s the best for last: In addition to whatever prizes they already have coming above, the two people who give away the most books by Christmas 2012 will get:

–    a personally signed copy of The Gospel in Ten Words
–    one of the last super-limited edition pens (there’s only two left in the world!)
–    a guaranteed pre-advance copy of my next book (whenever that gets written)

Sound good? Are you inspired to give?

Okay, some ground rules.

  1. As usual, this competition only applies to the paperback version of The Gospel in Ten Words (no ebooks).
  2. The bonus book offers only apply to bulk orders placed directly through KingsPress between 1 November and 24 December 2012. Bonus books will be automatically included with your orders.
  3. We’re counting the books you give away, not books bought for personal use or re-sale.

Christmas is only 40-odd shopping days away. So beat the rush, place your Christmas orders now, and you could win some cool stuff!

10 Comments on Christmas Giveaways

  1. I already ordered do I still qualify? I ordered 10 books. couple days ago? Hope so one more to give out is awesome TY

  2. Can’t buy anything right now.I Have to buy ammunition for protection before they take that away.Sorry down after the election. But God……..

  3. I can’t afford to buy yet but if I could I would and send it over to some of my friends who I know are in need of the gospel.. 🙂

  4. donavon freeman // November 9, 2012 at 5:34 am // Reply

    I’m going for the 25 books so that I may meet Paul Eliis.If I purchase the 25 books to give away will you at least give me 2 hours of your time to talk about the grace of God?And this is a very serious question,in all sincerity.thankyou


  6. An update: In this round of giveaways we have sent bonus books to David (Florida), John (Western Australia), Jenny (Queensland), Douglas (New Jersey), Jerry (California), Joann (Pennsylvania), John (UK), Susan (Colorado), Caitlin (Oklahoma), and Kimberly (Ohio), Barry (Tennessee) and Masom (Louisiana). Congrats everyone! Our two overall winners are Jerry and Caitlin. They will be receiving personally signed copies and GraceQuotes pens.

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