Jay Pritchett on Hell

Jay_PritchettWhenever I talk to certain people about hell I am reminded of something Jay Pritchett said on the TV show Modern Family. Whether you are a universalist, inclusionist, traditionalist, or none of the above, I hope the following piece of dialogue will make you smile. As Jay shows, whenever we make bold claims about the hereafter, there’s always a danger we’ll get tangled in theological knots.

In the episode entitled “Earthquake,” Jay has skipped church to go play a round of golf. His step-son Manny worries that Jay’s behavior will make God angry.

Manny:     So you’re not worried about getting into trouble, you know, with God?

Jay:         Oh, I think he’s got bigger things on his plate.

Manny:     So you’re not worried about hell?

Jay:         Let me let you in on a little secret, kid. There is no hell.

Manny:     Seriously? No hell? That’s fantastic! So everyone just goes to heaven?

Jay:         Yep. End of story.

Manny:     Even bad people?

Jay:         Yeah, they’re… they’re… they’re in another section, see? They’ve got this thing figured out. Can I hit this?

Jay misses a ten foot putt.

Jay:         Dammit. You distracted me.

Manny:     I didn’t say anything.

Jay:         I could hear you thinking.

Manny:     I’m thinking about this heaven of yours that’s full of bad people.

Jay:         Not full – the tiniest fraction. They’re walled in.

Manny:     What if they break out?

Jay:         They’re surrounded by a lake of fire.

Manny:     There are fiery lakes in heaven? This is turning into hell.

Jay misses another putt.

Jay:         Tell me about it.

Source: Modern Family, ABC Network, episode aired 10/6/2010, Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan.


8 Comments on Jay Pritchett on Hell

  1. no comment,kinda interested in the responses, kinda of reminds me of [ choose this day life or death, choose life cuz death can be real hell.

  2. I love the character of Jay Pritchett and love that you referenced him. I’ve never tried to figure out hell, this helps, a lot.

  3. Connie Neason // July 31, 2013 at 12:53 am // Reply


  4. He is correct! There is no hell because everyone and everything has been cleansed by the blood and passed through Gods refining fire. This includes all humans and all of creation! Gods will is for everyone to repent and he WILL get his way. PTL!

    • Jesus says unless you repent you will likewise perish Luke 13:3 Matthew 7:13 destruction means ruin without hope Not all who call me Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven-Matthew 7:21.

      • Absolutely! Everything in the old creation in Adam will perish and be destroyed! God has to destroy everything in the old fallen creation. He has already destroyed our old man and we are born new as spiritual beings. He will eventually destroy everyone’s old man upon their change of mind about him (repentance) as he reconciles all things through the blood of Christ. Col 1:21-23. AMEN!

  5. I didn’t understand it. What’s Jay implying?

    • I don’t think he is implying anything. He just wants to play golf on Sunday. He thought he could talk his way out of church with a few glib comments, but Manny’s questions left him wishing he hadn’t said anything.

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