Want to read Paul’s new book?

UPDATE: All 150 free copies were snapped up within 52 minutes! My apologies if you missed out this time. 

My new book, The Gospel in Twenty Questions, will be released next month. To celebrate its release, I want to give you a FREE advance copy to read.

The new book is a follow-up to The Gospel in Ten Words. While that book is a book about identity – who we are in Christ – The Gospel in Twenty Questions is a book about the gospel. It deals with questions like:

  • GITQ_cover_final_smWhat is God like? And what does he want from me?
  • Should we do everything Jesus said?
  • How does God deal with us when we sin?
  • How do we reconcile contradictory scriptures?
  • Does God make us sick to teach us things?
  • What is the unforgiveable sin?
  • What are heavenly rewards?
  • Once saved, always saved?

…and hundreds more. If you enjoyed The Gospel in Ten Words, you’ll love The Gospel in Twenty Questions. It’s the book I wish I could have read when I first came to understand grace.

The Gospel in Twenty Questions will be released on 3 December but the publisher has arranged for 150 advance review copies to be given exclusively to E2R readers, today!

What’s the catch?

We want to give books away to people who will help spread the word. If you enjoy my writing and are interested in reviewing The Gospel in Twenty Questions and telling all your friends about it, here’s how you can get your copy:

  1. Go to Gumroad
  2. Click the button that says “I want this!”
  3. In the box marked “Offer code (optional)”, enter the word “review”
  4. Click “Get” and enjoy your review copy of The Gospel in Twenty Questions!

If you grab one of the free review copies I will email you at the beginning of December to let you know when The Gospel in Twenty Questions goes live. That will be time for you to post your review on Amazon, Goodreads, or your favorite book site.

Based on last year’s experience, I expect the free copies will be snapped up within a few hours. So get yours quick, before they all go.

Please note that we only have 150 free copies available. So if you won’t have time to read the book before 3 December, please give someone else a chance to grab one.

Thank you for helping me celebrate the release of The Gospel in Twenty Questions!


15 Comments on Want to read Paul’s new book?

  1. Thank you SO much for this Paul; look forward to reviewing it for you 🙂
    By the way, Grace on Tap, great recommendation…i had quite a laugh at the term “monkey annointing”, and i also wondered if you could hook me up with your plumber, as i think you’ve managed to grace instead of water coming into your house 🙂

  2. I’ve been waiting for this. Thank you Paul, you’re such a blessing!

  3. So disapointed that I missed the free offer to review but I am still honored that I got the chance to review the Gospel in 10 words. I look forward to your launch and I trust you enough to pre-order for Christmas gifts. Thanks for all you do to teach the True Gospel.

  4. mail142191@telkomsa.net // November 13, 2013 at 9:23 am // Reply



  5. Lynne Logan-Pye // November 13, 2013 at 9:32 am // Reply

    Paul, feel us Aussies/Kiwis at a disadvantage due to time zones. Maybe you could stagger release say 50 releases at 3 different times?? Otherwise we miss out! We are reading 10 words in our ladies group and it is freeing many, thank you!!

    • Hi Lynne, last year when we gave away review copies of GITW, the Europeans complained because they were sleeping at the time. I promised that this year I would do it when they were awake, but regrettably that meant Aussies and Asians missed out. Your idea of a staggered giveaway is a good one. We’ll definitely try that next time.

  6. It says the offer code is expired. Already used them all up? 😦 I will endeavor to buy it when it’s available.

  7. Christopher Bothma // November 13, 2013 at 10:47 am // Reply

    Looks like I’m too late. 😦

  8. Hello, i just tried the link but it seems to be expired. I also noticed the email was from yesterday. I may have been too late allready…..

    Niels Janse

  9. I mmmmmiiiiisssssedd out Paul!!!!!!!

    Oh well

    I wait in anticipation


  10. I pre ordered on Amazon after I missed the free offer. Had to comment again because I was up in the middle of the night when you made the Gosple in 10 Words offer. I got the free book the day before you offered it. How cool is that! Now you make it fair for the USA and I missed it. Just wondered where that book sold best here or over there.

  11. Robert McIntosh // November 13, 2013 at 4:57 pm // Reply

    It said “sorry offer code has expired” 😦

    How do I get a copy?

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