The Gospel in Twenty Questions – out today!

My new book, The Gospel in Twenty Questions, has just been released! What’s it about? It’s a book of big questions – questions that will open doors, set you free, and change your life! Here are some of the things people are saying about The Gospel in Twenty Questions:

  • “One of the best books I have read since becoming a believer.” –Ed Elliott
  • “In one brilliant book, Paul has answered the biggest questions people have about the gospel of grace.” –Eric Dykstra
  • “Bursting with divine goodness!” –Cornel Marais
  • “Another storming masterpiece.” –an Amazon reviewer

To celebrate its release, I want to give you a free book. Here’s the deal…


Buy The Gospel in Twenty Questions before the end of this week and you will get a free digital copy of my last book, The Gospel in Ten Words. How do you get your free book?

  1. Email or forward your Amazon/Kindle receipt to before 9 December 2013
  2. You will be sent instructions on how to download your free book

Simple! Don’t delay. This offer’s only good for a few days. I hope you enjoy The Gospel in Twenty Questions!

Update: 10 December 2013. The 2-for-1 deal is now closed. My thanks to everyone who participated. You guys pushed The Gospel in Twenty Questions into the top five books on faith in the Kindle Store!

14 Comments on The Gospel in Twenty Questions – out today!


  2. paul, any word on when bulk ordering will be available?

  3. Paul, I have enjoyed reading both your books along with a couple by Farley and have found my personal beliefs to be lined up with the teaching of grace. I do have a couple of questions from your new book if you would allow me to ask. You made a comment that said “Jesus’ death on the cross did not change the disciples.” You also said earlier on in that same chapter “the cross is not about satisfying some legal need for blood.” And finally you said “There is only one cure for sin, and it’s the finished work of the cross.” I am trying to wrap my thoughts around these three quotes since to me they seem to contradict each other? If you at the first statement wasn’t it the cross which woke them up to the reality of what he had been telling them? It might just be semantics but I have noticed this in several others author’s of grace. And of course without the shedding of blood there would be no forgiveness of sin. Again I have enjoyed reading and realizing I have been saying the same things without really knowing what it was I was saying until I read your book!

    • The disciples were timid before, during, and after the cross. It wasn’t until they saw the risen Lord and were filled with the Holy Spirit that they became new men. The point is – a dead Jesus saves no one, but once you’ve seen the risen Lord, everything changes. Paul knew Jesus had died and it didn’t change him one jot. But when he encountered the risen Lord on the road to Damascus he became a new man. Hence, our gospel must seek to reveal, not a dead Jesus, but a risen Jesus.

      Does this make the cross unimportant? Not at all – for all the reasons I explain in chapter two.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the book.

  4. Thanks so so much for the book Paul…your chapter on reading the bible without getting confused, specifically the bit about who is being addressed was like a breath of fresh air. I read that bit before in the ebook, but reading it just now was like a new revelation, it made me feel really unburdened. Thank you.
    Merry Christmas by the way!

  5. Paul, would be interested to get your thoughts concerning giving verse doing. Let me explain. Myself, having been in ministry since 84 have ALWAYS enjoyed giving when it comes to ministry. That “giving” has included “doing” but never with the thought I was earning something from God. As I read you books it is if you discourage people from the joy of “giving.” I use giving in the sense of evangelism, visitation, and all the other “things” that you point out people “do” in order to appease God. Look forward to your response. God bless this coming year.

    • Giving, like doing, is a fruit of enjoying the love and favor of God. What I am opposed to is giving-to-get or doing-to-get. It’s true I have not written much here on E2R about giving under grace, but I do talk about it in chapter 20 of The Gospel in Twenty Questions.

  6. Is any other way to buy your books? I’ve tried buying from Amazon but cant proceed. Tqvm

    Harry  Malaysia

  7. This is not a book which i have gone through, what i see in this book is the heart of Loving GOD as Father who wants to play & enjoy with us in abundance. thanks for the revelation ALL PRAISES & GLORY to our savior ,redeemer,encourager,defencer & fullfiller our lovely jesus Christ.

  8. Just bought the book on Amazon. Brother Ed Elliott highly recommended it to me! I can’t wait to read it.

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