Who are the Hypergrace Preachers?

A list of those preaching the hypergrace message

Paul Ellis, hypergrace preacher

Hypergrace, according to some, is a dangerous and unbiblical teaching that is leading people down a licentious path to hell. Apparently the “rock-star preachers” promoting this hypergrace heresy will be “held accountable for the spiritual death of millions.”

By proclaiming God’s unconditional love and forgiveness, hypergrace preachers have taken grace too far. They have made grace radical, over-the-top, and unbalanced.

As someone who has been labelled a hypergrace preacher, how do I respond to this claim?

Guilty as charged, amigo!

Grace is the one thing that separates Christianity from all religions and God’s grace is truly extreme. It’s unfathomable, inexplicable, and hyper.

But who are these hypergrace preachers? Who are the rock-stars preaching this message of radical grace?

Hypergrace apostle

Any list of hypergrace preachers must begin with the man who first described God’s grace as hyper.

The apostle Paul wrote of the incomparable riches and abundance of God’s grace. He painted word pictures of a divine love that could not be measured and a grace that cannot be contained.

In describing grace Paul used three Greek words: huper-ballō, huper-perisseuō, and huper-pleonazō. You do not need to speak Greek to recognize the common element in these words. It’s the prefix huper or hyper which means exactly what you think it means.

God’s grace is over, above, and beyond your wildest expectations. It surpasses all knowing.

To put it in context, Paul also uses hyper-words for describing God’s power and love. So God’s grace is as great as his power. It’s as limitless as his love.

This is wonderful news, for grace that is hyper means no one is beyond the reach of his love. It means your worst sins have been wiped from the books for love keeps no record of wrongs.

A list of hypergrace preachers

The apostle Paul introduced the concept of grace that is hyper, but he was hardly the only hypergrace preacher in the Bible. Here are some others:

John the Beloved spoke of the grace that comes from God through his Son. “Of his fullness we have all received grace upon grace” (John 1:16). Grace is not one aspect of God’s character but his fullness. God’s grace is God-sized.

“Grace upon grace” means God hits you with wave after wave of grace. Think of the waves at the ocean. There is no end to them and no end to his grace.

Peter wrote about the grace that comes from “the God of all grace” (1 Pet 5:10). All grace and all love originates with God.

Peter prayed that his grace would be yours to the “fullest measure” or in increasing abundance (1 Pet 1:2). Just as you can’t travel to the edge of the universe, you will never find the limit of God’s grace. But try anyway. Explore it, walk it, swim it, ride it, and grow in the grace of Jesus (2 Pet 3:18). Be generous with the manifold, or many-sided grace of God (1 Pet 4:10).

James, one of the most misunderstood writers in the New Testament, had a wonderful grasp of grace. He could’ve been called an apostle of grace. James spoke of a God who gives and gives, which is a picture of unending grace (Jas 1:17).

“God gives us more grace” said James (4:6). You’ve probably read that a hundred times without thinking about it, but the word for more derives from the Greek word megas. In other words, God gives us mega-grace! Throw in Strongs’ definition and James is literally saying that God gives us “exceedingly, great, high, large, loud, and mighty grace!”

Many Old Testament prophets also spoke of God’s extreme grace, from Zechariah shouting “Grace, grace” to the house of God (Zec 4:7) to Isaiah who waxed lyrical on the subject of God’s everlasting lovingkindness (Is 54:8).

By the way, whenever you read that word lovingkindness in the Old Testament, you can substitute hypergrace, because that’s what the original word, hesed, means. The hesed of God is the goodness and love of God, which Moses, David, Jeremiah and Jonah described as abundant or great (Num 14:18, Ps 103:8, Lam 3:32, Jon 4:2).

God’s lovingkindness to us is Great Grace and nothing less.

So when Joel says God is “gracious, compassionate, and abounding in lovingkindness” (Joel 2:13), he’s saying much the same thing as Paul with all his huper-adjectives for grace.

But how did these old prophets know about God’s abounding grace? From whom did they learn it?

They heard it from the Lord himself:

Then the Lord passed by in front of him and proclaimed, “The Lord, the Lord God, compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in lovingkindness and truth” (Exodus 34:6)

Which brings us to…

The most famous hypergrace preacher

Jesus was a walking, talking testimony of the radical grace of God. He loved the unlovable. He forgave his killers. He bore your sin.

Jesus told stories of a grace that was over, above, and beyond all reason. The prodigal son, hugged despite his sins. The publican, justified in spite of his unrighteousness. These stories make no sense except as signposts to a grace greater than our worst wretchedness.

And telling stories was only one of five ways Jesus revealed radical grace.

Who are the hypergrace preachers? They are those who have been radically changed by the grace of a great God. I have listed a dozen hypergrace preachers but the Bible has more. (Let me know if you can think of others.)

If you have been branded a hypergrace preacher, hold your head high. To be included in this esteemed company of grace preachers is an honor. The hypergrace label should not diminish us but inspire us to be as bold in preaching the gospel as those who’ve gone before us.

May we be testimonies of the transforming power of God’s great-, mega-, and hyper-grace.

A list of hypergrace preachers


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44 Comments on Who are the Hypergrace Preachers?

  1. Johnson Raju // August 5, 2017 at 9:38 am // Reply

    The word hyper is used wrongly by hyper-grace opponents. The correct word to identify this doctrine is PSEUDO. Because they preach wrong on grace of God.

  2. So I was reading Judah Smith’s book Life Is ____. The opening credits by a football start said the scripture in Corinthians that If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things are passed away; everything is new…is very important or essential to our relationship (yes relationship!) with Jesus Christ.

    Great book. Life is to be loved and love; to be at peace with God and yourself; to trust God in every moment; to enjoy God.

  3. Michael james // December 20, 2017 at 5:18 am // Reply

    How can folk not see is that the grace part is being forgiven when we don’t deserve to be forgiven, but by God’s grace (agape love for us) he forgive us anyway, his grace is sufficient. But hyper grace is believe in Jesus, go to church once a week and maybe a house group then spend the rest of your time with the devil, sin all you want and repent at the end of the week.(repentance is not a one time thing it’s 180 degree turn in your life, a complete change of mind) You can’t sit at both tables. Hyper grace is John 3.16 and you can ignore the rest if you want, this was me for 20 years as a so called Christian living in death. I realised one day my relationship with god was only to save my own skin. When you believe in something or someone you believe in the whole package, every word, every truth. This is not buying a ticket to heaven, this living in the truth and fullness of Christ because you have seen the light and the darkness has now become bitter, if sin still taste good to you you might find your not walking in the spirit of god( relationship with god 24/7) and this is a risky place to be if you have out your life on it, he who loses his life will find it, if you havnt given you whole life to Christ ie (it’s all over to you god) then you might be living in hyper grace. God is not stupid he knows your true heart. I know people in my church that stay out till 5am drinking and then sing thanks to the grace of God I’m saved, WAKE UP YOU SLEEPY CHRISTIAN, it’s by grace he gave his only son who took all our sin, don’t add to that otherwise your just a player. I want people to know that sanctification is buy faith with a true relationship with Christ and happens naturally when we meet with him daily (die to self daily) and pick up our cross. True works that come from true faith is evidence of our faith. Shine Jesus wherever you go, become Christ like, this only comes from hanging out with the one you want to become like. Make him your true god and everything will fall into place, make him you king, faith without works is dead but faith with works is ALIVE.

    • Hyper grace does not encourage living like the devil on every day but Sunday. It also is not only looking at John 3:16 and ignoring the rest. Hyper-grace is the whole package, every piece of the pie. Because without hyper grace you are left with the gospel of me-myself-and-I. That gospel says its all about what I do, don’t do and how committed I am.
      Hyper grace does not encourage sin or sinful living. If that is what you heard it was not grace(hyper or otherwise) but nasty ole’ license to sin. Hyper grace is a 100% throwing yourself upon Jesus for your everything. It isn’t about how good, dedicated, sincere or afraid of hell you are. It is all about how much self you have taken out of the picture(the real dying to self) and how much Jesus you have there. Because if it’s not 100% Jesus for everything then its not hyper-grace.

      • Hello, Colleen, how have you been? I haven’t seen any of your great comments in a while and I miss them. Merry Christmas! 🙂

  4. God gave me so much love for Him going through a time of forgiveness and restoration that I can’t imagine that not being hyper grace. His mercies are limitless. I always want to obey and please Him in this, that I would ask Him to Love me, comfort me, hug me for such a time as this for the soul purpose that it pleases Him When I do. God created and brought us into existence for His pleasure. God is Love- hyper and extreme. We we’re created just to be loved. You are to be loved by Love Himself. We are to build our Christian lives around those scriptures. If we don’t we totally missed the point in living God’s grace and love. I love pleasing the Lord and affection has everything to do with it. I even get a little love sick and even work for Him with great love and enjoyment to the point of passing out . The Lord put an end to myself sacrafising by giving me a love for my body so to stop me from doing anything hurtful to him. Today I’m thin and healthy something extra I wasn’t expecting. The miracles in my life just keep coming. It never ceases to make me more radical than ever before. Be convinced that there is really a God who loves you and wants the best for you. Love and ecstacy in Him and for my wife is my new life now. I love it to no end but most of all it pleases Him. It works for me just try it, pray to Him, turn from any sin, ask Him to come into your life and save you, He will. I’m sure it will work for you to.

  5. Dewaine Thomas // March 21, 2018 at 2:42 am // Reply

    Well, there was one fellow in the Bible who apparently didn’t believe in “God’s ‘unconditional’ love”, because among many other similar things, He said (after referring to the eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell, and those whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices), “Unless you repent you will all similarly perish.” The Gospels and Epistles are replete with the necessity of repentance. So you guys can whistle merrily down your path trimmed with Thomas Jefferson scissors (his were employed to whittle out miracles, yours, the demands of the Gospel, including repentance), but our eternal destinies hinge on the entirety of what Jesus said, and in fact, on the real Jesus of Nazareth, not to a caricature of Him made to be palatable and inoffensive.

    • No one disputes the need to repent and believe in the good news, but what is the good news? Is it not that your heavenly Father loves you and longs for you to come home? The gospel is an announcement, not a demand.

  6. Paul i’m tired of being told both grace and law. I’m going to move into your neighborhood.

  7. Well researched post! Maybe some pastors will get hold of this and stop acting like the law hasn’t been fulfilled in Christ.

  8. Brothers and Sisters , please stop working and start resting in his finished work of GRACE”…Thank you Brother Paul for all you are doing”..

  9. The gospel (good news) is the POWER of God unto salvation. When the death, burial & resurrection of Jesus is preached, it penetrates the heart because of the potency of the Living word and the confirmation of the Holy Spirit. Faith comes by HEARING the word; and when it penetrates the heart as a seed, it can be watered, and eventually God gives the increase. This means that His GOODNESS will lead a person to change his/her mind (Repentance) toward God and exercise his/her faith/belief toward our Lord Jesus Christ. The incorruptible seed of His good word once it is received will birth a NEW CREATION. We are saved by grace through faith and that not of ourselves, but rather it is a gift of God. Truly, it can be said that it is ALL about Grace: Super-abundant; Ever-unfolding; Transforming Grace. All believers are trophies of His wonderful Grace (Jesus Christ).

  10. I side with those who say the New Covenant started at the Day of Pentecost, because His Spirit was given as the seal of the promise. Yeshua told the disciples to tarry until the Spirit was given. It is interesting that people still try to divide the Israelites from the Gentile believers. The first believers of the New Covenant were Israelites, 3,000 of them. Others say the New Covenant was confirmed in 70AD with the final destruction of the Temple, the final icon of the Mosaic Law.

    If we would ever get a proper translation of the scriptures some of the false teaching might cease. The one scripture Mat 23:2 where Jesus says, “as the Pharisees sit in the seat of Moses, do as he (Moses) says, but not as they do”, is a perfect example. Our Bibles say, “do as they say, There is a great amount of correct translation out there now, but traditions of mixed law and grace resists the truth. Most religion is about controlling the masses and their money. There are a lot of converts from the fire and brimstone law preachers but very few disciples. Preach hell, damnation and an angry God and you’ll get people flocking to the alter. Unfortunately all you get is people thinking they got a free pass from hell without knowing the love of the Father.

  11. John Whitehouse // December 8, 2018 at 9:34 pm // Reply

    At a luncheon discussion today, someone asked about the HISTORY of “hypergrace”. I’m glad to see the Biblical references, but who carried the torch among the early church fathers, the saints or say 16th-19th century? A bit of history would be very helpful when discussing with pastors who are curious to learn,

  12. The hyper grace preachers are the apostles, the patriarchs, the true disciples and many other biblical authors. If you preach an extreme hyper grace, then God has blessed you with true wisdom about His love. Hyper grace is real. I experience it every time I approach His throne.

  13. Hypergrace uses verses PRO Once Saved Always Saved and hates verses KONTRA.

    We know 23 verses pro OSAS and 386+ verses KONTRA.Thats the reason why the text above does not show many verses to proof hypergrace.

    So, ask yourself why there are fifteen times the KONTRA verses.

  14. Dentin Parnell // March 7, 2019 at 5:47 am // Reply

    Hey, there is no such thing as hyper-grace. It’s completely made up. A total fabrication. It’s just grace. Soon someone will coin the word hyper-faith, hyper-love and hyper-hope. The whole hyper thing is just hyper-stupid!

  15. Jim Haugland // December 12, 2019 at 4:52 pm // Reply

    There’s is no scriptural balance in those teaching hyper grace. All of the so-called listed hyper grace teachers taught about sin and the dangers of falling away choosing to deny the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, 2 Cor 3:18, Rom 6 & 8, Gal 5 and especially the writer of Hebrews. Hyper grace teachers abuse the sinless sacrifice of Jesus FOR sinners and the commands to pursue holiness, telling Satan’s lie that the sinless ONE provides them freedom to sin, rather than escape from it.

    • Which hypergrace teachers are you referring to? Paul? Peter? James?

      • Jimmy haugland // December 12, 2019 at 5:29 pm //

        Peter James , etc we’re not hyper grace teachers. They taught “…saved by grace through faith.” Eph 2:8-10, but did NOT teach now that we are “in Christ” that saved position allows us to return to “wallowing in the mud” of sin denying the price that calls us to holiness progressively by the Spirit’s Indwelling power.

      • Paul not only taught hypergrace, he invented the very word! I know many, many hypergrace preachers, and none of them do the things you accuse them of. Certainly none deserve the dismissive criticism that you are dispensing. I encourage you to take your own medicine and repent of your filthy mud-flinging and slander.

      • John Cheeseman // December 13, 2019 at 12:03 am //

        Wow, really? The assumption is made that hypergrace means we can wallow in mud of sin? What a huge misunderstanding of grace. There is such a thing as licention which appears to be one thing and is not, such a thing can be seen in comparison of Christianity and Muslim believing but certainly not in hyper grace. For God’s sake it is by His blood, His fulfillment, our belief and acceptance of Him (Him being Jesus Christ) that our salvation is secure, not that of ourselves, lest anyone should boast.

      • John Kenneth Cheeseman // December 13, 2019 at 10:41 am //

        I read some comments and can’t help but think it is Satan that blinds people to truth. In the Old Testament everything was different. Being under Mosaic covenant required people to look at themselves, their faults and shortcomings and compare it with God’s law and cleansing pointing the way to what was to come, namely Jesus. Once he came the gates of hell were shaken, attempts were made to end God’s plan to no avail, Herods reighn of murder with the killing of all babies. Christ sacrificed his life, he wasn’t murdered as it was the Father’s plan. I’m getting off track but with the intent of showing it WAS about shedding blood of animals to cover diverse sin but Christ, being the lamb of God covered ALL din once and for all. I would call that hyper grace. It’s not about us anymore but Christ and Christ alone. Nothing we can do, only Christ fulfilled The Law or could. All we have to do is believe, have attitude of gratitude and learn what The Good News is really all about. It’s about God’s hyper grace because of his hyper awesome son’s hyper obedience so we are hyper loved and blessed.

    • John Cheeseman // December 15, 2019 at 3:41 am // Reply

      NEVER does anyone preaching hyper grace say that anyone is free to sin. You git your wires crossed somewhere.

    • Johnny Harry // October 19, 2020 at 2:05 am // Reply

      I don’t know if the so called “hyper grace” teachers “abuse the sinless sacrifice of Jesus” but I do agree that people believe the lie that the sinless ONE (Jesus) provides them freedom to sin, rather than escape from it. Or I as a I would say “Grace is not freedom to sin but freedom from sin. But it is important to understand that freedom from sin does not come in a moment of time but over the course of one’s entire life as we learn to die to ourselves & live unto him. This is where we need God’s mercy & forgiveness.Contrary to popular belief both of these are different from grace.

  16. Jenny Beauchamp // December 13, 2019 at 6:57 am // Reply

    Thanks everyone! Wow, iron on iron-rubbing on each other to bring this Body of Christ where the Head-Jesus Christ wants us to be. One mind and one body, so that the world (unsaved) would see Jesus! Follow Jesus alone. No matter what you hear, take it to your Best Friend and Advocate! I too believe there is such a thing as hyper-grace and it’s directly from God! Go read those scriptures and personally ask Jesus, is this so? I am an eye-witness to hyper-grace! If you did what I use to: walk with man instead of God (meaning sitting in church pew and taking others word for it, instead of having a relationship one-on-one with God through Jesus-reading and studying the bible, talking and listening to the Holy Spirit); and then camping out at the cross of Jesus (forever looking at sin and following not only the law of Moses, but adding in many of my own, analyzing my sin and others, confessing sin, trying to do pennants/sarifice); trying to do “my” works, instead of flowing in His, etc. The Church (Body of Christ) needs to get up, walk from the cross, and move and function in His Resurrected Life! The Law said examine yourself, confess, sacrifice; Grace says run boldly to My throne of Grace in time of need! How to overcome sin, try this at home—next time you sin, run boldly and confess Jesus Christ and all that He has done for you….and ask for help! You will taste His HYPER-GRACE! Ask forgiveness from the one you offended, and no, it’s no longer God! Blessings!

  17. Larry T. Ingram // January 7, 2020 at 3:30 pm // Reply

    I appreciate you, brother… beyond what I can express in words!
    Are there others with whom you communicate? We all have to draw from the body AND the Spirit, right? I preach and teach, but I need to be fed as well… You?

  18. It is a balance of mercy and grace, we find in Christ. PS. 85:10 Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other. The verse in Ex. is followed by the rest of what God says about himself (pp,) he will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and upon his children’s children on to the third and fourth generation. Sin has consequences, not a popular idea. Sometimes the stench of what we’ve done stays with us for awhile. But t how can we come to value the sunshine, if we don’t acknowledge there is rain? There is separation. There is death. But thanks to God and Christ’s victory we also can gave victory over death, and be freed to live God and serve him in right eousness. Not by living on ‘grace abuse’. Experience is a hard teacher, But if you take his yoke upon you it is easy and his burdens are light. Christians can make their bed where they choose, before God or in hell! Either way, we are never out of his presence. He encourages us to make good and wise choices so that He can take joy in our sonship and so we don’t take on burdens we were never meant to bear!

  19. Most who diligently read the Word of God understand perfectly what is meant by “hyper grace.” Im not sure if you are trying to redeem the “label” of hyper grace, or if you are actually preaching a message that is considered “hyper grace” by those who actually teach the whole council of God and not just scriptures that are cherry picked and twisted…whose message is primarily “grace.”

    What is your point in this article? Is it to take a small portion of the whole council of God to prove a point about “grace” or are you actually advocating for hyper grace as most understand it to be in our modern culture…..which is what Jude 1:4 is dealing with, not to mention the rampant sinful lifestyles found in the modern church birthed out of a hyper grace doctrine.

  20. Moy Yew Hon // October 2, 2020 at 6:56 am // Reply

    1 John 5:5

    Who is the one who overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?
    so if you believe in Jesus, you are an overcomer.

  21. Rom 5:2 (the voice) 2 Jesus leads us into a place of radical grace where we are able to celebrate the hope of experiencing God’s glory.

  22. What you so proudly taught here is not Hyper grace, it’s the proper, wonderful grace that the bible teaches, you just labelled it “Hyper grace.” It’s not the Hyper grace that Joseph Prince teaches in his book “Destined to Reign” or Ryan Rufus, John Crowder & others. I suggest you listen to some of their stuff & you’ll see the difference between what you’re talking about & what they teach. God bless.

  23. Kevin Chayyim // December 16, 2020 at 10:02 am // Reply

    Mike have you ever heard joseph prince preach,cause he and paul,andrew wommack and creflo dollar preach thesame thing,i know this cause i listen to them ‘Everday’.

  24. Thank you for this truth

  25. I love this Paul, thanks for sharing. I love also the picture, hehehe…

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