Are these the Very Last Days?

UPDATE: This offer has now closed. My thanks to all who signed up. Missed out? There are still plenty of good reasons for signing up on Patreon.

Are these the very last days? They are if you want to get your name in my new book, Letters from Jesus.

Aargh! Groan. Sorry for the click-bait title. But I have to ask you three questions:

  1. Did you know that after Jesus ascended to heaven, he uttered 2000 words that are recorded in scripture?
  2. Did you know that most of those words are in letters Christians don’t understand?
  3. Do you understand the seven letters from Jesus?

I have never heard a sermon or read a book on the letters from Jesus that offers anything other than a mixed-up message. Jesus loves you but he doesn’t. He paid it all but he expects you to pay him back. He cares for you but he beats you. He accepts you one day but vomits you out the next.

Yeech. Talk about bad news. No wonder people avoid these letters. They sound like they were written by someone other than the Lord.

Except they weren’t.

In my new book, I offer an alternative grace-based reading of Christ’s letters. I show how they are 100% good news from start to finish. Read them with Son-glasses and you will find nothing but peace and joy and good news to set you free.

If you have ever wondered what Jesus was really saying in his letters, Letters from Jesus is for you.

What are others saying about Letters from Jesus?

“The grace Paul writes about isn’t the safe, tame version that many of us grew up hearing about. It’s the real stuff—the no-strings-attached kind, the one without ‘buts and brakes.’ Thank you, Paul, for reminding me, in Letters from Jesus, that ‘it is finished.’ I keep forgetting.” ~ Tullian Tchividjian

“Paul Ellis does an amazing job of revealing the heart of Jesus in these often very misunderstood letters. I would encourage anyone who has wrestled with these scriptures to check out Letters from Jesus.” ~ Jeremiah Johnson

“Paul, thanks for finding these letters in the attic and dusting them off for me! Letters from Jesus is deep encouragement for anyone who believes and preaches the gospel without compromise.” ~ Tricia Gunn

When can I get the book?

  • Kindle version: available Dec 17, 2018
  • Paperback version: available April 2019

How do I get my name in the ebook version of Letters from Jesus?

Sign up as a supporter on Patreon in the next two days (before December 7, 2018). The ebook is about to be released. Wait until the weekend and you’ll miss the boat.

Why become a patron?

Because patrons give this message wings. Patrons are partners. Their support means everything on this website is free and always will be.

How much?

One lousy dollar. You’ve probably got one in your pocket, all alone and friendless. Put that little guy to work and do some good. For every dollar pledged in the next two days, I will give away a copy of the book. Pledge five dollars, and that’s five books you helped give away. So get that lonely dollar and a few of his friends together and we’ll get this good news to as many people as possible.

Patreon is easy to join and you can cancel at any time. But no books will be given away, and your name won’t be in them, unless you do it before Friday.

Tick tock, tick tock.


PS: One more thing: pledge ten bucks or more and you can get Letters From Jesus right now. Awesome!


7 Comments on Are these the Very Last Days?

  1. In answering the question…No we are not in the last days. 2000 years ago we were told ‘little children it is the last HOUR…’ you need an Official Jack Van Impe Scripture-Twister to make this stuff work. (How many years are in an hour?)
    I am a Charismatic Preterist …do not adjust your sets…friend of Ed Stevens at the IPA and so on…but I love your posts on balance they are as your title declares …Reality! keep it up!

  2. ” I have never heard a sermon or read a book on the letters from Jesus that offers anything other than a mixed-up message…..” as _____ said “The Lord Is My Shepherd, He breaketh my leg” 😛

  3. God is the Lion and the Lamb. He can spit your out of his mouth or welcome you in. God works out of love, but he is also holy. Our relationship with Him is built upon holiness. Just look to Enoch, Moses, or even Abraham. Just because he is love doesn’t mean he will always respond for what you want. The letters to the churches are to Christians. Some have loved themselves more than God and will find their reward or lack of it.

    As to the last days. The prophets of this day show us it is coming soon. If you’re not following Q, you should. It shows too many things like the end of the Bible. Soon the vatican will be exposed for it’s crimes, at which point the harlot in the book of Revelation lines up with what we see. The one who has slain the followers of God falling.

    • Waitwithme, It seems that the god you mention minces words: one moment he is love, the next he is out gunning for you. It also seems that the god you refer to is love (good) but also holy (meaning vicious?). I read a mixed message here.

      • When did I ever say God is gunning for me? Does God want us to be like Him? Of course. Yet are there consequences for our actions? Yes. Our God is holy and good. If there was no consequences, then everything would be corrupted as we did with the Earth. Jesus is of course our way back and our salvation, but go ask Ananias and Saphira if there are consequences for sin.

    • The disagreement comes when people think the holiness God wants the relationship built on comes from us. How we act, what we do or don’t do. God’s holiness is 100% perfect perfection. Our everyday form of righteousness probably tends to run about 80% on our best days. Thank Jesus the holiness that God needs from us does not come from our feeble, good intentions. Hebrews 10:1-14 tells us that the holiness that allows us into God’s presence comes from the blood of Jesus not our behavior. Does this mean we can go be ugly and filthy? No it just means that we should strive to behave holy because Jesus blood already made us holy before God. If you are worried about getting dirty look back into Hebrews 9:12-26 where it talks about Jesus one time for all sin blood offering. In order for God to vomit us out because we are wishy washy(lukewarm) denies that Jesus blood made us holy, clean and acceptable.

  4. We are in the ‘last days’ of kingdomless thinking. No more are we held bondage by gloom & doom doctrine for its time for the sons & daughters of God to rise up and love the literal ‘hell’ OUT of people. No more suspicious, fearful thinking for we have the mind of Christ. We are the “MORE THAN CONQUERORS” and it’s high time we walk in THAT identity! No more distant relationship with the Father as we are called into intimacy with Him & out of that (Matthew 6:6) comes the reward. That we may KNOW Him!

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