Readers’ Survey

I have been writing articles for people like you for a decade, yet I hardly know you. Would you take a few minutes to complete E2R’s first ever Readers’ Survey? Your responses will help me plan a future that is relevant to you and your needs.

Many thanks,


Having trouble seeing the survey in your browser/email program? Here’s the link to the survey.

Deadline: July 3, 2019.


10 Comments on Readers’ Survey

  1. I enjoy and am built up by your articles. Although I can’t keep up with and read all of them, one will cross my screen that I have to dive into.

  2. I enjoy your articles.

  3. Keep it up Paul. Love your books a d love your posts … and loved the interview on ‘beyond the pale’ …

    Bring on the app. Bring on the podcasts!

  4. gospelprince // June 27, 2019 at 8:09 am // Reply

    Hi there Paul! I’m Duke-McDonald T. Guerrero, 51 year Zimbabwean male. Since the mid 80s and especially when I was baptised in the early 90s Christ did many miracles and wonders which included, among other things, the search for a real gospel. I came straight to your teachings on grace not by chance but by prayer requests from Holy Spirit. Nobody ever made me acquainted to E2R except Christ. As Christ is the way, the reality (E2R) or the truth and the life, I am thoroughly blessed by his presence in all of us! I am also an avid christian writer of various christian topics and topics which I intend to put into hard and soft copies. Im with you Paul

  5. I appreciate your study and ability to share revelations of Jesus and the gospel of grace to others! Please continue!!

  6. Bart Norton // June 27, 2019 at 10:00 am // Reply

    I follow Paul on Facebook. One of my favorite sites..

  7. I’m glad for Escape to Reality. It helps me to understand the Gospel. Keep it up.

  8. homwardbound // June 27, 2019 at 11:24 pm // Reply

    Thank you I yok the survey, hope this helps in this ministry you are called in.
    Bottom line is: God just loves us all Col. 1:21-23 is amazing to me to hear that truth and let go of me having to do and or say,
    Seeing how we are saved by the risen Life of Christ, given this to us each in belief from Father to let go of the self attitude(s) of pride and guilt anymore

    Still learning this Luke 21:14-15 Phil 2:12-13, seeking out discernment in all things Matthew 10:16-20

  9. I love all your stuff!!! Keep on with the great non legalistic articles!

  10. Paul, your site probably largely saved from insanity. Keep it going, and keep answering the critics. I depend on that. Some kind of am android/iPhone might be good too. Or podcasts. Direct it all at the many people who are broken and need something to benefit them and build them up.

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