How to Get to the Front of the E2R Queue

“What do you do all day, Paul?”

You’d be surprised how often I am asked this question. It’s usually easier to tell people what I don’t do. I’m a writer, but I don’t set daily writing targets and I don’t do book tours.

So what do I do?

Every day I go digging in the treasure rooms of God’s word. When I discover diamonds and gems I share them with you.

I don’t see myself as a writer trying to find readers for my writing, but a treasure hunter finding treasure for my readers.

“Look what I found? Do you want it? It’s yours!”

As you may know, last year I started a side project called The Grace Commentary. You may be wondering how that project relates to Escape to Reality. I feel it’s as if God has handed me the keys to the biggest treasure room yet.

While writing the commentary I have been in the Bible for about five hours a day, and I have found more treasure than ever before. Tons of treasure!

The easy part is finding the treasure; the hard part is packaging it and making it presentable.

“Look at this mountain of treasure. There’s a whole book in here!” says one part of my brain.

“Not another book,” groans the other part of my brain.

These days I am trying to write fewer books and better articles. In fact, that’s one of my goals for 2022 – get back to basics by writing terrific articles about grace.

And this brings me to you.

If you like what I write and want to be at the front of the queue for all the good stuff that’s coming down the line, why not sign up below as an email subscriber here on Escape to Reality? It’s totally free.

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, you may have noticed that some of my social media posts get recycled. “Didn’t I see this one last year?” That doesn’t happen on E2R. Like first-class passengers on an airplane, email subscribers get only the fresh stuff.

Email subscribers have put themselves at the front of the queue, so why not become one? I won’t send you more than two to three emails a month and I promise that each one will be worth reading (I hope).

Don’t know what email is? Ask your parents. It’s like 1970’s rock music – old but still better than anything that’s come since.

One last thing, sign up as an email subscriber and receive four free ebooks! These excellent books will help you grow in grace.

The sign up form is below. Can’t see the box where you enter your email address? Log out of WordPress first.

Already a subscriber? Why not leave a comment and say hi? I’d love to hear from you. Tell us why you are a subscriber and what you get out of these emails.

In the coming season I expect Escape to Reality to go from strength to strength. I’m thrilled that you’re here to share the journey.

Grace and peace,


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44 Comments on How to Get to the Front of the E2R Queue

  1. I love E2R. Foundational, life-changing rivers of grace. Paul does such a good job explaining and expounding the gospel of grace in a way that makes it accessible and easy to receive. Thank you.

  2. This is great, Paul. What a refreshing and fun approach to drawing people in. I’m a huge fan of your articles and I’m glad to know you’ll be focusing there more.

    Grace and peace to you. Larry Eiss E3 Ministries

  3. Patricia Walker // January 6, 2022 at 7:33 am // Reply

    Hi Paul. Thank you so much for your ministry! What I’d love is an article or book exclusively written that could be given to a non Christian!

  4. What I enjoy most about your books and articles is: how simple they are to understand and they show the loving heart and character of God. Many are funny as well which keeps me engaged in reading more. Thanks Paul. Whatever you’re doing – KEEP IT UP! 👍🏽😃🙏🏽

  5. I wouldn’t want to miss any of the treasures you find, Paul! Just one question: when I go to the Grace Commentary and click on a book in the NT, there is usually only one chapter offered. Yet last week, I went to E2R and looked up Scripture index for particular verses, and there were ones that took me to the GC that hadn’t shown up by going there in the first place. I’m guessing something is broken in the coding (and that’s the extent of my technical prowess, unfortunately.)

    Blessings to you and your family! Kay Stocking

    • Hi Kay, there are 7,957 verses in the New Testament, and after one herculean first year we have uploaded commentary for 2,000 of them. Clearly this is a multi-year project and we still have a long way to go. My policy was to start with the scriptures that come up most frequently in grace discussions, so I have emphasized Paul’s epistles over, say, John’s Revelation and the begat chapters of the Gospels. At this stage, only 3 chapters are covered for Revelation, while nearly every chapter from Romans to Hebrews has some commentary.

      Regarding your second point about the Scripture Index – that does sound like a glitch. Do you remember which scripture you were looking up? Thanks for the feedback.

  6. Hi from Saskatchewan Canada – I really enjoy your emails giving fresh insight – thanks – looking forward to all Father has for us in 2022. Blessings on you and your family.

  7. Hi. Happy new year to you.
    I’m already a subscriber and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. I’ve been set free from the devastating effects of religion in my life. Receiving your mail has been a source of inspiration and strength for my faith in Jesus Christ. Thanks for the great job you’re doing and I wish you well in 2022 and beyond.
    Gabriel Akano

  8. Paul: I follow and support you financially because you clearly do not let yourself get in the way of the simple teaching of Jesus love and Grace. It’s never about Paul. In some ways I’d enjoy a bit more info about your life. My desire is to see a curriculum to teach infant believers through maturity that a church can use. I have used The Gospel in Ten Words thatway by going chapter by chapter, but a Sunday school type curriculum could be very cool.

  9. Hello! Really appreciate E2R and you Paul! Thank you for all your work to bring the realities of God’s love and grace to us in ways that register clearly to me. Looking forward to what’s ahead in 22! Email is still the way to go even this day and age and I loved your analogy with the 70’s rock music. Right on point! Grace and peace to you and yours!!

  10. “old but still better than anything that’s come since”

    Counterpoint: RSS

    I had to load the website to comment this, but I read all your new stuff through RSS (using Feedly). Doing this for multiple sites I want to keep track of keeps my inbox uncluttered/manageable

  11. Already a subscriber and hope to be a supporter soon. You have blessed me tremendously. I have shared your posts with new believers and they also been tremendously blessed. 1000 thank you’s. May the Lord continue to Bless Youand your work!

  12. I’ve been an email subscriber for quite a while now and highly recommend it. Who doesn’t want treasure in their inbox? The content is always encouraging and thought provoking. I’ve enjoyed so many nuggets over the years and I’m sure you will too.

  13. Paul, I enjoy your posts so much and am digging into your commentary. The Lord gave me an idea for a treasure hunt Bible Study and I am packaging some of it a bit differently for a class I am excited to teach next month. Yes, the rhema gems are the best ever. May Holy Spirit give you even more revelation and more of His heart as you share. Blessings! Carol

  14. Cheryl Feather // January 6, 2022 at 10:30 pm // Reply

    Hi Paul! I love the treasures you share with us, so write articles, commentary, another book…it’s all good! Blessings over you and your family, Cheryl.

  15. Sharon Ring // January 7, 2022 at 3:12 am // Reply

    I am a subscriber already .I iove to read about grace. You have been a blessing .

  16. ronald little // January 7, 2022 at 4:38 am // Reply

    Glad to be on your email list! Thank you Paul for being who God called you to be! Grace and peace brother!

  17. E2R is a great big blessing to any reader wanting to drink from the fountain of Grace that is God. Exploring the articles here will open the doors of the heart to let in the light to begin to see the true nature of our Father who has always loved and cherished us. That has definitely been the case for me. Thank you, Paul.

  18. Rony Matugas // January 7, 2022 at 1:54 pm // Reply

    Hi, Paul.
    Am already a subscriber to E2R and even own a number of your books on Kindle–a graced reader. But I don’t think I have all four books mentioned above. May I get copies of all those? 🙂 With it is a request for your permission to share those freely and talk to them about E2R.
    Yes, I, too, found how God, in Jesus, has opened up the truth of His love to the open-heart seeker. And yet, one has to view this truth from the lens of grace–because the law restricts and limits while grace makes all things all possible.
    Thank you for sharing with your readers what God has given you. And helping us understand His real message of grace.

    • Hi Rony, you can get the Grace Pack here. I would prefer it if you didn’t give the books away directly, but you are welcome to share that download link with others. Thanks.

  19. Earl Hendricks // January 8, 2022 at 4:15 am // Reply

    Hey Paul, I have been receiving your emails for many years now and they have played a major role in my understanding and acceptance of the grace message. I have just want to thank you again. I always look forward to receiving your emails and reading them!

  20. Roshni Cherukuri // January 8, 2022 at 11:41 am // Reply

    Praise God for directing me to E2R. Thank you Paul for teaching us about God’s grace so clearly! I was in born in a non church going family and your website played a major role in teaching me how good God is. Please keep doing the good work. Prayers for super abundant blessings on you and your family

  21. Crystal Brazelton // February 2, 2022 at 4:56 pm // Reply

    Hi! Looking forward to all the new treasures!

  22. NTEZIRYAYO Georges Pascal // April 11, 2022 at 11:22 pm // Reply

    Hi Paul, I’m new here, I was serching for Joseph Prince writings when I dicscovered this page, by the way what is your relationship withe Pastor Joseph Prince? Thanks a lot for your committement and your calling! I am very interested to beeing at the front of the queue!

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