Who Invented the Word Hypergrace?

February 27, 2020 // 27 Comments

Who was the first person to coin the word hypergrace? It wasn’t the Apostle Paul. Sure, he described God’s grace as hyper-super-abounding, but he was writing in Greek. Who was the first to say it in English? Hypergrace. Who said it first? It wasn’t me. Not even close. So who was it? Seriously, I would like [...]

Let’s get Hypergrace into the Dictionary

December 5, 2019 // 27 Comments

The English language has about 200,000 words, yet one word is missing from the dictionary. That word is hypergrace. Why don’t we change that? Why don’t we put hypergrace into the dictionary? Hypergrace is an important word. It’s a unique word. It’s a word many of us love and many more of us have used. [...]

Does the Hypergrace Gospel Encourage Sin?

March 16, 2017 // 44 Comments

Preach the scandalous grace of God and some will misinterpret your message as an endorsement of sin. It’s practically inevitable. But those who dismiss grace as a license to sin merely show their ignorance of it. As John Calvin may have said, “How can the medicine that’s supposed to kill the disease (grace) [...]

Who are the Hypergrace Preachers?

September 22, 2016 // 142 Comments

Hypergrace, according to some, is a dangerous and unbiblical teaching that is leading people down a licentious path to hell. Apparently the “rock-star preachers” promoting this hypergrace heresy will be “held accountable for the spiritual death of millions.” By proclaiming God’s unconditional love and [...]

Is Hypergrace Biblical?

September 13, 2016 // 103 Comments

Hypergrace, according to a mainstream Christian news magazine, is a dangerous and unbiblical teaching. By proclaiming the unconditional love of God and forgiveness for all, hypergrace preachers have taken grace too far. We have made grace unbalanced and radical. According to some, hypergrace is unbiblical and [...]

8 Signs that a Church Doesn’t Get Grace

July 7, 2016 // 136 Comments

A while ago I listed eight signs of a hypergrace church. A hypergrace church preaches the unconditional love of God and the undiluted gospel of grace. A hypergrace church is so focused on Jesus that it begins to look like Jesus, talk like Jesus, and smell like Jesus. To highlight a positive it helps to accentuate [...]

Is Grace a License to be Lazy?

June 15, 2016 // 29 Comments

One of the complaints made against the gospel of grace is that it promotes sin and slothfulness. Those who say such things know little about the grace of God that empowers us to reign in life. Elsewhere I have addressed the misperception that grace is a license to sin. Today I want to look at its evil [...]

Michael Brown and his grace controversy

May 4, 2016 // 139 Comments

The hyper-grace gospel that Jesus revealed declares that God loves you with an unconditional love. His grace for you is, to quote the apostle Paul, hyper- or super-abounding (Rom 5:20). The gospel of God’s grace is the good news that this world needs to hear, but according to some this message is controversial, [...]

Myth: Hypergrace Preachers Disregard the Words of Jesus

March 4, 2015 // 27 Comments

“Hyper-grace preachers say the words of Jesus are not for us. They have no authority and are irrelevant to the modern church.” One of the strangest claims made against hyper-grace preachers is that we are dismissive of the pre-cross teachings of Jesus. In point of fact, hyper-grace preachers are the only ones [...]

Some Honest Answers for Michael Brown

January 24, 2015 // 354 Comments

CharismaNews has just published an article entitled “Some honest questions for Joseph Prince.” In it Michael Brown puts 11 questions to “Pastor Prince and those who embrace the modern grace message.” Unlike Pastor Prince, I’m not a busy man. I don’t have to preach four or five times this Sunday. So I [...]

Does the Grace Gospel Make Us Lazy?

December 11, 2014 // 90 Comments

“Grace is a soft gospel for soft Christians,” say the critics. “Grace promotes passivity and laziness.” It does? I guess somebody forgot to tell Paul: By the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace to me was not without effect. No, I worked harder than all of them—yet not I, but the grace of God that [...]