“God Wants You Well” by Andrew Wommack

Back in the 1970s, Andrew Wommack prayed for a four year old boy who was sick. The boy died. At the funeral, Wommack was tempted to comfort the parents with religious clichés like, “God allowed this,” “He works in mysterious ways,” and “God needed your son in heaven.” But he couldn’t do it. He didn’t think that was being honest with the Bible. Instead, he said this:

The Lord did not kill your son. He didn’t allow this to happen. Satan was the one who snuffed his life out. Even though the devil may have won this battle, he didn’t win the war. (p.45)

Wommack walked away from that experience motivated to learn. Evidently he’s learned much because he’s spent the past four decades healing the sick and even raising a few dead. I imagine that thousands of people have received physical healing as a result of his ministry. In his recent book, God Wants You Well, Wommack distills some of the lessons he’s learned about healing the sick. Here’s lesson number one:

“It’s God’s will to heal every single person every single time.” (p.89)

Healing is a done deal. It’s part of the salvation package. Look at the meaning and use of the word “saved” (sozo) in the Bible and you will find that it covers forgiveness, healing, and deliverance. It means to be “made whole” in every aspect of life. In Psalms 103:3 and 1 Peter 2:24, the benefits of salvation are described as the forgiveness of sins and physical healing. You cannot separate one from the other. It is offensive to Jesus and His finished work to treat healing as merely a fringe benefit. There are at least 17 occasions in the Gospels, where Jesus healed everyone who came to Him sick. It was His habit to heal everyone!

So why isn’t everyone healed today? What about that four year old boy? Is God in charge or isn’t He?

“We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.” (1 Jn 5:19)

Sickness is part of sin’s curse. You could say it was Satan’s ministry, his evil gift to the world. Jesus said the devil is a thief (Jn 10:10) and he’ll try and rob your health. Yet many believe that sickness is from God. They think that God makes us sick to us to teach us humility. According to Wommack this makes about as much sense as thinking that God would cause us to get drunk and murder people to teach us character. He no more leads us into sickness than He leads us into sin. So here’s the next lesson:

“In the same way that I should resist sin, I should resist sickness.” (p.36)

Nobody ever wonders, “Lord, is it your will for me to sin?” Neither should we wonder whether it’s His will for us to be sick. It isn’t! But if you are uncertain about this – if you think sickness is all part of His mysterious plan – it’ll make you passive. You won’t resist the devil and he won’t flee from you (Jas 4:7). Your neighbors will come to you sick and you’ll send them to the doctor. (I’m not against doctors!) They’ll come battling mental illness and you’ll send them to the psychiatrist. But Jesus didn’t carry our griefs and infirmities to turn us into advice-givers. The Bible tells us that He…

“…gave Himself for our sins to rescue us from the present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father.” (Gal 1:4)

The Bible describes this age as evil and the whole world as being under the control of the evil one. This is why people get sick and die. God’s solution is found in the cross. Through His atoning sacrifice, Jesus provided us with everything we need to overcome sin and sickness. So why aren’t we seeing more people healed? Perhaps the number one reason is unbelief arising from ignorance. Many people – Christians included – aren’t fully aware of what Christ did on our behalf. Wommack is quick to admit his own failings in this area:

“I’ve failed. I don’t see healing come to pass. I’ve seen some people very close to me die, family and friends I’ve loved with all of my heart. I’ve had to accept partial responsibility. It’s a complex issue. I’m not saying that it was all my fault, all their fault, or anybody’s fault. We’re still learning… (On one occasion where a girl died) I believe I did fail… But am I condemned by that? No, I’m not condemned at all. I believe that God loves me.” (pp.87-88)

One of the things I admire about Wommack in this book is that he’s more interested in finding answers than in making excuses. How refreshing! He wants to know “what works?” while others are making theologies to explain “why doesn’t it work?” Those who refuse to believe that God is in the healing business often point to Paul’s thorn in the flesh (2 Cor 12:7) or Timothy’s tummy troubles (1 Ti 5:23). Wommack deals with these and other chestnuts (e.g., Trophimus, Paul’s eyes) thoroughly. A “thorn in the flesh” is an Old Testament idiom (Num 33:55, Jud 2:3) that refers to persecution, not sickness, while Paul told Timothy to drink fortified wine and avoid the local water so he wouldn’t get “Delhi Belly” when he travelled.

Perhaps the most interesting part of Wommack’s book is his discussion of the laws of the kingdom that govern healing. These laws, like the laws of physics, are consistent and universal. They describe the way that God releases His power. For instance, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of Christ (Rm 10:17). If you haven’t heard that Christ has carried your infirmities, then you’re going to have troubling believing that He did.

“This is one of God’s laws that many people violate. They want to receive from the Lord, but they don’t spend any time in His Word. They may say, ‘Well I believe that the Bible says somewhere that by His stripes we’re healed, but I’m not sure if that’s an exact quote or not.’” (pp.145-146)

Jesus said you need to exercise your God-given authority and speak to your mountain (Mk 11:23). In a manner of speaking, this is His law for dealing with mountains. You don’t have to understand how that works anymore than you need to understand how electricity works in order to benefit from it. Another law connects faith with action – you need to act on your faith. If you believe that you’re healed, but “continue to think sick, talk sick, and act sick,” then you won’t see the manifestation of your healing.

The laws of the kingdom, like the laws of electricity, have always been there. It’s just that we’re still learning how to apply them. God is not capricious and He loves us just the same whether we get it right or die trying. But His plan has always been for the Church to reveal His “complicated, many-sided wisdom” in accordance with the work He accomplished in Christ Jesus (Eph 3:10-11, AMP). This book makes the wisdom of God plain and easy to understand. When I finished reading I felt like a New Guinean tribesman that had just encountered electricity for the first time. I may not understand everything about healing the sick, but I am definitely inspired to step out in faith and heal the sick. Read this book and you will be inspired too.

One of the greatest tragedies of the modern church is that we’re ignorant of God’s will and His ways. Ignorance is deadly, and that’s why God Wants You Well is such a good book. It illuminates. It provides clear answers to everyday questions. It’s also waffle-free. You can read the entire book in one sitting and you’ll learn plenty. Even if you don’t agree with everything Wommack says, you’ll come away marveling at the potential for life and wholeness that was made available to us through the cross. Jesus didn’t give Himself merely to rescue us from hell in the next life. He also came to rescue us from the evils of the present one.
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  1. Thank you for this. I am always amazed at what people can blame God for that they would be horrified if they found out a “human” father did to their children. I value your posting this and the time you spent in your review. May God bless you and your ministry here. I enjoy your post.

    • Yes sin cauaed sickness and disease to come into the world, but it is God who can heal, not Satan.
      We pray to God for healing and He is the one who decides whom He will heal and whom He will not heal on this earth. If people are not healed on this earth, they will certainly be healed in heaven.
      We are saved spiritually by Jesus’ stripes only.. not physically

      • Brandon Petrowski // July 27, 2022 at 2:56 pm //

        Respectfully, you should dig into the root meaning behind “by his stripes, we are healed.” It does not just mean spiritual healing. That doesn’t mean all who are saved will be physically healed this side of Heaven. We still have to deal with the reality of sin and suffering in the world, but Jesus came to give us abundant life, and that doesn’t just mean peace of mind. When Jesus lived on Earth, it said that he healed “all” who came to him. I agree for some people, Heaven is the healing, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect healing on this side of Heaven.

      • Jen, the word for salvation is sozo, which is interchangeable in the original language with both saved AND physical healing. Both. By His stripes we were healed. Don’t know why its so easy for people to believe in spiritual healing but not physical. I guess because we have all had loved ones die. But our experience does not change the Word. He paid for all of it.

      • @Jen – Here is something interesting about: “[God] is the one who decides whom He will heal”… I know that’s a typical response we might give, HOWEVER that seems to be based on our experience: ‘I got healed last month… it must be His will’… ‘I’m not healed at the moment, so it must not be His will’. All these notions get dismantled when we let Jesus show us the Father’s will! If we’ve seen Him, we’ve seen the Father. So think about it, do we ever see Jesus: not desiring to heal on an occasion and desiring on another? NOPE, rather we see Him helping all that had need of healing. Did He ever comfort someone that they might not be healed on this side of Heaven? NOPE… the solution the Kingdom offers to any situation is available at this moment. A key thing that I’ve learned is that we need to let what the Life of Jesus shows us be our standard, not our experiences. Grace and peace to you all!

  2. Theoretically, I agree with you, but there are things that I struggle with that seem difficult to explain. I am not at all saying that you’re wrong, but merely wondering if there is a way to connect some dots with a few questions I have. One question is, if a person’s faith is insufficient for healing, how do they know that their faith for salvation is sufficient? If the two are so closely connected, it makes it seem like it’s an emotional roller coaster of one day you had faith for healing, and the next day you didn’t. What makes salvation faith and eternal security different from healing faith? I understand about the spiritual battles and warfare that takes place and stands in the way. If the times where healing did not manifest are not faith issues and issues of the enemy getting a victory, then how is that different from a person struggling with doubts about their salvation security? The other issue I have is that God’s “will” for something is not the same as Him allowing something. There are many things that He allows that go against His will because of the freedom He gives us and because of the dominion exercised by the enemy.

    • Brandon, these are excellent questions deserving of a longer response than the one I’m about to give you. Basically, if salvation/healing were contingent upon our faith, we’d be lost. Faith for salvation (and that includes healing) is given to us by God (Eph 2:8). Paul said he lived by the faith of the Son of God (Gal 2:20) and Peter said he healed others with the faith that comes through Jesus (Acts 3:16). There’s nothing wrong with your faith, because it’s His faith. He lives in you and He will keep you (Ju 25). Hopefully that is enough to get you off the faith rollercoaster. Regarding, why aren’t more people healed? Wommack gives a couple of good answers to that in his book (download the MP3 if you can’t afford the book). I have more to say about this in a post which is slated to go up next week.

      Let me see if I understand your concern about God’s will vs what God allows. Obviously God “allows” sin and sickness to exist because how else could they exist? But sin and sickness are not His will or else He would not have died to redeem us from them. So what God allows and what He wills are sometimes opposed, not because He is confused and impotent, but because He is good and patient. I think this is your understanding too. Confusion comes when people treat “allow” and “will” synonymously. In Wommack’s funeral context above, the word “allow” should probably be in quotes. He wasn’t being literal; he was having a dig at the passive theology of sovereignty-as-karma, which says “everything that happens is God’s will.” It is not.

      • Brandon // May 31, 2011 at 3:53 pm //

        Hey Paul, I totally agree with your answers. I knew that those are 2 of the bigger objections / difficulties that people face and wanted to know your thoughts on those issues directly. I agree with your explanation. The question and difficulty came from frequent explanations of unfulfilled healing often being a lack of faith or belief, which of course can be true at times. People often approach healing and salvation separately, and I know they are tied together. However, there are many stories of people being healed prior to them receiving salvation. Anyway, I’ll have to check out the Wommack book or MP3 to see what else is said on it.

        I guess what I should have asked is, if a person’s faith or belief are not the problem in an unfulfilled healing, does that mean it’s always a case of the spiritual battle and warfare with the enemy having the upper hand? Also, if we have authority over the enemy and the faith to use that authority, why are there times when it seems uneffective? I realize we have to sometimes contend for a result, and Jesus Himself suggested there were battles requiring great prayer and fasting. I have peace about what the answers are even if I do not know all the answers, because I rest on God’s goodness and what took place in the cross. I am sincerely not trying to be difficult or contrary, just that I enjoy these discussions and have a desire to be better equipped to give answers to hard questions. Regarding the “will” versus “allow”, I totally agree with your perspective also. Sorry for the lengthy commentary, feel free to trim it down if you wish. I do enjoy your insights and discussion, but as you’ve probably noticed, I like the dialogue to seek clarity.

      • Brandon // June 25, 2011 at 9:28 pm //

        Hey Paul, I listened to the MP3 files yesterday of Wommack’s “God Wants You Well” and really enjoyed them. He does an excellent job of connecting the dots and explaining things. Something one of my pastors shared a while back helped to make sense of it all in terms of my understanding what Wommack was saying. If we have received salvation it applies in 3 ways. It is past, present, and future, meaning that we have already been saved from the penalty of sin in terms of God’s wrath. We are in the process of being saved from the power of sin as we grow in belief of our identity in Christ as joint heirs and sons of God. We will be saved in the future from the presence of sin when Christ returns again. Wommack explaining the atonement angle and the word “sozo” helped me make the connection with healing. We have been saved from the penalty of the curse of sin, which in terms of healing translates into God’s desire for us to be well and His provision for that in the cross. However, we are still confronted with the power of sin even though we are free from its penalty, meaning we can still be “tempted” to act in ways that are not in alignment with our identity. In terms of healing, we are still subjected to the reality of sickness being present in the world and the enemy waging war against us. However, just as we choose to walk in alignment with our identity as sons and exercise the freedom from the power of sin by belief in what we are called to be, we can also walk in the provision of healing which in conjunction with Wommack’s explanation about the difference in faith and belief explains why some aren’t healed. When Christ returns again for His Bride and brings Heaven to Earth, then we will finally be free from the presence of both sin and sickness. When we pray for people who are unsaved and they get healed, it is us acting as a conduit of sorts and freely giving that which we’ve received and fits with the whole “signs & wonders” that are testaments to the Gospel and truth of God’s love. It is clear even from Jesus ministry that some healings and miracles came as a result of the belief exercised by the recipient and other times the healing came from the belief imparted from the giver, but all who were at least willing to receive did so. Wommack’s explanation about spiritual laws was also a big help in understanding this.

    • Luke Goddard // February 21, 2013 at 5:41 pm // Reply

      I would agree with your concerns. One’s faith to be “made well” isn’t a reflection on their salvation. In fact, one being made well again is entirely dependent on God’s will NOT laws of faith that govern how things should and shouldn’t pan out. I’m appalled with this book, the cover’s offensive (I know people in wheelchairs who are solid Christians who have enough faith to be saved and aren’t healed) and Andrew Wommack’s ministry is a huge part of the problem of confusing God’s sovereignty with man’s alleged power. Heaven is the final end of all sickness and pain, not earth. Preaching anything otherwise will always, always result in disillusionment, resentment, doubt and confusion. Get back to preaching God’s sovereignty, His role IN suffering and His character instead of trying to get God “off the hook” for things that make Him “appear bad.” Careful study of scripture will reveal God’s ultimate plan for suffering. Lets not forget that the ultimate act of suffering in the killing of Jesus was a plan directed, controlled and initiated by God. God heals, as He wishes, whom He wishes. He isn’t “bound by laws” that “govern the universe.” He’s sovereign! Andrew Wommack’s teaching on that issue is another can of worms (that are decaying) altogether

      • You are amazing for the Kingdom brother Luke! Here is the key thing, show me one place where Jesus ministered to a person and He address them with: ‘daughter, God’s sovereignty has healed you’. Or any instance where He told the person ministering: ‘sorry, I can’t heal, you, my Father is sovereign’… Here is some awesome Truths. Instead of us trying to draw a portrait of what we think God’s character is… we must let the Word show that to us.

        I challenge you and let the Spirit show you and guide you into Truth and not let traditions from Calvin, the pulpit, or of our own making describe the nature/character of our Father…

        You are amazing brother. Don’t worry, He will show you. Thank you Father for your son Luke, I thank you for the Spirit of revelation in the knowledge of Christ. I thank you that as He is, so is he in this world. Father I thank you that because he believes in Him, John 14:12 is a reality to him and the world around him. Thank you Father for your Spirit of Truth guides him into all truth. In Jesus’ name, it is so. Aleluya!

  3. Thanks for this Paul. I’m trying to read this at the moment, it’s very interesting. Just to put the breaks on a little bit though, how do we balance all this with the sovereignty of God? It’s the thing that sticks out most to me about this book. IE If I got up and tried to preach like pastor prince would people be blessed in the same way? No. Why not? Because God in his wisdom has not given me that gift. (Big problem if he has …. i’m in the wrong job.) Maybe some people don’t see any fruit in this area because its not there gift? (In one sense of course God wants everyone healed moreover saved but if we think it’s entirely upto us and our faith …. well then I’m lost. Yes if my gift is to heal and pray for the sick I’m sure my faith would grow in this area. But what if it’s planting churches or prophesy? Wouldn’t it be wiser to find the people with this gift and get them to make it there priority so that the whole body gets built up? The idea I get from the bible is that some have gifts of healing. Maybe you do Paul, which is why you write about it alot. Maybe I do? I happen to think Andrew W falls into this category. But to lose sight of the fact that we are all one body, and he is the head just means there’s a danger of lone ranger ministries to me. IE It can become all about my ministry and not about him. Please know that I write this in love as a brother, and I think we should all step out into the good works he had prepared in advance for us to do, but they are God’s works and we all have different gifts. This is what I mean by Gods soverienty. He calls me to join him into his work, not the other way round. . Well worth checking out the hulk …MD on this one: Not saying I agree with everything he says either (none of you guys no matter how gracious you are, were crucified for me!)

    Take care and thank-you for your wonderful blog. 

    • If all can heal, what is the gift of healing that Paul speaks of? The problem I have with MD’s view is that it kills faith and leads to mass abdication of our responsibility to reveal the kingdom. “I prayed for someone, they didn’t get healed, so I guess God hasn’t sovereignly gifted me with the gift of healing.” Get a few people thinking like that and before you know it the entire church ends up doing what it’s doing now, ie: sending sick people to doctors or a chosen few who are recognized as being gifted (eg: Wommack). Well faith says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Christ said, “heal the sick.” If some well known preacher says, “you can’t heal the sick,” then you’re going to have to choose which one you want to follow. I choose Jesus.

      • Jason H // May 31, 2011 at 9:51 pm //

        Cheers Paul. I know what you mean in one sense although I don’t think many of us need any excuse to abdicate responsibility in any area. We just do when we walk in the flesh. I admire people like AW and yourself for stepping up as it were and doing something. Let’s all do that. The point I’m making about sovereignty is … whatever God does through us, be it healing ..,.
        summed up well for me in Galatians
        2:20. That’s important otherwise, knowing what im like, people like me ill end up thinking it’s all about me. I’ll PM you Paul with my friends wonderful story sometime. As Philmore says …. “there’s alot of love out there dude!”

      • Shannon Carroll // October 14, 2018 at 6:32 am //

        Paul, I’m interested in finding this link to read this series (or Part 1?) of Cornel’s, but it’s either blocked or removed .. can you point me to it kindly?

      • Cornel no longer runs a website, but you can find copies of his book on healing, Administering the Children’s Bread, floating around on places liked Scribd. Try Google for other options.

    • My daughter is enrolled at Charis Bible College and I’m blessed becausse she decided to live at home and do the first yr. online (Colorado Spings is 600 miles from where we live. Anyway I eaves dropped on her classes which she streams. One class taught by AW himself is “The Basics of Righteousness I & II” AW says he does not have a healing ministery or the “gift” of healing. He says it’s not his calling. However, he believes that we all have the faith to heal the sick because we all have the same faith, Jesus’ faith. It’s believing it that we have the problem with.
      In an emergency we will not always have time to call in a gifted one. I too have thought it’s just not my gift….

  4. Paul, I love the point about Wommack not making excuses for what doesn’t work instead of for what works…

    Great post…I’m starting to “get it”!!!

  5. Would you please give a summary of when you are to “speak to your mountain,” which I guess is taking authority and when you are to “ask your Father in Heaven?”

    Jesus only did what he saw the Father doing, and he seemed to heal in a variety of ways unique to each person or situation. So, maybe that needs to be taken into consideration as well so we don’t use a one size fits all approach.

    • Dennis, a mountain is any problem that has been paid for by the blood of Jesus. At the cross, Jesus provided for our complete salvation – victory over sin and all its effects, including sickness and poverty. So what am I asking for? Often wisdom and revelation. When I pray for healing I believe that I have received (Mk 11:24), and I’ll command the sickness to leave. But if the healing doesn’t manifest in the natural, I might ask, Why not? What’s the obstacle? I know that God is not the reason; He is faithful. So what’s the hold-up? James says “ask for wisdom” (Jas 1:5), so I’ll ask. Wisdom is the correct application of knowledge. You can have knowledge, but apply it unwisely. That’s why we need the Holy Spirit. Sometimes He’ll say the simplest thing that just unlocks the miracle. I’m not saying He’s trying to make things complicated and mysterious, but He knows the obstacle and how to deal with it. He may prompt me to ask, “how’s your father?” You’d be surprised how often that little question unplugs a bottle of unforgiveness in someone – unforgiveness that hinders them from receiving from their heavenly Father.

      Or, take poverty for example. If you believe that God has supplied all your need according to His riches in glory (Php 4:19), and you’ve rebuked your mountain of poverty, but you’re still flat broke, then you might want to ask for wisdom. The Holy Spirit might say, “I’ll bless the work of your hands so set your hands to work.” Because of grace you have a right to rebuke your mountains with authority. But faith without actions is dead. What actions are needed to release the provision when there seems to be a hold-up? God knows, so ask Him.

  6. I can’t say that I’ve heard of any mere human raising the dead and no example was provided so I’m very skeptical. Not of the power of God / Jesus, but of a mere human raising the dead.

    As Pastor Joseph Prince said in one of his broadcast sermons, even Jesus himself did not heal every sick person around him nor bring every dead person back to life. When Jesus healed or raised the dead, there was a specific reason or he would have healed everyone and raised everyone around him.

    That said, I am in a life & death struggle in my own life and I just prayed tonight that I’m betting my life on the divine intervention of Jesus himself. I’ve prayed, and I’ve called upon him using appropriate scriptural verse, but tonight I bet my life upon Jesus. I finally FULLY surrendered my life to his care. I have no other route to follow. My hope is in Jesus and none other. No mere human can save me. Although I am facing my mountain, I am curiously satisfied that for the first time in my Christian walk I was able to say to Jesus, “My bet is upon your authority and your power. If I lose, it won’t be because I’ve not sought you out.”

    • The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. You say you’ve not heard of mere humans raising the dead. Here are four: Elijah (1 Ki 17:17-24), Elisha (2 Ki 4:20-37), Peter (Acts 9:36-41), and Paul (Acts 20:7-12).

      It’s true that Jesus didn’t heal all the sick. He only healed those who came to him. Of those who came for healing, He healed them all. His specific reason for healing them was because it is always God’s will to heal the sick. Although I am a mere man, Christ lives in me and I am praying for you too. I hope you don’t mind. Psalm 20:5

    • Andrew Wommack’s son Peter was raised from the died in a morgue at a Colorado Springs hospital. He was stripped naked with a ID tag on his toe. He sat up and wondered where he was. He had been in a car accident. I believe AW said he had been dead for about 5 hrs. Andrew said when he got the news (at night) he drove the hour or so to the hospital. On the way he started going through the same things we all would, fear, grief but he started praising God and remembering what the scriptures say.
      Since then others have been raised from the died. Mahesh Chavda, has also had people raised from the died and there are others.

  7. PS: Just an additional thought. I agree there’s alot of ignorance in this area but are we really suggesting (I hope not) that if a child with a serious life threatening condition comes before us, like say meningitis (a medical emergency) and out prayers don’t immediately work, we’d not bother taking them to the emergency room, where we would be leaving them in the care of medical professionals and medical science? (Many of whom are sons & daughters of the king, and long to see an end to suffering)?

    • Hey Jason, I can’t speak for everyone, but I believe that sometimes God brings healing through medical professionals. We would be foolish to not consult them, especially in an emergency. I think the “miraculous” healings people refer to are when there is no medical cure or treatment or time. It reminds me of the guy on the roof of his house during a severe flood who prayed that God would rescue him. Along came a boat, and the driver told him to hop in, and he declined saying, “I’m waiting for God to rescue me.”

  8. I think we all have the freedom & grace to utilize any of the spiritual gifts. However, I think some may operate in various gifts more effectively than others. I think of it as we all have a general “anointing” to use any of the gifts but some people have some areas of gifting that are more primary or disposed toward than others. Besides the Biblical examples of humans other than Christ raising the dead, I am aware of a few modern day miracles of this nature. I personally met a man who was raised from the dead. Andrew Wommack and John Wimber are some modern day men who have seen God raise the dead through their prayers. There are many more than that. Regardless, it is never “mere humans” who are exercising the power to do any miracle. We simply make use of the authority given to us to utilize God’s power according to His will.

    • savedByGrace // June 7, 2012 at 4:54 pm // Reply

      Amen, Brandon.
      Oftentimes we use the term “utilize or operate” regarding spiritual gifts. These terms are similar to utilizing or operating machines:
      1) Someone designed or manufactured this machine (the Holy Spirit gave the gifts, 1Cor12:8~11). So, I will not know exactly how everything, every part of this machine works but to get its benefits all I need to do is to operate it (in accordance with the Holy Bible, by praying always in the Spirit, aligning everything to God’s will).
      2) I hope you will agree that as we are turning the ignition to start the machine, admittedly, we are not 100% sure (doubt) that it will come to life. Even before we get started, we are almost ready to get down and check what could possibly go wrong. We are only relieved when somehow the machine comes alive! Does this sound familiar?
      3) It will be different if we have the 100% confidence that it will start. So, confidence makes the difference. We may have to deal wiht a lion and a bear to develop the confidence that with God a giant can be defeated (1Sam17:34~37), even mountains can be moved.
      4) If we have the faith and confidence to believe that we are forgiven (1Jn5:13~15) and claim our gift of salvation by faith through the finished work of Christ, as ministers of grace, we must have the same faith and confidence to dispense healing contained in the same salvation package, paid-for by the eternal blood of Jesus Christ to all those who claim. It’s our lifestyle, resting on His finished work.

  9. Hi Paul,

    I really want to believe this. As you know from my comment on a previous blog though, I have very personal reasons that prevent me from embracing this… but I do want it to be true and I’m hoping you can persuade me otherwise. That said, the questions I’m about to ask are for real. These are questions that I personally have that prevent me from being able to accept this, not ones I’m putting forth just to argue.

    – How come no one that came to Christ or the apostles for healing went away disappointed, or got healed and then got sick again, or got healed and didn’t feel it right away?
    – How come the Bible doesn’t give instructions to confess healing even though it wasn’t felt yet? (Again, it seems like healing was always instantaneous in the Bible)
    – While salvation from sin is an enormous topic in the majority of the NT, how come after Acts healing is pretty much not mentioned again?
    – And though this isn’t healing, if healing remains a right of every believer then does raising the dead remain something we should be able to do too if someone dies prematurely?

    Thanks in advanced for your answers.

    • Erik,some quick, superficial responses:

      1. I’m not sure what this question is about. Are you talking about progressive versus instantaneous healings? Most of the healings in the Bible were instantaneous, but not all (see Mark 8:22-26).

      2. See 1 Pet 2:24 – Peter is confessing your healing as an accomplished fact, even though you might not be experiencing it yet. The woman with the issue of blood said, “If I touch but his garments, I shall be made whole” before she was healed (Mk 5:28). Faith comes by hearing the word of Christ. Sometimes you need to speak it to hear it in order to help you believe it. If you doctor is speaking death over you, then speak life (Prov 18:21). Words are powerful and yours will either hold faith or unbelief, life or death. Jesus said, “If anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him” (Mar 11:23). You have to believe it and say what you believe before you have it.

      3. Probably because New Testament believers were baptized in unbelief like modern Christians. When people got sick they didn’t send them to the hospital, they just healed them.

      4. See Matthew 10:8

      • Paul, thank you very much for your response. I’ll definitely be looking at these Scriptures further. Looking forward to reading more…

      • Hi Paul,

        1. Mark 8:22-26 was an instantaneous healing. It happened within a matter of seconds. This in no way supports confessing healing even though it didn’t happen right away.

        2. 1 Peter 2:24 if taken to support physical healing here and now is taken out of context. Verse 25 explains the meaning. Peter is talking about being restored to the Overseer of our souls, not about confessing healing of our bodies. Not one other verse in 1 Peter 2 has anything to do with physical healing. If anything, the context supports following our Lord in suffering for doing good, as He suffered for us, not in seeking physical healing of our body.

        Mark 5:28 is about the women putting her faith in Jesus, knowing he could heal her before she was healed, and does not say anything about her being healed, though not feeling it, yet confessing it. Notice when she was healed it was instantaneous. The Bible nowhere gives instructions to confess a healing even though it’s not felt yet. God can heal, we should trust Him for that. We should also trust Him that if He doesn’t then His grace is sufficient.

        Proverbs 18:21 does not have to do with divine healing. Healing doesn’t come from the tongue, if it comes at all it comes from God. Proverbs 18:21 can be compared to James in stating that the power of our words can either destroy someone or greatly encourage someone… but there isn’t really any actual supernatural power in the tongue.

        Mark 11:23 must be interpreted again by the entire paragraph it’s included in. Verse 25 states that if we don’t forgive men then our Father won’t forgive us. Sounds pretty hopeless right? Just like faith moving a mountain sounds pretty impossible. That’s the point. Jesus has this type of faith and forgiveness… not us.

        4. Matthew 10:8 is not for us today. Taken in context we see that the authority to raise the dead was given only to the disciples. See in verse 1 (NIV): “Jesus called his TWELVE DISCIPLES to him and GAVE THEM AUTHORITY to drive out impure spirits and to heal every disease and sickness.” And see in verse 5: “These TWELVE Jesus sent out with the following instructions…” Nowhere does this say we should expect this same authority for all believers today. Certainly God still has it, and if we need it then he’ll give it to us, but we should not expect every single one of us to be able to exercise this authority in every single situation.

        Paul, I appreciate you taking the time to try to explain this to me. I wish you were right but I think you’re wrong and I think this is very dangerous. At first I was open but the more I review these teachings and the Scriptures used to support them the more I’m realizing this is truly dangerous, and I must reject it as a false teaching. We’ll all get a full physical healing in our new bodies some day but today let’s keep our eyes on Christ who is our prize and is sufficient, whether or not we get the healing we might be hoping for here and now. The disciples didn’t teach on how to heal, Jesus didn’t teach on how to heal, so why are we? These teachings can potentially really cripple the faith of some of our brothers and sisters. Because I disagree with you so strongly on this I don’t think it will be fruitful to remain in this conversation. It’s doubtful that either of us will change the other’s mind.

      • Erik, you think I’m dangerous because I’m raising hopes by telling people that God heals today. But I’m not the one staying silent while people die because of unbelief like yours. You see Jesus giving the disciples authority to heal the sick, yet you dismiss all that as “it’s not for today.” You might as well throw away your Bible. It’s not doing you any good because you don’t believe it. Never mind that Jesus said His followers would heal the sick. Apparently it’s not true. Jesus has misled us. We’ll only get healed after we die. Well that’s a teeny bit late.

        Perhaps you tried to heal the sick once and failed. So you quit believing. You took the easy way out and developed a theology of excuses. You’ve got scriptures to explain why it doesn’t work and an attitude that says, “Que sera sera, it’s all up to God, whatever will be will be.” Your tongue speaks death and hopelessness and when you reap what you’ve sown you’ll say, “see, I told you so.”

        Well I haven’t quit. I don’t hold the door open for the devil comes to rob and destroy. I resist him and he flees. I haven’t raised any dead yet but I am healing the sick. I have been the difference between life and death for some. I don’t see myself as a special class of Christian and I wouldn’t say I’m gifted. I’m just a believer doing what comes naturally to anyone who has Jesus Christ living in him.

        You strike me as a courteous man and I normally like to respond with grace. But unbelief wrapped up in courtesy and Bible study is the worst unbelief of all. I hate it with a passion. I don’t hate you. I want the very best for you. But the truth is you have been deceived and rendered ineffective because of unbelief.

      • Brandon // June 4, 2011 at 4:33 pm //

        In reference to the miracles that Jesus performed, He said that those same signs and greater would come through those who follow Him. The disciples were given authority and nowhere does it specify that the authority was only reserved for them. They were told to go into all the world and preach the good news and make more disciples. The apostle Paul was not one of the original 12 disciples and was not present when Christ commissioned them, but he did raise the dead even though he was not one of the twelve addressed in the commission.

      • I wasn’t trying to take away from anyone’s experiences. I’m sorry if my words came off that way. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. On this I think we all agree.

      • I would like to apologize. Because of this dialog I’ve spent significant time studying my Bible and am realizing that I might be very wrong about this. Please forgive me, as I have indeed been hurt by teachings like this in the past which is the reason for my reluctance and also the reason why I was so quick to speak against it. Second, I’m a recovering Calvinist so I’m coming from a totally different extreme now. I will continue studying and if you wouldn’t mind, could you please pray for me and my family? We would love to experience God and His Kingdom in all of His fullness. Thank you, and again, many apologies.

    • Erik, bless you for being open-minded! I will pray for your family. I have been praying for you and the fact that you’re still in this conversation is really something. We’re all learning about this stuff. As AW says, I haven’t arrived, but I’ve left. Can I recommend a plain-English healing manual written by my friends Cornel and Simon. I think it will really help you. It’s free and you can find a download link for it on my “Free Stuff” page.

  10. Thanks to everyone who has commented on this post. My apologies if you’ve asked me a question and I haven’t replied. I do like to reply to every question (I have an email folder just for questions), but lately the number of questions coming in greatly exceeds the number of meaningful responses going out. Whenever I write about healing, in particular, my in-tray just fills up. I am part of the “question everything” generation, so I am encouraged that you are asking questions. I also find your questions inspiring – sometimes they lead to new posts. But please don’t interpret a lack of a personal response from me as an indication that I don’t care or that you asked a bad question. I’m just a little snowed under and there’s no sign of that changing any time soon. By the same token, feel free to respond to the questions others have raised on these comment threads. Don’t think, “it’s not my place.” It is!

  11. dreamer007 // June 5, 2011 at 6:35 pm // Reply

    I have experienced healings in my own life that came after many years of my own prayers and prayers offered by others. I have also prayed for others and have not seen them healed but was shown by God that one day they will be. I have also offered prayer to people that have said no thank you. So we in essence do what God wants us to do then trust Him with the results. To God be the glory!

    Just like the verses on the widow before the unjust judge:
    Luke 18:3-8

  12. Michael Crass // June 7, 2011 at 5:40 pm // Reply

    Great review. I plan to read the book. However, Ephesians 2:8 says that it is SALVATION that is the gift of God, not FAITH! The gift of salvation is received by my faith. You sound like a Calvinist!

    The context of Ephesians 2:8 shows that it is salvation that is the gift of God. Not the faith that receives that salvation. If faith is the gift of God, that would mean that if someone does not have faith, God didn’t give it to them. If so, they could NEVER be saved, nor ever want to be saved. If faith is the gift of God and I never come to faith, that would mean God didn’t see fit to give me that faith and thus He didn’t see fit to save me, since I can’t be saved apart from faith.

    • Michael, thanks for your comment. You say it’s our faith that saves, not His. Without getting into arguments about free will and predestination, how would you respond to Peter and Paul, given that they have a different view from you? (The scriptures below come from Young’s Literal Translation.)

      Acts 3:16 “… this one whom ye see and have known, his name made strong, even the faith that is through him did give to him this perfect soundness before you all.”
      Rom 12:3 “… as to each God did deal a measure of faith…”
      Gal 2:16 “…a man is not declared righteous by works of law, if not through the faith of Jesus Christ also we in Christ Jesus did believe, that we might be declared righteous by the faith of Christ…”
      Gal 2:20 “…I have been crucified, and live no more do I, and Christ doth live in me; and that which I now live in the flesh–in the faith I live of the Son of God…”
      2Pe 1:1 “Simeon Peter… who did obtain a like precious faith …”

      My view is that Jesus is the Author and Perfecter of our faith. Every good and perfect gift comes from Him.

      • Brandon // June 8, 2011 at 3:29 am //

        I think you’re both right in a manner of speaking. There is an element of our free will choosing to embrace or accept the faith that is a gift of God. We do choose to place our trust in Him, but we also have to be receptive to the “gift of faith”. I think it is brought into perspective with the issue of God’s foreknowledge based on Romans 8:29. God in His foreknowledge knew who would respond to the invitation of faith, so in His goodness, He orchestrated the opportunity and calling to that faith through the idea of predestination. I could elaborate but trying to keep it brief. 😉

  13. When one understands authority (identity in Christ), all sacred cows about ministring and receiving healing (they need to have faith, there is unbelief in the room, ‘opened’ doors, etc.) plummet to the ground…

  14. Are there really people that don’t believe in healing? Do they think that God created sickness & disease/ or do they believe that God made man whole?
    It is the knowledge that man is already whole that dissolves sickness & disease. Some of us think we have faith but it isn’t faith if it isn’t knowledge.
    We’ve all been brainwashed by this world. We’re living and believing what our 5 senses tell us and most would think it foolish not to. Yield to the Spirit not to the world. Easier said than done but there are those that get beyond this finite world and can see the truth and reality of God.

  15. What are sacred cows?

  16. Sacred cows = traditions (minsets, wrong teachings, etc) that make the Word of God of none effect.

    These cows will NOT ONLY interfere with people receiving BUT ALSO with believers MINISTRING. Here is a great example: think of this, the Word tells us that we are to GO into all the world and that signs will follow believers… however, it is mainly taught that UNLESS the person receiving healing has faith, they will not be healed. First off, by definition we are going into an UNBELIEVING world: they DON’T believe… and that is exactly why the signs follow US -who believe- because unbelievers need a sign. Sadly with such teaching, what we are simply doing is ‘passing the hot potato’ and instead of doing the SAME and even GREATER works, we go around trying to help others to ‘have faith’… instead of ministring the Spirit, and reconciling their bodies to what the Word says. That is just awesome Truths. Praise the Lord! That will set people free.

    I could go on an on detailing more, however, it will ALL boil down to knowing our Identity in Christ… out of that everything else flows.
    You all are amazing and mightily blessed in Him!

  17. evangelizarEC,
    Thank you for your response. How long have you been following AWMI? I stumbled across AWMI a few weeks ago. The TV was on in the background and I kept hearing statements that I had not heard except from my childhood minister of 30+ yrs ago. As a child, I didn’t realize that her teaching was that unusual or that I’d never know another person that was able to heal themselves and others. The only thing I have left from her teachings are 3 sermons on tape. Hasn’t been much to go on all these years so I’m happy to have found AWMI.
    I have to say that I am lost with the authority part though. I can’t get past the intellectual understanding. Do you KNOW who you are in Christ? (on the inside – more than intellectually.?) I’ve only had one healing (more emotional? than physical) and I haven’t figured it out how/why it worked the way it did.. I think it has me a little blocked. If I explain it to you, would you be willing to help me figure it out?

    • Hi CT, sure, it would be a pleasure, please email me at luisfer_reyes at yahoo. com Then we can get connected through some other chat medium and get you set free from whatever is going on.

      You are mightily blessed in Him!

      Thank you Father

  18. I totally agree EEC, the lord shared this Rhema with me as well. “Unless you understand that all your sins are paid for (IT IS FINISHED!!), you will never understand the bible and you will read my word with a debt mentality.”
    As long as we don’t receive that as our foundation (Acts 10:43, 13:38-39) we will never understand the reality, that as Christ Jesus IS SO ARE WE IN THIS WORLD! Christ is our life, image, power, love, healing and everything that
    He embodies we are because we are one with Him by His payment alone, for HE truly is and was a ransom for all (Mk 10:45, 1 Tim 2:6 FOR ME ESPECIALLY). Christ is our reality (Col 3:3-4) and we can have all this because He payed
    it all Hallelujah! I also know for a fact as a closing note that people in debt feel obligated to work (sound familiar?? Rom 4:4-5), which is why more people need to know that Christ is the COMPLETE and TOTAL overpayment for our
    sins. We were in debt to the law and it demanded righteousness that we could not produce of ourselves. Christ is the payment for the broken law and He is righteousness to all who believe (Matt 5:17-18, Rom 10:3-4, 1 Cor 1:30).

    Thanks brother your previous post is very encouraging, Image is so vital (Gen 3:4-5) amen!

  19. You need a share button on every article. If there is one…I can’t find it. Saw a Like button on another article, just no share. Thanks!

  20. Jesus healed everyone who came to Him… in FAITH. If God is not in the healing business anymore, then something is very wrong. People who say God no longer heals need to open their eyes and accept the LIVING God who is more than able to heal a simple thing like cancer or a bad heart! Christ’s physical body was torn to shreds so that man might have healing and redemption in his body. I wish more believers actually BELIEVED this truth.

  21. people who have sleep problems or other problems not allowing them to work..thjey’re not fully enlightened?? if they were they wouldn’t be sick and would NEVER be sick? and if i listen to secular music,while i’m not condemned for it,if i was to i truly accept god’s unconditional love and realise that legalism is a religion and wrong,…i’d suddenly have no desire for secular music and i’d not have a desire to watch bruce willis movies?? this is where i believe that some of this teaching is heading toward and it’s just as much legalistic as the religion of legalism…why?? because people like andrew wommack would see people lthat do those things as not being fully enlightened to the truth.if they were they’d not have those desires anymore…maybe i’m wrong but that’s how i see the direction this belef is aiming..if a person listening to any kind of secular music or that watches any pg movies ,etc, they’re not understanding god’s unconditional love and thusly not free from sickness,fleshly circumstances and so on. i was conversing with a woman that beleives the way wommack does and the way she put it is that if one believes in god’s unconditional love and accepts it (she went on to discuss deepr elements of the teaching) and wound up saying that once a person understands these things ,they’ll suddenly find themselves feeling really free for the first time as well as they’ll want to speak and talk of god more than they’ll wanting do ro anything else.she went on to say how a person will also lose complete desire to watch anything secular on tv and the big
    screen and any desire to listen to secualer music will be diminished…i thought to myself how horrible this sounds..that one’s interest would lie 95% in spiritual things only and become like a 1960’s flower child walking the fair grounds with a whacky grin,asking everryone passing by “do you know jesus?

    that kind of life sounds goofy and i wouldn’t want to be part of a belief system wherein people are consdiering you not fully accepting of god’s love or that you’re not fully enlightened based on the fact you listen to lady gaga or go the theater./that’s as bad as being a legalist./

    • Brother Ricky, you are amazing for the Kingdom! There are so many things that the Lord will show you and do through you!
      Do you know who you are and what God has for you? It is not simply to have a ‘get out of jail card’….Here is the awesome Truth if you have made Jesus your Lord and Savior: you are a new creation (2 cor 517)! You are His workmanship (Eph 2:10)! You are a partaker of His inheritance (Eph 1:11, 18)! ( Wow… just go ver that list again and it will blow you away! Praise the Lord!). You are predestinated to conform to His image (Rom 8:29)! What does that mean? It means that you will say, act, talk and do the things Jesus did. Through your good works the world around you will glorify our Father (Mat 5:16)… but is not just the good works that world philantropists do… NO! It is by manifestation of the Spirit and of Power (1 Cor 2:4)! That is just fantastic: you will set captives free, you will heal the sick, you will cast out demons, you will raise the dead (Mat 10:8; Luke 4:18). If you are a believer this is what you will do (John 14:12) and that is how His light will be shinning as a sign to the world (Mark 16:17:20).

      He has given you all things that pertain to life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). Why did He do that? So you can know Him and be in relationship as He always meant it… so you can know who He is in you…. so that now what He has done in you can shine and show to the world His nature, His character, His love. So it is noty only for you… no. He wants to touch the world through you. And the way that will take place to greater extents is by having our lives transformed. And oppossed to what the world offers to many solutions, there is only one way to be transformed based on Scripture (Rom 12:2).

      There is a statement that says: “if your gospel is not touching others… it hasn’t touched you”. Don’t let the things of the world entangle you but rather let Him shine!

      You are mightily blessed in Him!

  22. 1 John 5:18 says, “Jesus keeps me safe, and the evil one does not touch me and cannot harm me.” How then can the devil make me sick?

    • Crushed by Evil // January 18, 2012 at 4:42 pm // Reply

      Right now… tonight…… I have been praying to the only God I know, Jesus Christ, as I have for years regarding a single problem.

      That problem has been years of torment by what has to be demonic spirits via harassing phone calls and harassing communications
      in other media. I’ve requested God’s miracle intervention repeatedly. I’ve quoted his own promises back to him and focused on them.
      i.e. “no evil will befall thee..” , ” … no evil plot shall prosper against thee….” , and yet the trouble continues unabated. The police do not
      believe that a problem exists except on my end. A lawyer that I spoke with does not believe, either. Nobody believes because of the
      length of time it has gone on.

      I have prayed with prayer partners, a pastor, and two pastors have responded by email to me with prayers. All to no avail.

      If anyone reads this, please offer a prayer regarding this trouble. I am unable to understand what to do. The entity behind the trouble,
      whether merely human, demonic, or a combination of the two…. has never given a motive for the attacks… although one prayer
      partner suggested “vengeance” and another prayer partner team suggested “witchcraft.” One lawyer who listened to me acknowledged,
      kindly, that the motive goal of the attacks might be to compel my own suicide. My next date to speak with authority is the 27th of
      this month. Please pray that the trouble is brought before Jesus on my behalf.

      Thank you so much.

      • savedByGrace // June 12, 2012 at 8:12 pm //

        My observation, if you are in torment, you have difficulty receiving your deliverance – because you are not RESTFUL. The pain,the oppression, or some call it lying symptoms from the devil, contributes to create doubt that God heals or that “by His stripes we are healed”.
        One time, a brother in the church was admitted to the hospital. We visited him and he confided to us that he was not able to sleep because of his medical condition. When the brethren were leaving, I volunteered to stay awhile. I ministered companionship to him and massage his head while praying in the Spirit. I prayed almost in whisper, for him to hear me and also to allow him to sleep if he feels like sleeping. He slept through the night.
        I went home in the morning. In the late afternoon, he inquired of me. He wanted me to minister to him again – so he can REST. I was notified and I went to the hospital, rejoicing at the opportunity to minister. Soon after, he was discharged from the hospital.
        “Chanting” memory verses on yourself or reading emails for yourself while the torment is raging makes you feel alone and causes you to doubt God’s power to heal and deliver.
        James5:13~15 suggests that we call the elders of the church (or brothers) to pray over us when we are sick. They can minister while the sick can REST in the midst of the torment – “and the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up…”

    • You need to use your God-given authority and “speak to your mountain.” Whatever is going on in your life, rebuke it and mean it! The demons know if you whole-heartedly beleive in what you say to them and just the very name, JESUS is power enough. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. I will agree with you that whatever is going on, will be taken care of in JESUS name!

  23. Paul had faith enough to go into Rome, knowing he would be killed. When asked Jesus to remove the thorn in his leg, Jesus said My grace is sufficient for thee. Jesus told Satan to get behind him when satan chided him to cast himself down. On and on we go. Cults promote belief in power of the spoken word. Be very careful, when you listen to someone that promotes your faith as the deciding factor as to whether you will healed. We are all terminal. Aren’t we??????????. Thank God, He taught he loves us as a father and He sent His son to die for us. Eve was an agnostic and so is Andrew. I don’t worry about intellectual debate. Grace is the answer. I feel His arms holding me close to His heart where it is warm. Thank God,

    • by scott things to consider new living translation God has given me healing in the form of a miracle at least three times and yet i am currently not able to work does that mean i have a lack of faith or God is using the trial to work out things for his purpose yes faith is to overcome but i never knew how hard it was to praise him through the pain and continue to study through the tears their is a balance to everything and ultimately God has a plan and purpose for our lives and i had to study scripture intensley to even accept that you may have to go through things for a while didn’t JOB the apostles and the profits Peter didn’t like the fact that he was told he would die and when he said to Jesus what about this man Jesus said what is it to you if he lives until i come back i really struggle with the verse nlv Ecc 3:1 For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. Ecc 3:3 A time to kill and a time to heal. A time to tear down and a time to build up. Ecc 3:4 A time to cry and a time to laugh. A time to grieve and a time to dance. ect. the prophet said i have seen the burden their is a balance to everything but smith wigglesworth had a daily devotional i forget the name the cover has green red and yellow on it its at home he said this if God has not chosen to heal you let the sickness do a perfect work that you may be complete lacking nothing i had to read it three times to beleive he wrote it but for six and a half years he bleed in his pants and still ministered to people i am sure he never accepted it but boy i imagine it tried his faith until God saw fit to set him free

      • Well… that simply shows Smith Wigglesworth also made mistakes, and that we are to be conformed into Jesus’ image, not any apostle, disciple, or person approaching Him. Saying ‘if God has not chosen to heal you let the sickness do a perfect work that you may be complete lacking nothing’… well, you having to read it 3 times looks more like Holy Spirit was telling you ‘stay away from this… this is not Truth’.
        How come? Because we would never dare say: ‘well God hasn’t saved you so you can let sin do it’s perfect work in you so you will know what a wretched sinner you are and you can come to Me and I will receive you’. It’s simply non-sense. The reason the person is still sick is because EITHER they did not believe (they were in unbelief, especially if they were begging God to heal or standing in faith but really believing ‘if it is your will’) OR a fellow believer did not exercise Christ’s authority and set them free of that oppression (they were in unbelief, especially if they follow traditional teaching that says ‘well unless the person being prayed for has faith, they won’t get healed’).

        It is that simple.

        Thank you Lord!

  24. If healing is part of Christ’s atonement on the cross as is the forgiveness of all our sin’s then it is also part of the free gift of God’s grace to us. We can not earn this gift by any work or effort of our own. It is given to us by God’s grace, through faith, in Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. Therefore, healing, like forgiveness of sins requires nothing from the believer. Salvation is assured as is healing, and the believer doesn’t have to work at anything to receive it. Why AW teaches that healing is part of Christ’s atonement but then the believer has to work to build their belief, or faith in order for it to work would also mean that you would have to do the same to receive salvation which is clearly not what the Word of God teaches. One part of Christ’s atonement can not be free and another part gained by “working” at it. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. It is by Grace you have been saved! “For it is by Grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast.” Eph. 2:8-9

    Again, if healing is part of the atonement of Christ then “it is the gift of God” and NO amount of “working” on your faith, or belief, or keeping any “laws”, is required to receive it. One part of Christ’s atonement can not, not be free and another part be free. There is no Scripture to support that teaching. That is false teaching meant to confuse the church.

    • @Steve – You nailed it on the head! And you actually show the Truth of the message BECAUSE it is by grace accessed through faith IN CHRIST (not how much faith ‘I have’ to receive). The same way that our salvation is found IN Christ… so is healing. Actually, EVERY provision is found in Him (Rom 8:32). Think about this, we don’t get saved/healed by our ‘faith’ or ‘repentance’ or ‘confession’ or ‘baptism’… no, we simply receive what He’s done already for us… For healing is the same thing, it is found in Christ, and out of that comes the freedom that we can GO into all the world and preach the gospel (to the sick, healing will be good news, etc) and bring the Kingdom of God unto the world. People get healed because SIGNS FOLLOW believers (Mark 16:17-18)… people get healed because THE healer that lives inside believers comes forth and sets them free.

      Thank you Father God! For Steve walks in your awesome Truths. That the same and greater walks our Lord did He will do because He went to the Father. Thank you that Steve works the work of God because he believes on Whom you have sent. Aleluya to the Lamb!

  25. Belief and faith are not simply mental assent of the mind but come from the heart. If your faith and belief are real, it will be reflected in the way you live your life. Faith and belief grow stronger through continual pursuit of deeper relationship with Jesus. He changes us and brings healing through our surrender to the work He did on the cross. He also said that signs would follow those who believe.

  26. Henry Prado // June 10, 2012 at 4:46 am // Reply


  27. Henry Prado // June 10, 2012 at 4:55 am // Reply


    • Hi Henry, thanks for writing. The blame game is certainly not helpful in these situations. It is true that unbelief can stop a healing but it is not helpful to go around telling people “You didn’t get healed? Well you must be full of unbelief.” People who speak like that are pointing nine fingers back at themselves. Why don’t they heal the sick person and save the lecture for later?

      I would much rather be a part of the solution than the problem. I suspect others on this thread feel the same way. Can you tell us your Mum’s name (you don’t have to) and the type of cancer she has? We will stand with you in agreeing that Jesus has paid for her healing.

    • Henry, the church leaders are wrong. They are simply trying to put the blame on your mother so that they do not bear any responsibility in her lack of healing. It is a common response in many churches to put the weight of responsibility for healing on the person being prayed for. There are several cases in the Bible where the faith of the person healed had nothing to do with the fact that they got healed. Almost always it was the person initiating the encounter who had the faith for healing to take place. Regardless, without knowing more about the situation, the best thing I can suggest is to ask God to show you where the problem lies and to give you wisdom and understanding for what He wants to do.

    • i am not an expert on healing, but i can say this: you don’t need to depend on other people for healing – just Jesus! if YOU believe that Jesus has healed your mom, and your MOM believes Jesus has healed her, then there are ‘2 or more” gathered together and in agreement with the Word. and as a believer, you have every authority in Christ to lay hands on your mom and administer the holy communion for healing. it sounds like satan wants you to think that your faith is the issue, so it most likely isn’t the issue at all… so don’t focus on it – focus on Jesus. i, also, am agreeing that Jesus has healed her

      • henry, i am re-reading your comment and i am unclear about whether you are saying your mom IS or ISN’T a believer…?

      • If the person is or isn’t a believer it should not matter for them being set free. You only require a believer to go and set them free. Signs follow the believer… not the people being prayed for.

        You are amazing for the Kingdom.
        Thank you Lord!

      • Henry Prado // June 11, 2012 at 2:34 pm //

        all those comments make sense my mom name is patricia prado she has stage 4 breast cancer i just found out since we had an accident two weeks ago by the way we almost die in that accident has a result she develop scoliosis and arthritis so pray for that too i know God is good and he has already healed her 2000 years ago thank you jesus

  28. Hi Henry!

    This will help to understand what’s going on. If your mom is trying to get healing by herself… she will need to believe that. However, if another believer is ministering to her, THAT beliver is doing the believing, so her unbelief is NOT an issue. This might ruffle feathers, but is the Truth. A correct understanding of authority helps to understand the difference between receiving healing (for one’s self) or ministering healing (to someone else)… in either case, the person PRAYING is the one that does the believing. Simple, isn’t it… it takes church doctrine to complicate things.

    Anyhow, right now in the name of Jesus, spirit of cancer GET OUT! You leave this body, NOW. I command her body to line up in the name of Jesus. Body, you are FREE!

    Feel free to contact me and we can stay in touch.
    You are amazingly blessed in Him.

    • i agree. you are right about a person not needing to be a believer first to be healed. and i do believe that we have authority to pray healing and deliverance over others, especially our children and loved ones. however, i have also seen that people can actually reject the healing and hope prayed over them – so i think there is a difference between a person who wants to be well and desires to be healed by God, but who is having a hard time believing Him for it…and a person who outright rejects Jesus and His finished work, and healing…

      • (and by “others” i mean people who have not yet believed Christ for salvation)

  29. Henry Prado // June 11, 2012 at 2:35 pm // Reply

    yea she is a christian she just need to renew her mind

    • savedByGrace // June 11, 2012 at 8:43 pm // Reply

      Hi Henry,
      The disciples after they were given the power and authority over all devils and to cure the diseases, people got healed (Lk9:1~6) but later they could not do it again (Lk9:38~40). When the disciples could not, Jesus intervened.
      If the disciples have problem then, how much more now that Jesus has left?
      1) Jesus told His disciples to partake of the Holy Communion often to remember that His body was for their healing and His blood was for their forgiveness.
      2) Jesus died, was buried and rose again. He is victorious! He defeated the devil!
      3) Jesus left and the Holy Spirit came to fill the believers and armed them with spiritual gifts. As a boat is a sea-gift and can operate when on sea, the spiritual gifts are Spirit-gifts and can operate by the Spirit.
      Just like salvation, we receive healing by faith. We use our natural senses when we navigate the natural world but in the spiritual world, we walk by faith (“Life Doesn’t Have the Last Word, When You Are Walking in the Spirit” by Paul Ellis).
      As a believer of Jesus, we can dispense healing to others, in the same way as we can proclaim forgiveness on them through the finished work of Christ. To be benefited by what Christ has done, they must receive the forgiveness that we declare (resulting to their salvation) and to receive the healing that we dispense. If they are taking medicine, it is 100% OK to continue and also to partake of the Holy Commnunion often. Our church member was healed of his diabetis in this way.

    • thank you henry. i was trying to figure out if you were saying she was in total unbelief as in “not wanting anything to do w/ Jesus” b/c of her experience w/ those “church” people or if she was already a believer, like you said, who “needs to renew her mind”

    • savedByGrace // June 12, 2012 at 2:40 pm // Reply

      Jesus healed all who came to Him (Mt15:30&31) because it is part of His job description (Lk4:18~21; Ps103:1~5; Mt11:2~6). It’s God’s will to heal every single person, every single time. Healing is a done deal. It is part of the salvation package. Paul Ellis pointed that out here in “God Wants You Well – by Andrew Wommack”. If there is any sin, He also took care of it (“The Axe of Forgiveness” by Paul Ellis).
      Oftentimes however, because we do not see instant manifestation, it makes us doubtful, rationalizing that something must be wrong, instead of RESTING on His Word, His promises – and believing on what is RIGHT. Sadly, in our rationalization, we usually end up disqualifying the sick or the praying believer – which the blood of Jesus has already qualified.
      “For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people. To whom he said, This is the REST wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is the REFRESHING …” (Isa 28:11&12).
      The Apostle Paul knew the importance of the Spirit-gifts to the disciples of John as they become believers of Christ and he made them receive the Holy Ghost and they spake with tongues (Acts 19:1~7).
      In ministering, there are those who wait for their hands to be “hot” or to feel some sensation in order to dispense healing – but remember, there is nothing about our feelings or emotions here, nothing about us – it is all about faith, it is all about Jesus! Be encouraged with “Jesus’ Medicine – Tastes Like Ribena” by Paul Ellis regarding communion as an opportunity for healing miracles.

  30. This is a great site. Thank you Paul for being bold about the truth! We need this being taught in our churches! I am also an AW fan as well as Keith Moore and others. regarding whether Jesus instructions were simply for the 12 or not, I looked quickly and did not see any refence to John 8:31…’Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. ‘ what He told the disciples is for us today if we abide in His word! God is amazingly good!! Thank God for the authority he has given us to heal the sick and cast out devils. God used signs and wonders to confirm his word even when Jesus walked the earth. (Hebrews 2:4, John 14:11, John 10:38) If Jesus needed signs and wonders to confirm his word, I think we do also! God Bless you in your ministry!

  31. Linda Garcia // March 2, 2013 at 4:40 pm // Reply

    I was told to listen to your videos. From my sister. About healing. Because I believe in Jesus heals with great faith. Only if you believe. I do.

  32. It strikes me that, with all of these stories of people being miraculously healed or risen from the dead in hospitals, there’s always little to no real medical documentation. If a doctor actually saw a spontaneous remission or normally impossible rise from the dead, it seems to me that said doctor would get testimonies from his medical staff, get the documentation together and publish it in a popular medical journal. This is, however, never the case.

    While people may have risen from the dead and been healed in the Bible, we are not living in Biblical times where God was actively trying to reveal a new message and God has to prove his legitimacy up front; we have a completed scripture which we base our beliefs off of, and the legitimacy of the Bible has ended up being (mostly) the legitimacy of God. Today, God seems to be actively working through Christians to ‘prove’ his existence, per se, and the miraculous is no longer necessary.

    If healing miracles do happen relatively often (let’s say once or twice a year worldwide), there should be some evidence of it; some kind of reliable data. Considering that miracles are direct divine intervention by definition, it seems that it’s a lot more likely for doctors to commit malpractice or for people to straight-up lie than that God must be regularly performing physical and blatant divine intervention without any kind of substantiation, and “I swear man, it happened” isn’t enough to satisfy a skeptical and healthy attitude. I don’t believe that there is an invisible unicorn following me around because there isn’t any evidence, and I can say the same about claimed miraculous healing. (It’s the person making the claim who must prove their claim, because you can’t prove a negative and if the positive claim is true than there must be some evidence; if there isn’t, there isn’t anything to base the claim on.).

    • I’ve heard Wommack say that, in his experience, those in the medical community see the fewest miracles. Why? Because they have the most unbelief, the most reasons why this can’t possibly happen. Since they don’t believe it will happen, it doesn’t happen – it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      I am a scientist. I love the scientific method. I consider it one of the greatest innovations in the history of the world. But I am well aware that science has a long history of playing catch-up with God. (Eg: The Bible says the world is a sphere; science says it’s flat and persecutes those who disagree. That sort of thing.)

      You want evidence? I guess that means you’re not seeing any. (Try YouTube?) I’ve seen plenty and I’ve personally experienced instantaneous and miraculous healing. (No, I didn’t write a paper on it.) When you have personally being healed your need for research to confirm what you already know by direct experience diminishes. “Whether there is a scientific study or not, I don’t know. One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!” (my paraphrase of John 9:25).

    • As a reader, I want to commend you for a very rational, gentle, polite and articulate expression of your doubts. I’m new to the radical grace (RG) point of view, myself. Do you know you’ve on a site that is frequented by thousands who believe that the Grace of God is minimized by most “Christians” and these believers of radical grace (RG), including me, are living in something of an enlightened, hyper-joy state. So, the reason I wanted to mention that is that you may have just run across this blog and be unaware of it’s message. Besides that, I want to tell you that miraculous healings is a part of the RG viewpoint, I find. I’m so hungry to believe that healings are common but I notice some doubt in me. It’s just not something I’ve worked hard on understanding yet. As my Christian journey has progressed over 30+ years(I’m 60), I find that more and more revelation of amazing stuff is happening to me. Things that I was probably not ready for when younger. Maybe I’ll get the whole healing thing soon. I would like to. I hope so. I expect so. Happy to correspond with you on this matter. Or others.

  33. I have often thought about there not being medical “records” of raising the dead also. Think about this though, if a doctor pronounces someone as “dead” and then a few hours later they are up walking around how will that REALLY get recorded? Is the medical history more likely to say we THOUGHT he was dead? From a purely scientific view wouldn’t the doctor just say they made a mistake or that the person was “clinically dead” for a few moments or in a deep coma? The doctor would assume he missed something and then start trying to cover the bases so a malpractice lawsuit wouldn’t be filed.

    • some people will always try to explain away miracles with scientific reasoning…
      look at how scientists try to explain away the plagues of egypt by natural phenomena and coincidences… but the miracle wasn’t the plagues… it wasn’t even that moses declared each one before it actually happened… the miracles were that the israelites were protected from the plagues that were happening all around them…

  34. I think one big problem we have (those who embrace healing) is when it does NOT happen in the here and now. I have prayed for many people and continue to do so. Some have been healed and others have not. But I am so thankful that healing is not dependant upon me! I am so thankful that healing has been provided for by HIM and it is HIM who heals today. With that said Hebrews 11:35-40 has brought me comfort (after a 14 year old girl died of cancer after weeks of prayer and fasting)…… especially vs 38 “men the world was not worthy of.” Thoughts?

  35. Andrew wommack teachings are life changing if you pay attention and listen with spiritual mind rather than pre-concieved ideas, Personally,He has helped me to understand the Word of God and to be able to descern and balance the scriptures. Thank you Andrew for being faithful to God. Dave

  36. We have recently been listening to andrew wommack and his teaching has revolutionised our life. However we have just experienced a miscarriage of our baby. We fully believed God had healed. We are convinced of this teaching, we stand on the word of God and yet death happened. Have you any ideas what went wrong or why? thanks

  37. Rathan Paul // August 11, 2013 at 5:04 am // Reply

    …I look at God’s word, and the frustration comes from my condition. I am an insomniac, have been one for the last 36 years, and I have to contend with Psalms 127:2(second part). I sleep only between the hours of 6 to 8 in the morning. I am diabetic and need to exercise because I do not take medication, I have a compressed spinal chord and its attendant problems which delays all that I need to do in the course of getting ready. And so by the time I get ready to spend time on God’s word, most of the day has waned. But this is not the point, the point is that the Bible is the word of God, and every word in it is my birth right to claim. That I am unable to see the working out of God’s word in my life makes me desperate for the wisdom that comes from the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and the ‘edification’ that comes from speaking in tongues, to find out that ‘block’. Other, very sound and powerful ministers of God’s word consider the gift of ‘speaking in tongues’ not mandatory to the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.. But how do I cope with Acts 10:45-46, especially the “For” at the beginning of verse 46 ??? I am just a mass of frustration…

  38. My life has changed through the way scripture is taught. The awesome man of God and his wife Jamie always bring unconditional love and grace. The real couple. I am looking forward to seeing them in Phoenix Az come January 2014. Start your year right. I choose the Gospel Truth for life!

  39. It is clear, sickness happens. It is clear, death happens. All the people who have been healed in the bible are dead. All the “faith healers” in the past are dead. Every “faith healer” alive today will die.
    The blogger and every person who has commented on this post will get sick and die or there will be something that causes death. Every friend, co worker, loved one will get sick at some point in their lives. Andrew Womack will get sick and die. This is the TRUTH in God’s word.
    There is no sickness in heaven, so true, but those in heaven do not have their earthly decaying bodies or there glorified bodies, yet. They are present with the Lord awaiting the time for their glorified bodies.
    God DOES heal our physical bodies, at times, and at other times He does not. This is obvious, this is the truth of the gospel.
    His purpose is for our SPIRITUAL healing ABOVE our physical suffering. He is with us when we suffer, He is our comforter when we are in pain.
    I have faith that my Father can do anything He chooses to do and no work of mine can thwart his plan. He is sovereign over my body, healing or no healing and makes the call for when it is time for me to go HOME.
    Running to Him and trusting Him in my frailty reveals my weaknesses and causes me to trust Him in all things. This is what the grace of suffering does. This is His sufficient grace and peace beyond understanding. He is faithful!

    Blessings, and may the truth of God and his Son Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit make you more like Jesus our Lord.
    His grace is sufficient in all things and it always will be.

    • Howdy Allie. You are amazing for the Kingdom! Don’t worry the Lord will show you. 🙂 Here is the thing… I am addressing each paragraph you shared. 1) When you say ‘all will die’… I do get what you are saying, BUT there will be group of individuals (those present at the Lord’s 2nd return… not the “rapture”) that will not die (1 Cor 15:51). 2) People can get sick… but you can get healed as well. The problem is to assume that ‘one has to die sick’. Yes, our life on earth will cease BUT it does not to be being sick of disease. One can live with a long satisfied life (Ps 91:16) and then simply commit their spirit to Him. 3) Key point: NO sickness in Heaven… now, His will is for it to be ON earth as it is in Heaven. 4) Let me ask you something. When do you see Jesus ‘sometimes not healing someone’? Rather, what you DO SEE is the Word stating: ‘and He healed them all’ or ‘He healed all that had NEED of healing’. Think about this, if Jesus is the express image of God and He represented Him perfectly, how can we say that: ‘Well, Jesus did all that… but God does something else’. When we see Jesus, we see God’s perfect expression to humanity! 5) Our spirits did not need HEALING… they were DEAD in trespasses and sins. Something dead needs to be made alive… it needs RESURRECTION. 6) What our Father chooses to do, He ALREADY DECLARED TO US THROUGH HIS SON!!! …

  40. So what do you do with psalms138:2. And what are all those statements- by His stripes you were healed, and that one about -above all beloved it is my desire that you prosper and be in good health, and that one about giving life abundantly? Comtrade- it’s like this- either all the words contained in that book are God”s words or they are not. Either there is something wrong or lacking in me or the God of those 66 books is some kind of collective wishful fantasy. Don’t get your interpretation into this as some kind of smokescreen.

  41. I coursed through the discussion generated by a post on woman’s book/DVD on wellness in man. There is this rather iinsidious tendency to have a kind of appreciative glow about theological discussions around heart sensitive matters. Most have have had traumatic experiences connected with loved ones stricken by wasting diseases. It is the same gospel that the early church possessed but why is it we don’t have their power?

  42. Why is charis college not credited? Why are AW s books not in mainstream colleges?

  43. Maureen Callahan // March 18, 2014 at 8:20 am // Reply

    This guy is crazy. He is making this stuff up.
    man did not create Satan. This preacher needs a new bible.

  44. I have some concerns about Andrew’s story regarding his own son dying and being prayed back to life. The Word says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Why don’t we have his son’s testimony of what he experienced in Heaven (since he had been dead for 5 hours)? Also when someone dies, a death pronouncement is made right away. They don’t let you lay dead in a room for hours without pronouncing death and recording it.

    I do not believe Word of Faith teachings are complete. When someone dies, believe me, all you get from Andrew Wommack’s team is that we lacked faith or the person who passed wanted to die!! Neither of those things was true!! We live in a fallen world and people get sick and people die. Some pray for healing and a few get healed, but still 250,000 people die every single day, so something is not adding up here. WOF preachers put too much emphasis on our earthly experience and yet this world is not our home. I am not saying we should not ask for healing, but healing is not solely under our authority as AW would have you believe. If it was, my daughter would still be alive on this earth. We had faith for healing, even Andrew prayed for her and yet she died. The Lord is sovereign, He knows the day He will call us Home and that is the way it is. He will comfort us and He gave us many little miracles during her illness that gave us great peace and joy. I am very glad I had hope for her healing, but after she passed, this teaching devastated me and I felt even more harmed by the response I got from AW’s team. We will experience trails and loss in this life and the point is to learn to depend on the Lord, learn to trust Him (rather than our own authority), keep our faith through the trials and expect to see Jesus very soon.

    • Hi Debbie, you are amazing in His sight! Here is a key thing that many a times we overlook: it’s not AW or any other minister/preacher we are to look to… our role model is Jesus! We can choose otherwise, but I think is best to go by what our Father has prepared for us.

      So here is the question, how did Jesus handle the situation? Do we ever see Him say: ‘sorry guys, my Father is sovereign, so you can’t go about raising the dead’… rather, we see Him saying: ‘as you go: heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead’ (Mat 10:7-8)
      Do we ever see someone coming to Jesus and being ‘denied their healing because it wasn’t God’s will’? Much rather, we read people bringing ALL their sick and Jesus healing them! (Luke 4:40-41). Do we ever see Jesus coming to somebody and ‘telling them we don’t know if it would be God’s will to heal you’? Much rather we read of Jesus healing those that had need of healing! (Luke 9:11). Do we ever see Jesus picking and choosing who ‘God wanted to heal’? Much rather, we see that He healed them all! (Mat 4:24; Mat 8:16; Mat 12:15; Luke 6:19)

      Sadly, His Body has been confused about what is God’s will, when truly: Jesus is the radiance of the glory and the exact imprint of the nature of God (Heb 1:2a); if God would take human form, what we would see is EXACTLY what we’ve seen in Jesus (John 1:14; 1 Tim 3:16); if we would know Jesus, we would know the Father (John 14:7a); from when we’ve seen Jesus, we DO know the Father and HAVE seen him (John 14:7b); if we have seen Jesus, we have seen the Father (John 14:9); what Jesus did it wasn’t Him doing it but the Father through Him (John 14:10); Jesus didn’t do things of His own accord BUT it was the Father doing them through Him (John 15:9a); Jesus did ONLY and EXACTLY what the Father would have done (John 15:9b). Therefore, this is clear: we will NEVER ERR if we look to Jesus to know the Father’s will. Otherwise, if there was ANYTHING that Jesus DID DO that wouldn’t have been the Father’s will OR anything that Jesus DIDN’T DO that would have been the Father’s will, then we would have a situation that Jesus WOULD NOT HAVE PERFECTLY REPRESENTED the Father… and therefore we would be believing in a mockery.

      So, yes, I agree with you, something is not adding up! But it’s because OUR EXPERIENCE what’s gotten in the way, instead of JESUS’ life defining what WE as the body of Christ of believers will do (John 14:12) as His representatives. The more we fail to let Him define our walk, the more we will be putting a ceiling into the open and unhindered realm the Father has prepared for us to walk in as we take the Truth and continue BECOMING the hands and feet of Jesus to manifest Him to meet the needs in the world (John 20:21). Let’s take heed to what He says, lets learn from Him in humility and let’s put those traditions aside… the world is waiting for the Body of Christ to rise up and embody Him as He showed us we are to do like in the days of His flesh.

      PS: I am deeply sorry for your loss, and apologize that His Body wasn’t able to represent Him in your family’s situation.

      You are blessed in Him!

  45. John 17:20 makes me believe that all Jesus gave to his disciples, He gave to us too.

  46. FRED KOTSHOBE // April 21, 2015 at 10:31 pm // Reply

    reading about the faith and unbelief on the internet has touched I wish to get a book from Andrew Wommack’s books. I am in South Africa where can I buy one?

  47. I think our focus should always be on Jesus, not ourselves. Who is Jesus, who are we in him, what do we have in Christ Jesus? Not how much faith do I have which brings pride or condemnation. It’s no longer I who live, but Christ that lives in me. I now live by faith in the son of God Jesus, who loved me and gave his life for me , who lives in and through me ,
    ( not faith in me and what I have to do ) it’s all what Jesus has done for the believer. In Christ I’m complete in Jesus. When I’m sick, I say thankyou Jesus, you say you are my healer and I can trust and rely on you for healing and wisdom . So there is no struggle with the problem, because I know what I believe , Jesus loves me and his grace is sufficient. He is my everything I need for life and godliness. I don’t dwell on healing, I dwell on Jesus who cares for me and my loved ones. I rest in his truth and love.
    Because there is such confusion about healing, it brings a lot of judgement , pride and condemnation for many who get sick . The Word of God says that the only thing that counts is faith expressing itself in love. Relying on the love and grace of Jesus brings real healing to the whole person. We aren’t focused on healing, but again on Jesus. Growing in grace and the knowledge of Him. We get to love, accept and speak the truth in love to each other, build one another up. Going to heaven for the believer is better by far, I look forward to my heavenly home , free from all this worldly sin filled world for sure. God knows my time to be born and time to die. My life is in His hands, I can trust him. Going to heaven is a blessing ,a gift to look forward too .

    • Yes, Jesus is our focus. As Luke so very clearly summed up our position in Christ in Acts 17:28- ” For we live and move and have our being in Christ.” Let me take you back to the night that Christ celebrated His last supper with His disciples, that Paul in the revelation that he received recounts to us in1 Corinthians:11:-23-26. At the end of the symbolic sharing of His body and blood, Christ tells us to ‘ do this remembrance of ‘ of Him. Remembrance of His life and death, the purpose for which He had come into this world.As important as all that Christ came down to show mna was, also the kind of life that we are supposed to live- John 10: 10 ” The thief ( the devil) cometh not for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life (zoe), and that they might have it more abundantly.” Zoe, the greek word for life, is a zestful, overflowing abounding life. In Mathew 11:12,- we are exhorted to be aggressive in establishing the Kingdom of God. Christ wants us to remember all of this each time that we approach His Table. He paid a tremendous price that we should not belittle. Wholeness is our legal born-again birthright. Just look at Psalm 105:37: – the tribes of Israel, those stiff-necked people, who were literally ground into the ground by the Egyptians, but after they ate of the ‘Paschal Lamb’, ‘…and there was not one feeble person among their tribes.” That was under the old covenant. We are in the New Covenant, and we partake of the body and blood of the living Lamb of God, Jesus Christ; how much more ‘soteiro’, ‘sozo’, wholeness, is our legal, born-again birthright?

  48. I love this man of God he’s so anointed to bring the word of God alive. im gonna heal the sick in the name of jesus.amen

  49. Eight years ago I encountered God in a new way, after being a’born-again’ Christian from almost 15 years. After seeing my life through God’s eyes and repented, I understood instantly the power of the Cross and the work of Jesus. My sins are forgiven and my diseases are healed. I rebuked the cold I had in Jesus Name and it disappeared. I have not have a cold in 7 years. I suffered terribly from sinusitus. I had to get regular inections and was on chronic medication. I also suffered from IBS and was on chronic medication. I was quite amazed that no Christian I knew who believed in Jesus stood in faith against the common cold. I seemed to be the only one praying against colds and resisting it while every one else sipped away their med-lemons. However, everyone wanted to pray for serious illness. I decided to try it on non-life threatening things that comes my way, like the occasional head ache. It worked! I rebuked it in Jesus Name and it worked. I felt so bad one day struggling with sinusitis that I said: Lord if you don’t stop me I am going to get some medication. On my way a friend called and asked me to come over for dinner, and as I turned away the symptoms disappeared. I have never used medication again. Neither for IBS. With it all God has called me to better eating habits and a life of obedience to the scripture: Do not worry. After seeing the power in my own life I started sharing it with people and praying for people. My advise if always to lay the foundation of the work of the cross..He has forgiven our sins and healed our diseases. I always say that as we are never free from the temptation of sin, we are never free from sickness coming to us. But we have to choose to stand on the word. I have also noticed an amazing thing. People have no problem if the doctor tell them to use medication for the rest of their lives. Yet, in many cases God only gets one chance. If one prayer doesn’t work they are not willing to go any further with it. It is a journey with God. It is a walk of gaining and growing in knowledge in the Word of God and applying it in our lives. I found that it works. I keep on learning from those who walked before me. Currently I am enjoying Andrew Wommack’s teaching for where I am at.I have gone through many stages of belief and understanding and appreciate him expelling the myths of what we do in the faith walk. I don’t want to get stuck, I simply want to grow to be more and more like Jesus. And I don’t think nothing reflects Him more than healing the sick. This is what He told them to say to John. Tell him the blind see, the lame walk…
    And there is an amazing joy and strength that flows from knowing that our sins are forgiven. This is the heart of the Christian life to know that God loved us so much that He gave His Son to die for us that whosoever believes should not perish but have eternal life. And this is eternal life..to know God and One whom He sent, Jesus Christ.
    Find HIm for yourself first and it will be so much easier to navigate through teachings under the guidance of Holy Spirit.

    This is a well structured blog and the first I ever felt worth sharing my experience.

  50. I prayed for healing like Andrew Womack said and nothing happened. I also prayed for the gift of speaking in tongues. Nothing happened. So I cannot verify that anything that he teaches is real. A Baptist pastor told me that the gift of tongues has been done away with back in NT times. Who is right and who is wrong?

    • Jesus is right 🙂 – “moreover to the ones-believing these signs will-follow-beside… with new tongues they will speak… upon ailing-ones they will-lay-hands-upon and well they will be” (Mark 16:17-18). I think it’s important that we do not let our experiences speak louder than what His Words are speaking to us. I love the fact that you are beginning to walk the Truth… as a son of God, it is what the Father has created you for! How do I know? Jesus modeled it for us… so John 14:12 applies to you my brother! Grace and peace to you. What is the problem that’s bothering you. I can minister to you.

    • anafa david mudi // July 2, 2017 at 1:37 pm // Reply

      maybe just maybe it did not work because you did not see what Christ said but AW said….let Christ word be SAID

    • Roshan J Easo // July 3, 2017 at 3:34 am // Reply

      Henry, your dealing with indirect doctors we all have good medicine. We are part-time healers trying to reveal the Full-time Healer, and not no-time cynics.

      Joseph Prince teaches that though exercise makes you fit, it’s Holy Communion makes your healthy, which you can take with any elements, any time. You can even anoint yourself as a believer with oil.

      I was constantly encouraging my father who was sick with the gospel. The truth found hear. It saved his life and my life.

      It’s not wise to force God to heal. we have an enemy sometimes but God is not the enemy. On the other hand, don’t let anyone tell you it’s sin in your life that are causing this. No we preach Christ as Lord.

      You’re blessed. I’m commanding your body and back to line up with the Word of God and The Word of Christ. Know that everyone who is reading this is praying for you too.

      God is good and He loves you. (He’s done everything!) LIFE, grace and peace to you!

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