Wommackisms – Top 20 Andrew Wommack Quotes

If you’ve ever heard Andrew Wommack speak, you will know that he is one unique hombre. I’m not just referring to his theology – there’s a growing number of people preaching pure grace these days. I’m referring to the way he speaks.

I say this with the utmost respect, but Wommack has mastered the art of sounding like a country hick. And before you write in to complain, let me say that’s his word not mine:

“God chose the foolish things of the world to confound the wise… because people who are foolish… trust in God the most… God often uses country hicks to preach the Gospel for that very reason. I guarantee you, when you’re a hick from Texas like me, then you know it’s got to be God on your behalf or you haven’t got a chance. And there’s freedom in that!” (The True Nature of God, pp.98-9)

This time a year ago I had never heard Wommack preach. I’ve now heard him speak several times and I’ve read many of his books. He’s become one of my favorite Bible teachers.

Although I was startled by his manner at first, I’ve come to appreciate his colloquialisms and his down-home wisdom. If you’ve grown up on a diet of religious mumbo-jumbo, you may find his plainspokenness quite refreshing.

To give you a taste, here are 20 of my favorite Wommackisms:

1.    “If you’d just center your thoughts and affections upon the Lord, you’d be better of accidentally than you’ve ever been on purpose!” (A Better Way to Pray, p.84)

2.    “Many Christians believe that the only difference between the Old Testament and the New is one blank page in the Bible.” (A Better Way to Pray, p.46)

3.    “God’s anointing is not based on your performance, but if you don’t open the Word, you’re stupid, because that’s where the words of life are.” (The True Nature of God, p.99)

4.    “When I minister healing to someone, I’ll pray for them two, three, four, or more times. I don’t care! I’m willing to pray for them until I rub all the hair off of their head!” (A Better Way to Pray, p.125)

5.    “Many believers haven’t seen the devil or a demon in years. He doesn’t have to come around. You’re doing a perfect job ruining your own life. He taught you how to think and act, and you’ve run with it from there – with good intentions. You’re trying to live for God, but it’s you doing it in human strength rather than God living through you.” (Grace – The Power of the Gospel, p.127)

6.    “Contrary to popular belief, faith does not move God. He’s not the one who’s stuck!” (A Better Way to Pray, p.44)

7.    “Some people are waiting until the Holy Spirit just makes them throw their hands up in the air because they’ve never done it before. ‘Well, I just don’t feel led.’ You old carnal thing!” (Grace – The Power of the Gospel, p.138)

8.    “What a sorry attitude! If I were God, the spirit of slap would come all over me!” (A Better Way to Pray, p.63)

9.    “It’s a wonder you’re not a pile of ashes! The only reason God’s not ticked off at you is because Jesus did such an effective job.” (A Better Way to Pray, p.59)

10.    “You have this new spirit on the inside of you and the only thing holding you back is your ‘stinkin’ thinkin’.” (Grace – The Power of the Gospel, p.161)

11.    “God is El Shaddai, not El Cheapo. The Lord will take care of us better than we take care of ourselves.” (Article: Financial Stewardship)

12.    “When it comes to being born again, your soul wasn’t the part of you that completely changed! If you were stupid before you were saved, you’re still stupid after being saved.” (Spirit, Soul, and Body, p.6)

13.    “When my wife and I first started out in ministry, we were so poor we couldn’t even pay attention!” (You’ve Already Got It, p.16)

14.    “One of the things I’ve learned is that many Christians never let the Bible get in the way of what they believe.” (Article: Hebrews Highlights)

15.    “In Genesis, why didn’t the devil choose a tiger?… Why didn’t he have a wooly mammoth just stick its foot on top of her head and demand, ‘Eat the fruit or I’ll crush your skull?’” (You’ve Already Got It, p.115)

16.    “The devil isn’t a true lion; he just walks around roaring like one trying to intimidate the Body of Christ. But the truth is, he’s had his teeth pulled, and all he can do now is gum you.” (You’ve Already Got It, p.120)

17.    “If you never bump into the devil, it’s because you’re going in the same direction.” (Article: How to Be Happy)

18.    “It’s wrong, wrong, wrong!” (You’ve Already Got It, p.150, when discussing spiritual mapping and missions trips where people have been instructed not to preach the gospel)

19.    “Most Christians say, ‘Well, I’m only human, you know. I’m just a man.’ That’s stinkin’ thinkin’! I was only human, but then I became born again. There’s part of me now that’s wall-to-wall Holy Ghost.” (You’ve Already Got It, p.167)

20.    “That’ll put a shout in a fence post!” (You’ve Already Got It, p.28)

I know there are a lot of Wommack fans out there. In the comments below tell me your favorite Wommackism.

76 Comments on Wommackisms – Top 20 Andrew Wommack Quotes

  1. “Being a Christian without receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is like charging Hell with a water pistol.”

    “Many people say I make light of sin, but I say they’re make light of Jesus’ sacrifice!”

    “I am not promoting sin. You’re stupid if you sin, but God loves you stupid.”

    “The more you seek God, the less you will sin on accident”

    “I believe when you receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, you will be stronger than Horseradish!”

    “Many people might say there was nothing good about Jesus dying on the cross….oh yeah there was…He saw you and me…and said their worth it. He looked at the benefit instead of the cost. He saw that through his sacrifice not only could he save us Spiritually he could save us physically.”

    I could go on and on!! I love Andrew’s teachings they have changed my whole families life. I have met him a few times when he comes to Dallas to minister and he always willing to talk/pray/minister to me personally. I have been listening to his teaching since the mid 90’s and it is life changing. I plan on going to CBC as soon as possible.

    • Me love me some Wommack!!! Do ya’ll remember what he would refer to when saying something about rubbing a cat the wrong way ?

  2. My fav is – God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

  3. Pecan – a pronounced “ah” – as said in the USA
    Pecan – a pronounced “as an a in can” – as said in England

    AW was in England and someone said “pecan”. AW told them a pee can was something you used at night when you didn’t want to go to the outhouse.

    • Artsy Amy // July 2, 2012 at 4:00 pm // Reply

      I live in the south and this made total sense to me. I heard something similar to what Andrew said when I was growing up.

  4. Peter kolle // May 18, 2012 at 10:51 am // Reply

    If you don´t dig a hole you will never find one.Has anyone ever heard Andrew say this?

  5. @Deborahanne20- Once when Andrew came to our church, he asked if he could receive the evening offering, because he wanted to wait until the end of the service to receive it. We said, “sure”. He then proceeded to teach on giving sacrificially. It was a hard hitting challenge to not be attached to this world’s “stuff” . It was powerful!! He then asked the people to act on the Word he had just brought by being exceptionally generously toward the offering. I should have said earlier that this offering was entirely for him. After he received the offering, He said, “Now, just to abolish any ideas that I am a money grubbing preacher promoting my own self interest, I am going to give every penney of this offering back to this church.” Once the huge, offering was counted, he wrote us a check! I just wanted to let you know that Andrew Wommack is the real deal! I am glad you have discovered him!

    • So true, he is the real deal. I love his teachings. I’ve learned so much from his TV show and books. I feel blessed.

  6. “I can hear television sets all over the world turning off…”
    “Don’t look at me in that tone of voice…”
    “It’s pretty quiet in this Presbyterian church…”
    “Thank you for that thunderous silence…”

    Thank God for Andrew Wommack and The Gospel Truth! He very simply showed me true grace, the tre Gospel, and the reality of who God is.

  7. HI All, The site is great not to mention that it is also funny. HOWEVER, on behalf of all AWM translators could I ask you all native English speakers to help us understand the top 20 or more wommackisms. Tranlators would love to have accurate explanations of these Texan-Americanisms. Your efforts will result better foreign AW books throughout the world and will be rewarded in heaven. 🙂 Zsolt

    • Hi Zsolt, which ones? I live in Colorado. Most of what he says is just western country style, he’s just plain witty. My husband grew up right here in the Rockies and says a lot of the same things. When you grow up in the country with generations of old timers you make up your own humor and learn from grandpa.

  8. thanks to the person that created this site. I just love andrew wommack, i HAVE NEVER PARTNERED WITH ANY PASTOR BEFORE, HE IS THE FIRST AND I JUST FEEL HONOURED TO BE A PART OF WHAT God is doing with this witty man of God.
    Bless you ANDY (He often says ‘This is just andyology’. lol)

  9. “I know some of my staff call me Android Wommack” – from: “Harnessing Your Emotions”

  10. I heard Andrew say yesterday on his t.v. show that if he and his wife, Jamie, ever get into a disagreement, he is able to out-talk her because he makes his living by talking. Then he added: “And if Jamie and I ever got into a physical fight, which we never do, but if we ever did get into a physical fight, I believe I could take her.” Then he chuckled and said, “Amen.”

    I laughed out loud…rewound that part, and laughed out loud again. Hilarious!!

  11. Tammy Robbins // June 19, 2012 at 11:00 am // Reply

    I like it when Andrew refers to someone falling apart like a two dollar suitcase.

  12. Maggie Jarpey // June 24, 2012 at 2:20 pm // Reply

    Andrew said that he was praying for revival and caught himself actually saying, “Lord, if you cared half as much for the people in this town as I do, we’d have it already!” And, then, of course, he realized how wrong his thinking was. And he stopped thinking that way. He said people don’t realize that when they are pleading with God for revival, that’s what they are really thinking. I am very grateful for Andrew (and, therefore, Jamie). I know someone who gets offended when he says, “Pull your thumb out of your mouth, and grow up!” But I always laugh…and pull my thumb out of my mouth.

  13. Did anyone mention “your little peanut brain?”

  14. Maggie Jarpey // July 12, 2012 at 1:25 pm // Reply

    How about “I’m still green and growing”? Encouraging. Fits with Ph. 1:6.

  15. How about this one. Get all you can- — can all you get—- then sit on your can

  16. Andrew is at the moment my fav preacher,I try to listen to as many of his stuff.
    I believe he is anointed by God,he is true and just

    Thank you Andrew

  17. He said referring to someone attributing sickness and disease to God,as he paused for a second and said,”Excuse me for bein blunt,but how dumb can you be and still breathe”? Hilarious!

  18. i love andrew.. i love ti hear him say ‘ this is so simple, you need someone to help you to misunderstand it.’

  19. I like it when it’s really quiet and he goes: “it’s quiet in this presbytarian church”

    And: “I’m preaching better than you are listening!”

  20. “Pilate, are your hands clean now?” LOL
    “Man, that´s a powerful, powerful statement.” 🙂
    “This can literally change your life.”

    I´ve been listening to Andrew´s teachings for 2 months and feel in love with Jesus again, after 15 years of being a christian. Hallelujah!

    • I listen to him about 3 times a day when i get up and when i go to bed, I have spent my entire christian life wondering why God never showed up. Then about 6 months ago I discovered Andrew. My whole life has turned around. Everything he says is exactly what I beleived, but never had confirmation. They guy is brilliant. I like where he talks about hovering over Jerusalem. After the Pilate remark. My heart has changed.

      • Exactly! It´s like “I knew this, God´s been telling me these things!” but I couldn´t verbalize it until I heard Andrew.
        God bless you Deborah.

  21. How could you be this dumb and still breath!!


  23. His teachings are identical with brother Hagin and Copeland. Was he once with these men of God?

    • i don’t know if he learned from them directly, but he thanks the Lord for “copeland-hagin!” (like the city)

      • Maggie Jarpey // December 25, 2012 at 9:13 am //

        Copeland appears to have been Andrew’s first teacher (as he was mine), but Andrew has distanced himself from Copeland in latter years. I suspect it’s because of Copeland’s money emphasis, which is the reason I stopped listening to him even though he is still preaching good things. But I think the money emphasis is a weakness. An example of the difference: Copeland has private jets whereas Andrew flies commercial, just as you and I do. I will always be grateful for what I’ve learned from Copeland (who in turn learned from Hagin), and Andrew obviously honors him for that too. But they never appear together at any doings. Andrew has often preached that you shouldn’t give him or anyone else money unless you can do it cheerfully, in faith, because if it is not in faith, you’ll receive no blessing from it. And he has preached that even if you don’t tithe, God loves you just as much as if you did tithe, and you can receive healing, etc., from God by means of your faith in His Word even if you don’t tithe. But, he points out, tithing is good, and you should do it just because it is God’s plan. I can’t imagine Copeland preaching this or giving out free teachings (Andrew even paid the postage in the old days when people requested free tapes). So that is the difference between them.

  24. Taiwo Ikuesan // December 30, 2012 at 6:09 am // Reply

    I started listening to Andrew Wommack this year.What I have learnt from him through the inspiration of Holy Ghost is more than my entire years of being a Christian.I love when he says “don’t look at me with that tone of voice” I won’t agree with me,we both be wrong”.

    Taiwo, United Kingdom

  25. Super! I like Andrew Wommack very much. His teachings has changed my life and thinking. So i am a fan already 🙂

    “If you are shoot at nothing, you will end up hitting it every time”
    -In God we trust.-

    • Lars, me too! I studied under Andrew last year as part of their Pastor’s Education upgrade program designed for men like us already in ministry. It was incredibly good. I especially appreciate how Andrew chooses teachers who may or may not teach the same — that’s security!
      I don’t think I can add to this list of Wommackisms that I haven’t already. So I guess I will just add this… and it may help others now struggling with their call. When quizzed privately Andrew said that if he could do anything differently than what he did in life, he said, “I would have taken a job outside the ministry when I first started, so I would have provided for my family”. All of us have heard the flip side of Preachers testimonies of sleeping on concrete floors believing for food. It sounds sacrificial and praiseworthy. It is not! Full-time ministry does NOT require the “price payed”. Get to WORK!
      This word is for someone reading this. “go to work” For your wife and family. Do THIS first before relying on the giving of God’s people.

      • Lars Welle // January 2, 2013 at 10:24 pm //

        Did you really get the chanse to study under Andrew Wommacks teaching?
        You are so blessed. I wish i could do that too.
        I live in Norway, and we dont have any ministry of Andrew Wommack here yet. But it will come eventually.
        So, last 4 years i have listen to his teaching in mp3, reading and study on my own. In trust of that God want me to be usable.
        Now, 14 days ago, my pastor want me in to the leadership with him in my church. Which is a very scary tought, since our church has a lot of isues with religious traditions. It is over my head.
        It is an “all trust in God thing” or “do it your self and get crushed”. And still, i really look forward to help building church.
        Andrews teachings has been very helpful in preparing the foundation in me.

        God bless U.

      • Maggie Jarpey // January 3, 2013 at 3:55 am //

        I’m glad you brought this to attention–Andrew has often talked about it, because–bless him–he does talk about his mistakes. But some may not have heard him discuss it.

  26. “everybody hates me,nobody loves me…”

  27. Martin Olson // February 7, 2013 at 8:37 pm // Reply

    How about this one “if some of you were arrested for being a Christian, there wouldn’t be enough evidence to convict you! And “I’m preaching better than your listening!”

  28. this is one of THE most important truths that god has shown me…..i have a three part album on this……

  29. ……..in 1972,when jamie and i first got married……….

  30. you all come across as Christians. but some of your comments have me perplexed. i don’t know what God would think about being called a comedian and your continually calling those who are uninformed to your way of thinking or just in general as stupid and dumb doesn’t seem to me to be quite Christian. you all speak of grace but i don’t think any of you really have an idea of what grace is. if you did the attitudes you ascribe to as mentioned above would not be any part of your life. people are not dumb or stupid. uninformed or uneducated to the ways God wishes for us to live sounds closer to the way God might think of His lost sheep. and we are all lost sheep because of our human nature. but that doesn’t mean we can’t find God. think before you speak lest God think of you as uninformed but i am sure He would never think of you as dumb or stupid

    • Maggie Jarpey // February 24, 2013 at 5:59 pm // Reply

      I understand your point, and it’s a valid one, but I think these things are a matter of personality. I know someone who gets offended when Andrew says, “Take your thumb out of your mouth and grow up,” whereas I just laugh and take my thumb out of my mouth. This is why there are different preachers and teachers to appeal to different people. We respond better to certain personalities. I would not talk to people the way Andrew does (“How dumb can you be and still breathe”),because that’s not my style–but I enjoy his style, and it never offends me. I just think to myself, “That really was dumb to be thinking that way!” However, I respect the point you made, and I think some of us (including me) need reminders to be considerate of fellow Christians’ feelings and to keep an inner attitude of honoring, respecting, and even cherishing our brothers and sisters instead of feeling superior because we think we understand some issue better than they do (that might be true, but they might be understanding something else better than we do, and God has warned us not to compare ourselves).

    • If you are referring to my comment about Jesus’ analogy of He and His followers as “the Shepherd and sheep” on the “Confronting Hyper-Grace” thread, I think you completely missed my point. I did use the words STUPID and DUMB so I thought you must be talking about my mine. Please read it again and you will surely come up with a different conclusion.

    • Florence Hale // July 12, 2014 at 7:27 am // Reply

      Throughout Scripture, we are referred to as sheep. Sheep are stupid. That’s why they need a shepherd.

  31. I am dumb and stupid, maybe you are perfect. God has a sense of humor, you obviously were not given one.

    • yeah he does! havent you ever thought how funny it was for Jesus to have peter go fishing to get a coin from a fish’s mouth? in the conversation leading up to that… i can hear Jesus laughing when He says “well then, the children are free!” 🙂

  32. Johnny Dinash // February 28, 2013 at 6:38 am // Reply

    Met AW middle 2010. God’s hand.

  33. When the doctor tells you’ve got cancer you fall appart like a $2 suitcase. Either God heals you or you get to be with Him soon, you can’t loose from winning!

  34. He always says he isn’t attractive and has an awful voice, I love his accent it is brilliant,, and he has a sweet face too. He said he gets called Android Wommack by his students. He reminds me of a dear little dolly I had my dad brought back from the States in the 60’s she was called Penny Brite. He is so funny and has that same smile. I wonder if he ever reads this blog.

  35. I have really enjoyed reading the comments by fellow Wommack fans. I was crippled by legalism in my previous church and with Andrews help and Gods grace I am free. Praise God. I can’t wait to see Andrew when he comes to Australia in October. He makes me laugh and I think he is a great teacher.

    • Maggie Jarpey // March 17, 2013 at 7:39 am // Reply

      I’m so glad Andrew is going to Australia. I was born there and have “rellies” there. Some live around Melbourne and some in Tasmania. Maybe his ministry could reach someone who could reach them.
      I have found that the best Bible teachers always have some humor to share. For me Andrew is the best of the best. I met him twice, at conferences–standing in line to meet him–and saw him listen to a little, elderly lady tell him how his teaching encouraged her to stand against her cat allergy, and “now I can sleep with my kitty.” He patted her hand and told her how happy he was to hear that. And I know he is not a big cat lover (though I am).
      Also, I met a person on his staff who was a copyeditor (like me) for his newsletter, now a writer, and she told me how Andrew is exactly what he appears to be–always. But I figured that.
      I wrote a novel for Amazon’s Kindle and put Andrew in the dedication as my favorite Bible teacher, whose teachings helped form the underpinnings of the worldview of my fiction book (against the popular “sovereignty” belief).

  36. How about this one: “Some of you don’t have enough evidence to be convicted of being Christians”

  37. He’s a good teacher. I like this one: “If that dudn’t light your fire your woods wet”

  38. Therese Nkafu // April 2, 2013 at 8:00 am // Reply

    it is life changing to listen to Andrew Wommack and read his books, i made some big decisions after listening to his teachings and feel good, in addition to that it is free , Although i sometimes donate but that’s because i have it,
    Glad I also met him in a conference and spoke with him.I have a total different idea of great men of God. SIMPLE,
    Bless him and Jamie,

  39. “This will make you stick out like a healed thumb”

  40. You’re stupid if you don’t let the Bible get in the way if your thinking, but God still loves you – stupid.

  41. Jaap Geense // April 28, 2013 at 3:09 am // Reply

    It’s really that simple, You need help to don’t understand it.

  42. I like how he defines Greek and Hebrew words and explains them. One time I heard him say “and in that verse, do you know what the Greek meaning of the word translated as “everything” means? It means everything.” I love him!

    • David Porter // May 30, 2013 at 3:37 pm // Reply

      We sing “When we all get to Heaven – what a day that will be”.
      Then the doctor says ‘You’re going’ and you burst out crying.
      Something’s wrong with this picture.
      We sing: “In the sweet by & by”.
      But it’s in the rought now & now
      that we need the physical benefits of salvation.

      • After realising that the problems with the various soils, in the parable, was that the soils that didn’t produce crops were soils, not that were lacking, but that had extra things (birds, rocks, thorns), declared: “That’s good. I can be less.”

        Similarly he says, “I’m glad I haven’t got any abilities. It must be so hard for those of you who have: they’d get in the way of God working through you.”

        And: “If it ain’t supernatural, it’s superficial.”

  43. Love Andrew. I think this is how it goes: “Some Christians are as strait as a gun barrel and twice as empty!”

  44. I’ve been listening to Andrew since the late ’80’sm and I’ve found him to be the ‘real deal’. I have never run across any other minister in my neck of the woods who offers his teachings tapes/CDs for free if you can’t pay. Also, every teaching is available for free download on his website. Who does that?! Someone sincere who really trusts in God to provide, that’s who. I received a lot of Andrew’s tapes for free in my early days of listening to him (I have many shoeboxes full of them and I still listen to them on my ‘ancient’ tape recorder), and now I’m thankful to be able to give back to his ministry so that others can be blessed the same way I was. It’s so funny to listen to his older tapes because his voice is so high compared to now, and he talks so fast. lol

    Two of the Wommackisms that have had a profound effect on me are these:

    1. “The gospel is so simple you need someone to help you to misunderstand it.”
    2. ” You’ll live more holy accidentally than you ever did on purpose.” (i.e., when resting in the finished work of Christ instead of relying on our own works to be right with God)

    How true!

    • Maggie Jarpey // July 7, 2013 at 1:03 am // Reply

      I’ve had the same experience, since around 1978, when I started listening to Andrew on the radio. I received three free tapes a week (not even paying for postage) and never a request for money. Andrew is indeed “the real deal.” I am so grateful to God for him. I especially appreciate how he tells of his mistakes and what he learned from them. Not many people do that, but it is of invaluable help. Also, he tells of learning from other Bible teachers, whereas many Bible teachers seem to feel they can learn from no one else. He is not in bondage to wanting riches, and he is not proud. And I loved it when he said that if you were agreeing with everything he had said, there was something wrong, because you should be getting some revelations from God yourself.

    • Abiaeme Johnson // November 29, 2013 at 3:01 pm // Reply

      Spot on. Just loving that. Gosple is so simple you need someone to help you misunderstand it

  45. Hello there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace group?
    There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Many thanks

  46. Don’t sit at home watching ‘As the stomach turns’ eating bonbons…

  47. Today I heard him say “For many of you, this will put a new wrinkle in your brain.” Lol. Just what I need!

  48. i just laughed at all ur comments!!! LOL i LOVE andrew, wow what a breath of fresh air after dealing and growing up w/ so many legalistic preachers…hes is truly an anointed man of God. i love him, joseph prince and frederick k. price. they taught me so much stuff that i hadnt learned in growing up in church…may the Lord keep blessing them

  49. sylvia Elizondo // September 4, 2013 at 4:02 am // Reply

    “If this doesn’t light your fire your wood is wet”

  50. I have people write me and say “You’re Gomer Pyle!, You’re as plain as dirt!” LOVE Andrew! Took me awhile to warm up to him though. I was one of the people who thought he was Gomer! 🙂

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