What if I Disappoint God?

Does God get disappointed with us?

Do you fear the Lord’s rejection? Are you worried that he will kick you out of his family? Do you think you disappoint him? You need to read this:

To the praise of the glory of his grace, by which he made us accepted in the Beloved. (Ephesians 1:6, NKJV)

We are accepted “in the Beloved.” Some take this to mean we are only in the kingdom because we have a friend in high places.

This is misleading.

It’s like saying, “God can’t stand you personally but as a special favor to Jesus he’ll pretend he can’t see you.”

I know, it’s silly. Yet some Christians are worried sick that if God knew the secrets of their hearts he would kick them out in a heartbeat. In order to avoid detection they maintain such a low profile you could mistake them for pancakes.

Others wear masks because they fear rejection.

“If you knew who I really am, you wouldn’t love me.”

Well guess what. God knows you better than you know yourself and he still loves you.

Can God be disappointed in me?

What if I disappoint God? It’s not possible. Genuine acceptance is based on knowledge. You can’t truly accept someone unless you know them and God knows you.

He knows everything you have ever done and everything you will ever do.

He knows your darkest secrets and every skeleton in your closest.

He knows what you did last summer and what you’re going to do next winter.

And despite knowing all this, your heavenly Father still loves you like crazy.

Are you worried that you will disappoint God? It’s not going to happen. It is literally impossible to disappoint an all-knowing God.

When you make a mistake you may surprise yourself—“I can’t believe I did that”—but God is never surprised. Since nothing you do ever catches God off guard, rest assured that you can never disappoint him.

When you stumble he responds with unaffected grace: “I knew you were going to do that, but don’t worry, I still love you.”

God is never disappointed in you

Jesus knew ahead of time that Peter was going to deny him and yet he didn’t reject Peter. He loved him and prayed for him.

Jesus knew ahead of time that Judas would betray him and yet he didn’t reject Judas. In the very act of betrayal Jesus called him “friend” signaling that even in that dark moment the door of acceptance remained wide open.

We don’t deserve any of this. We have done nothing to merit his favor. If anything, we have done plenty to warrant his displeasure.

Yet Jesus reaches out to a sinful world and says, “Open the door and invite me in for dinner.”

Jesus’ acceptance is mind-boggling. It’s like nothing on earth.

So how should we respond? With gratitude:

“Thank you, Jesus, for accepting me just the way I am. Thank you for loving me as I am and not as I should be. Thank you for your amazing grace and your wonderful acceptance.”


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50 Comments on What if I Disappoint God?

  1. Very nice question that I am sure millions of Believers and especially non-Believers make battle daily against this most sublime attack of the Evil One. What if I disappointed God? Really one one man could ask that question and he got his answer as did we these long millennia later; I speak of course of Adam. The First Man. However, the Almighty, Holy God SPOKE from His Throne ” THIS is MY BELOVED SON.” The Father and the Son in relationship was and is and shall forever be BELOVED. Therefore, the simple mysterious answer is The Cross where The Son pleased the Father and in our place He stood and took the bite of the serpent. And the Father was pleased. And The Son took up His life again, forever to be called the Beloved Son.
    Now the mystery. The Beloved Son through His Spirit lives in us; therefore, we have become the Beloved Children of The Father, and because of that Last Man, WE have become the Beloved Child of the Holy God. And The Holy God looks upon us and sees HIS BELOVED SON–nothing else. The only way the Father can become disappointed in us is the day He becomes disappointed with His Beloved Son…

  2. Rudi Scheele // October 9, 2012 at 2:06 pm // Reply

    He chose us, we didn’t chose Him. While we were enemies He loved us. He drew us to Himself by His grace. We are His workmanship according to the power that is working in us. He doesn’t make mistakes. He who began a good work in us will complete it. No one can snatch us out of Jesus’ hand, he never condemns or judges us. A faithful High Priest forever interceding for us
    Glory to you Jesus
    Thank You

  3. Hey Paul. Love your comments as always and the questions they bring to my head. How do I balance the predestination of Him knowing everything that I will do next winter, and the free will decision of my salvation? If the old man had not died and me born anew, or the timing of my free will decision been different, my next winter would be different for sure. Am I just trying to think too much in my limited earthly capacity again? For sure, this is why they call it faith.

  4. when i received my first revelation that God knew EVERYTHING about me and still chose me to be His child, i was actually relieved that i didn’t have to try and explain myself to Him!
    the understanding of how accepted i am, actually came later…
    but i can look back and see how much that revelation of His unconditional love freed me from self-condemnation… and enabled me to fight off the attacks of the accuser… and kept me looking for evidences of His love each day – in ways that only He knew would make me smile

    …and “pancakes”… lol

  5. Beautiful…God is love…in Him there is no darkness. Oh, the love with which He loves us! It’s beginning to become more real to me…the religious beliefs and traditions of men are slowly falling away. I am now hearing the true Gospel — from this blog,in the church I attend, and with many Bible teachers that have received revelation of God’s unconditional love and grace…not religious teachings and doctrines that misrepresent our Abba. Praise God!

  6. Thanks Paul. It’s not silly. I happen to be one of those that finds myself drifting off into the idea that I must be really disgusting in all my failures (in God’s eyes) and the only reason that I am accepted is because I am hidden behind Christ. Like your humor and article but I guess it will take a revelation to convince me otherwise.

    • A “revelation” you want? One like Moses, Abraham, Adam had? Or one like those hundreds who saw a man 3 days/nights dead alive, eating? If you truly want a revelation of Jesus, you can only find it in His Word–all of it Genesis to Revelation. The Red Thread runs through from start to end. Suggestion: Get out of bed 15 minutes earlier than normal, if you must shower and shave immediately like my wife (well not the shave part), then do it. Now you still are on schedule and still can do this. You can do it either before or after you break your fast, but just do it every day: Take Communion and a memory, thought, something of Him will pop in your head; now remember that; I usually remember the Garden for that is where He made the choice to redeem us. I feel His agony, my heart is breaking. I take the bread (we even got Passover bread) and red wine. First I pray aloud, then serve my wife; she prays aloud and then with the memory still there we take His Communion. Of course we read, listen to cds, dvds, books, but mostly for the past 2 years we have started with Genesis and circling a section that is a “picture” of Christ. When we finish, and we are not yet to Kings, we plan to connect the dots, write it all out, have it translated to Hebrew then back to English but with the Hebrew meaning and leave it for our grandchildren. No great thunder or lightening happens though it could; it is the very small things in my life that happen and make me laugh for it completes a work of the Spirit within me. It is just so much fun sitting down in the afternoon with the Father at the head, the Son on His Right Hand and the Spirit on His Left. Not a sad face there–even though sometimes it is me. But we just chat. Inside I might “hear” ‘Look up John…….” They know that I love all the books of John the most so They use that as a jumping off point. That is how I know the Pale Horse was released in 2010, the Red Horse in 2011, and the Black Horse in 2012. And don’t forget they all riding and keeping riding until the end.
      This ONE thing know: Jesus Christ, the Holy Son of the Most High I AM, loves you so much that dying and raising for you was just the start; He and the Father move through the Spirit Who LIVES in you; and merely want you to sit down while They work. And yes to those who may doubt, some afternoons it is just me and The Word. THAT is important to know and understand that the Father wants you to know His word as Jesus did at age 12! How old are you? I am 66 and maybe stand my ground with the Pharisees, Sadducees. Romans, Samarians for a bit but certainly not the days Jesus did when his parents left Him in Jerusalem.

      • Rick, Thank you for your reply. I haven’t given up. I wake up with God on my mind, Praise & contemplate the word throughout the day, read the Bible, books, articles (like this) and watch Grace ministers on TV daily and church 3 times a week (classes & service). I “hear” occasionally so I know I’m not alone. Logically, I know that God/Jesus loves me but that is different than “knowing”. If I recall right, Tom NeSmith? had a revelation of God’s Love. That’s what I’m looking and praying for. I’m sure the Lord is communicating his Love for me but I’m just not “hearing”. Maybe somehow I have closed a door or won’t walk in. On a lighter note, I go to a small church and at the end of service we all take communion and the minister prays w/each of us individually. While she is praying for others, I just still myself and kinda checkout to give them a private moment. The last time I heard “the still small voice” , the minister was praying for one of the women there and I heard “the still small voice” say “Maria, Maria, you’re my beloved.” It came in like a soft breeze of peace. It was a moment that I’ll never forget and someday I’ll hear my name said in that phrase!! I know it can happen. If only she could have heard for herself and felt the peace!!! Again, Thank You – I will read your reply several times, it’s a lot to take in.

      • Rick Shafer // October 26, 2012 at 12:02 am //

        Chris, it appears that you are seeking “proof” that God loves you, as accepted you and you are indeed have now no condemnation and that in “the end” you will be in heaven. You are looking for the proof “this hope that has freely been given”. Basically, boil everything down and it comes to “doubt” and “unbelief”. You are doubting the love and Grace of the Father and you find it a hard time to accept the hope of things to come. If you came to Christ at a very early age, as an adult you may be feeling doubt that what you did at 10 doesn’t work at 30 or 80. You question if you truly understood what you were doing then and was it real. And then you want a physical “sign” that it is true. Let’s finish this doubt forever: Simple go to Jesus and say, My Savior, My Lord should I did not fully understand what I was doing then, I know now. And right now, I give you me for all there is of You. By Your Grace, the unmerited, undeserved favor of the Father, you have removed my sins as far and east is from west and have promised to remember them no more. I thank you; I am your child now and forever–for YOU never let go. Thank you for loving me, thank you for shedding your blood for me as if I were the only human on the planet you would have still come, thank you for your righteousness so I can come directly to the throne of the Father and ask what I will. Thank You and I choose right now to accept your everlasting,forever, once for all time love, mercy, Grace, forgiveness and everlasting life. Amen (which means “so be it. It is done.)
        Now you are looking for proof, you are looking for a personal, only to you revealing of the Son to “prove” to YOURself that it is all real. What you want is to get The Law out of your mind and Grace taking its place. We grow in Grace; you grew up in the Law and all those years that is mostly all you heard. Now this thing called Grace has come and you want this instead of the Law. I suspect you use the word “I” a lot especially when you come in prayer, discussion or thought. Think of it this way, the Law is DEAD because it was nothing but “I”…I will not, I will not. Look at “I” and bend it a little, it will usually begin to form the letter “S”. Now think “S”=Sin, the flesh, the one thing that the Father hates and make war against forever–the rebellion of “I”. I will be my own god. Now think of Grace as laying on a thick green hillside, the perfect breeze, the sweet air but all around you is “worry”, “uncomfortable”, (incapable”; and you fear but suddenly you realize you can do anything through Christ Jesus. You really do not have to do a thing but sit down and LET HIM do it for you. He is just so ready waiting on you to say it! Jesus, I can;t, BUT YOU can. THAT is all I really need to know. Now together or just tell me to sit and watch LET”S GO! For it is within YOU NOW that I put, promise and give all of me in the exchange for all of You. And you will feel relief, you may hear the Father speak inside you, but you will get a little upset with yourself because you will say “I know all of this WHY do I keep doing this to MYSELF?” THAT is the Holy Spirit who lives inside you comforting and teaching you all things. Then you will learn to enjoy the Holy Three in One and you will learn that ALL have a great sense of humor.

  7. Rick, Thank you again. This type of communicating is difficult for me. I’m not sure if you are making assumptions, asking questions, or telling me what I need to do. Maybe all of the above. Also the need to keep a word limit and not knowing each others. way and wording in communication.
    I don’t understand the thing about “I” & “S” but other than that, the assumptions I don’t fully understand but would say that at least 50 percent are correct and most of the things you suggest to do, I have done. The “I” comes in with the “I can’t – help me – you can” I can’t stress enough that I can’t but don’t understand why he doesn’t. I can’t have a realization of God’s love by myself. I can’t do anything about my health or lack of but he can. I can’t know how to council another without the Holy Spirit giving me words. I can’t know God without his help. I can’t know myself without him. I can’t know what to do in a day w/o him. I can’t even know what to ask or what to pray w/o the Holy Spirit. I can’t read the Bible correctly w/o him. I can’t understand w/o him. I can’t “know” anything w/o him. I can’t see w/o him. I can’t hear w/o him. For the nothing I can’t do, I know he can do anything. So where am I hung up?
    The last time I heard from the Holy Spirit,(other than what I heard for Maria) I was told “You Love an unkind God, worship the God that loves you, it’s the only God that exists.” I never questioned whether God Loved me, of course he did. I was a little shocked but I know the Holy Spirit doesn’t lie. I had to dig deep and realized that I put some blame on God (however small or large) for the death of someone dear to me.. How do I get past this w/o him?. I don’t know of any way other than a realization given to me of his love for me. .

    • My Dear Chris, hopefully short thus more clear. Take the last first: the statement “You love an unkind God, worship the God that loves you, it’s the only God that exists”. Sounds just like the Spanish translation of Jesus being tempted by Satan,the Evil One. Just before Jesus went into the desert to be tempted, he had His teachings on the other side of the mountain. Suddenly Moses and Elijah (?) appear and the Father said, are you ready? This is MY BELOVED SON no one comes to Me except through Him” Now when Jesus was tempted, Jesus was asked 3 times IF You are the Son of God, bow down and worship me; IF You are the son of…I will give you that and IF YOU are the son of….I will give you all things. Now think. What ONE word was left out by the Evil One–that is correct BELOVED. When we accept Jesus as Savior and Lord, He, by His Blood, satisfied the Father and all your sins since birth to death are forgiven and thrown from East is to West. I sounds from you that you are wanting or trying to DO everything yourself FOR God! How can you when Paul the Apostle says we have died in Christ and it is He Who does these things. Seems to me your must sit down, write down everything you said you are doing on one side; stop at 30 or less; then give yourself 60-90 days. During that 60-90 read Proverbs for you are going to be asking the Father, the Son and the Spirit do give you wisdom, understanding and a hearing heart. Then take Communion and do not ask but praise and worship and give thanks. Then clean up, go to work. Just before you get in the car you ask Jesus to get in first by holding the door, you get to work, open the door and quietly ask for Jesus to come with you. At your lunch, water and anything else of course asking the Lord if He would like something. He might say Yes and say “see that man over there, it is his first day and he has been out of work for 2 years. He and his family live at the Mission House. Take your lunch to him. Intro yourself, the ask to sit down, look at your lunch as say, you know a big breakfast really sticks, would you mind taking this so it is not wasted. He will object; shurge your shoulders hit him on his shoulders and tell him good luck on your first day. Walk away. He will yell about your lunch, just keep walking; you are still on break get along and thank Jesus that he was your strength to do that. Each day for 60 days you do that. End your day with Holy Communion just thanking Jesus for what happened today, and thanking the Father for His Beloved Son, then thank the Spirit for teaching him Proverbs, the words to say and the comfort your felt afterwards. Each day another verse, Communion, ask the Lord what will HE have you do for Him. Nothing may not be said or felt. Fine have a good lunch. Start reading the Gospel of John at night; take Communion and go to bed early–15-30 minutes early. For now you are in a war, and Proverbs is the Helmet of Salvation and John is the Power and Love of Christ.. When the darkness comes, know that what you have been doing has truly come from the Father. Simply ask Jesus for His Angels round about you and your family tonight and all next day. Say good night. And start again in the morning. See what happens.

      • Rick, (Below) Seems Paul is unhappy w/ us communicating this way, So I guess I’ll just say Thanks for your wisdom and help.

      • No Chris, your discussion is brilliant and I’m sure others are benefiting from it as well. I’m just a bit cranky this morning. Please don’t feel pressured to stop. Just keep it short and sweet.

      • Rick Shafer // October 27, 2012 at 9:47 am //

        Chris, why do you insist on making Jesus so difficult and your life IN Him so miserable? Much to say: shafer1217@msn.com

      • Rick Shafer // October 27, 2012 at 9:51 am //

        Sorry Paul, I cannot give up. Since the accident I have been asking, pleading for what is now my purpose? The answer came yesterday after 8 years of asking and waiting: you can write, you can talk. you can empathize, what I have done for you is to prepare you for this impossible (to others) life in this world. Remember, you will meet them all rather soon now. 3 Horses Ride!

      • Rick, I have just set up a new page that you may be interested in. It’s called Grace Stories and it’s especially for those of you who find the 250-word limit on these discussion threads restricting. Check it out.

      • Rick Shafer // October 27, 2012 at 12:46 pm //

        Assuredly I shall. I am bursting with joy, happy for the first time in the my 66 years. Even forgave my father for the 12 years of physical abuse, and my mother for running to a far corner squatting down crying but doing nothing. The death of my children and their mother; the loss of every dime invested since age 16 3 years ago. I can laugh and laugh often now. I am truly free and my Jesus has been there all of the time I just didn’t know Him for years or didn’t see Him for 25 years after accepting him. I am free at last. I use to march with Dr. King, use to listen to that phrase oh so many times and the passion that rammed through the crowd and my heart. I worked for the gentle Bobby who never lied to me whenever we discussed policy; the Democratic Party left me in 1968 in the pain-filled blood of Chicago. But now Mayo Clinic says I should be have died in 2005; they just don’t get it. My Jesus is not finished with me here; and when He is, oh how willing will I go to His arms.

    • perhaps instead of saying “i can’t do anything without Him” (even though it is the truth) you can say “i can do everything with Him” – you are saying the same thing, but now it is anchored in hope (and Jesus is our hope! heb 6:19)

      chris, you are not hidden behind Christ – you are accepted by the Father because you are IN Him. might i suggest you stop digging so deep within yourself? because you seem a bit frustrated (for me, that is a sign that i am doing something in the flesh…) the Spirit will bring things to the surface with little effort on your part… and together with Him, you are able to do what needs to be done to deal with it.

      stop looking at your failures and forgive yourself for them – because God already did! 🙂

      • Rick Shafer // October 27, 2012 at 9:04 am //

        Brilliant Jennie

      • Jennie, ( Must be brief) Thanks for your help. I read “Why confession is still good for you” & see from the comments that maybe this is a site for those that already know this kinda stuff rather than those w/questions I saw your comment under that and hopefully someday I will understand as you do..

      • Chris, feel free to ask questions. Everyone on this site started out with a long list of questions and we are all here to help. But ultimately revelation comes from the Holy Spirit. Get in the habit of making your requests known to him. Make it your habit to ask him for wisdom and understanding. He is a far better teacher than anyone of us here.

      • oops! sorry chris!
        should have replied here… but did it below in a new comment

  8. Guys, I haven’t had time to trim comments this week and don’t like trimming at the best of times. I’ve got better things to do. In future, comments longer than 250 words won’t get published on this thread. For the sake of giving everyone a chance to speak, please keep it short. If you have much to say, feel free to write posts on your own blog and then provide a link to your post.

    • We really should take our responses off line and on to our email or IM. Gives Paul more space to write and a lot more people to respond. And that is the whole point of this blog, to get more people to realize that the Church has changed.

    • Paul i like this. Why should i expect you to become a christian if he’s always on my back as Bob George asks in Classic Christanity. Que the resistance. I get it though. We can’t fight back but thankfully we triumph thru Christ who is alive!

  9. I know the above conversation has dwindled down but soon after I came out of the God thinks I’m a loser sum bag type of thinking I found Hebrews 10:10 & 14. & Hebrews 9:24-26. Theses verse speak very clearly that everything that God would find gross in us has been erased and we and forever made clean and pure in His sight. There is nothing left for God to be disappointed in.

    • Colleen, you are absolutely right! We are IN Christ and He is IN us through His Holy Spirit. Now is the Father upset with Jesus who by His blood gave us the righteousness of God! Of course, not; for when the Father sees you, He sees you is Christ and in Christ: THIS IS MY BELOVED SON. Now you are righteous and beloved child of the Holy God and stand with Jesus before the throne.

    • Thank You Colleen,
      I don’t think that way all the time but as in my original comment, I do find myself drifting off in that type of thought sometimes. I suppose someday A Light will come on and I’ll “get it” It’s really kinda funny. As if I were the only scumbag. It’s not like I think of other people in that way and I suspect you didn’t either.

      • Rick Shafer // October 29, 2012 at 11:22 pm //

        Jennie and Chris
        In the Greek, when Jesus says that He will never let go of us; it expanded meaning is He will never, never leave, abandon, turn away or let you go. You see, once you have accepted Jesus and His Salvation, The Spirit comes to live inside and CANNOT MOVE OUT no matter how stupid we get. When I do get stupid, I do NOT ask for forgiveness for that has been given by The Father and He cannot remember them because of the Perfect Blood sacrifice of His Son. So you must see (and it took me 23 years) that He never, never let us go even from 23 years of money, sex, no church ever, no Bible ever; just women, wine and whatever I wanted to do. Was I happy? Not one day of it; why? Because He never let go and His Spirit within cause such stress, tension, “oh why did I do that” generally crummy feeling. And when you finally cannot bear that load any more never else matters except Jesus do You remember me? The answer will always be “I have been here all the time waiting”. No repentance for forgiveness had already been given at the Cross and God could not remember them, no asking for forgiveness again, just the tears of I need you and You only do I need.
        I even sat there with a .38 saying if You don’t say something this thing will go off. Nothing. Then the phone rang and I almost did not answer. It was an old friend from college telling me that he and some other people were studying the Bible and wondered if I would join them–72 miles from where I was. That was all I need. I sold the gun the next day. And now the last 10 years have not been all that pleasant more times than not; but this time I merely start talking to Him and reading any book of John; and while the stress may not go away immediately, though it does at times, I no long worry about it. And I just rest, sit back and watch Jesus do it all. I trust both of you will have your night or day and KNOW that HE NEVER LETS GO!

  10. chris, you will understand quicker than you realize… a revelation of grace is having your eyes opened to being able to see the things you saw before from a different perspective… God’s perspective. that perspective is already inside of you because Jesus is in there and He is our wisdom – the Spirit is in there and He is our teacher who teaches us all things…

    just from the few words you have written, i can see that you probably have no problem believing that others are loved, accepted and forgiven by God… you heard the Spirit speak about maria because you have no trouble believing God loves and has forgiven maria… right?

    would i also be right to assume that you probably are the kind of person that gets a greater joy watching everyone else open their presents on Christmas than opening your own…? you are blessed with a great empathy for others – it is of Jesus’ very nature! but… God wants you to open your gift from Him chris! you’ve received it – but you haven’t opened it up to experience the great joy of perfect love and forgiveness that was meant for YOU!

    • Dear Jennie, I suspect you are Holy Spirit guided in your 2 responses. Most of what you suggest and suspect/assume are right on. W/O going into much detail, I’ve suspected “opening” is something I am not doing. Giving is a lot more familiar to me (so more comfortable) than receiving.
      Thanks much for your insights.

      • creflo dollar said this in a sermon the other day: “we understand the love of God through His forgiveness”
        and i immediately thought about you! 🙂

        (you can watch the sermon on his website. its a 3 part sermon called “eradicating sin consciousness”)

    • Thanks Jennie. In my area Joseph Prince is on at 7am and Creflo Dollar @ 7:30 am, I watch both most days. I’m Thankful for that and gets me to a good start for the day.

  11. Jennie, I love to watch my babies open their gifts, the noise of paper flying. Once the there is nothing but paper, the laughter gone, I love to just sit and remember and in that remembering Jesus comes and sits with me–you see, He never lets me go.

  12. Jactone Oluoch // November 3, 2012 at 8:36 am // Reply

    Glory to God for the acceptance

  13. A friend told me as she was having some quiet time after a near death illness she heard God say, what have you done that I Can say well done to you? What can we do!Believe the finished work of Jesus. I believe when we have a work rightous mentaliy we hear God the way we believe. Can u shed some light on tbis?

    • Apparently it says in the Talmud, “We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are.” This was certainly true of the Pharisees. They saw God as a loveless, demanding bookkeeper and they preached their revelation to others. Jesus said “No one has seen the Father but me” and preached a wholly different God. You are right. If we are wearing works-lenses, we will filter everything we see through those lenses. This is why it is essential that we see the risen Christ and his finished work. If we don’t see His work as finished, then we will try and finish it for him.

  14. Allie Larkin // January 25, 2013 at 8:43 am // Reply

    Could you please explain how we can grieve the Holy Spirit and not worry about it?
    I love your posts, by the way.

    • It’s never a good idea to grieve those you love so please don’t get the impression that I’m saying you should look for opportunities to grieve my Father. Far from it. My heart’s desire is to please him in all I do.

      However, to grieve and disappoint are different things. To grieve the Holy Spirit is to make him sad. It happens whenever we make mistakes. He doesn’t want to see us hurting ourselves or each other. But disappointment is the result of unmet expectations and since God already knows everything you will ever do, it’s impossible to disappoint him.

  15. Michael Jenkins // December 31, 2013 at 9:12 am // Reply

    This is so encouraging, God bless you!

  16. Amen,am so blessed.

  17. biblecarrier99 // October 24, 2014 at 6:26 am // Reply

    Hi everybody,

    I’m a fourteen year old who gave his life to Jesus 7 years ago. However I only found out about God’s word last year when I found Paul’s blog. I firmly believe, and there is now nothing that could sway me, that grace is 100% true without the need to dilute it. Recently, I’ve noticed myself standing out from the status quo (the perils of puberty) and getting comments that i’m the ‘black Jesus’. Haha! It just goes to show how strange yet beautiful the good news of grace is to everybody. My friend has recently brought upon himself a scandal yet Jesus would’ve shown him grace and accepted him no matter what which strangely what I find myself doing. I’m a new creature guys! Amen.

  18. i have found very help full i always sin and see that god’s face very sad by my sin but by his grace i always stood up and i also need your prayers for i have victory over my sin adultery.

  19. Is anyone here able to give quick advice?
    Is it bad for me to ask for something from someone if I feel God is telling me that I should trust him with what I already have? Sorry, this pertains to the article because I really really don’t want to “disappoint” God.

  20. Roshan J Easo // June 1, 2017 at 3:17 pm // Reply

    I would have a hard time believing this, but Jesus loves those who are divorced. So I can believe this too. I’ve been divorced. I watched as I lost control of my life because I didn’t know what to do in these extreme pressures except try to be spiritual. I didn’t remember the truths. The white witch had gotten to me. But God used that as an opportunity to love the white witch and to find out so much. should I have walked away is not another matter. Thanks to Escape to Reality. In

  21. “Telestai or It Is Finished,” means “It Is Finished, or paid in full.” I use YouTube to search for music and entertainment and sometimes come across some video indicating people who died and went to heaven or hell or both, indicating they needed to see both places either by an angel or by Jesus. Some say Jesus says they people are in hell because they did not forgive, or they are in hell because they were sexually immoral even though they were believers. One article even told of a girl who said a Pope was in hell because he didn’t repent. I accept Jesus Christ as my savior and I believe I am saved, because of such articles it puts the question in my head, “Am I Saved or Not?” I repent, “to turn to Jesus,” I am still human, I am going to sin, I don’t sin intentionally. I forgive and ask forgiveness, and try to spread the word. It is confusing.

  22. KONDA NAYAK MUDAVATHU // January 4, 2019 at 1:24 pm // Reply

    Wonderful message sir. Thank you

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