Jesus said what?!

The words of Jesus bring life to those who receive them, but they can also be confusing. “What did Jesus mean when he said…?”

Become like a little child?

Chop off your hand?! Was Jesus serious?

Do everything Jesus said?

Does Jesus want you to sell your stuff?

Five ways Jesus revealed grace

How should we read the words of Jesus?

Satan desires to sift you like wheat

Sowing, reaping, and the golden rule

The commands of Jesus

The greatest law preacher

The Lord’s Prayer

They will not taste death

What are heavenly treasures?

What does it mean to remove a church’s lampstand?

Why did Jesus ask for swords?

Why does Jesus wish we were cold?

You may also want to check out Dr. Paul Ellis’s series on the parables of Jesus.

And for more good stuff, take a look at Paul’s award winning book, Stuff Jesus Never Said.

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