Grace Gallery

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 cheap_grace_s  pig_s  E2R_grace_license_3_sm  Grumpy_s
 heaven's gospel  Imperfections_sm  You_died_1s  Grip_s
 no_charge E2R_blue_bible_sm  pharaoh's whip  beach_s
 Forgiven_s  Cat_in_hat_s  grace_stoops  Grace_license_s
Worried_nun_s  Good_cop_s  E2R_scarecrow_sm  E2R_Rolex_sm
   Preference_s  You_died_2s
 E2R_fake1_sm  religious_mask  Liberated_women_s  
     E2R_grace_license2_sm  Talent_s
 Oliver  Sin  hyper-grace_s  God's_will_s
 reconciliation  dividing_walls  fishhook_holiness  TWG_checkers_sm
 sin_wilts  impressed


Classic quotes…

 Divorce_1_s   Divorce_2_s  Divorce_3_s  Nee_2_s
 e2r_face_s  e2r_foolishness_s  e2r_sleep_s  e2r_sunshine_s
 e2r_happiness_s  e2r_winter_s  Great_Minds_s

Talking heads…

 Nee_1_s  Bono_Elvis_s  Bono_Karma  Luther_s
  MLJ_s  MLJ_2_s  Bunyan_s  Spurgeon_repentance_s
 Max_s  Lewis_s  Spurgeon_s  
   Moody_s  hufford  Tolkien_s
 brennan_manning_sm  manning_1  Hufford_sm  Spurgeon's mantra

Teaching aids seen on E2R…

   confession  confession_similar  
 law-that-jesus-preached    parenting_tips  
 spot the difference    repentance_200  

Christmas cards…



  1. Consecrated Heart says:

    I love these, and they are awesome to share! Especially for those who learn really well visually (like moi!) – keep ‘em up :-) You are a real blessing -Jemma

  2. Janelle says:

    I just found this page and I absolutely love it. Thank-you Paul. Did you have a picture of Jesus walking up a crowded street filled with sick people on both sides and as he passed them they were up and healed and jumping for joy? I thought it was on your web site but I never could find it again. Could a church use these on their projection screens if they put underneath it?

    • No, I don’t think I have seen that picture. Yes, feel free to share these images. I’m a visual person – not a good listener – and I made these for people like me.

  3. Loved all of them!! Can I share them?? BTW did you make all this??

  4. Totally Awesome! Thank You!

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