eternal security

Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord’? (Luke 6:46)

May 16, 2019 // 18 Comments

“Paul, I’m a Christian. I’m worried about that Jesus might reject me even though I call him Lord. Am I doing enough to be saved?” Are you referring to this scripture: “Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?” (Luke 6:46). “That’s the one. It terrifies me.” Let me ask [...]

Branches are Not Sticks: Why God Will Never Cast You Away

August 2, 2018 // 38 Comments

“Whoever comes to me I will never cast away” (John 6:37). Jesus promised he would never cast away those who come to him, yet some people fear he might. Because Jesus is fickle and he changes his mind a lot. Of course, that’s not true, yet some worry that it might be true, because of what he said here: If [...]

Are Unfruitful Branches Lifted Up?

May 2, 2018 // 96 Comments

Here is possibly the worst verse in the Bible: I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit. (John 15:1-2, NIV) I say worst verse because this is a shockingly poor translation. A better one is, “He takes up or lifts every branch in me.” If you’re not [...]

Can You Lose Your Salvation?

February 1, 2018 // 184 Comments

Can you lose your salvation and become unsaved? When I first began writing about the gospel of grace this was a subject few people spoke about. It was too contentious, too uncertain, too hard. So one summer I set out to read every single scripture on the subject. Turns out there are about 300. About half of them [...]

The Endurance of the Saints

November 23, 2017 // 17 Comments

Image source There are nearly two dozen New Testament scriptures that speak of enduring or holding fast to the end. The wrong way to read these scriptures is to think, “I must sweat and strive and endure or be disqualified from the kingdom.” If the Christian race is a marathon, it begins at the finish line. [...]

The “I Wills” of God

July 20, 2017 // 42 Comments

At the foot of Mt Sinai the Israelites boasted “We will do everything the Lord commands” (Ex 19:8). Perhaps you have said something similar, but this is a fatal boast, and a recipe for disaster. Make an impossible promise and you will invariably break it. What the Lord demands you cannot provide. This is the [...]

Can You Fall from Your Secure Position (2 Peter 3:17)?

June 29, 2017 // 94 Comments

Image source According to some, here is a scripture that says you can lose your salvation: Therefore, dear friends, since you have been forewarned, be on your guard so that you may not be carried away by the error of the lawless and fall from your secure position. (2 Pet 3:17, NIV) Don’t panic. This scripture [...]

Have I Committed the Unforgivable Sin?

June 22, 2017 // 81 Comments

Here is a conversation I have on a regular basis: Reader: “Paul, I’m worried that I have committed the unforgivable sin.” Me: “You haven’t.” Reader: “But I had these terrible thoughts about the Lord…” Me: “You didn’t commit an unforgivable sin.” Reader: “I shook my fist at heaven and [...]

The Top 12 Promises on Eternal Security

June 8, 2017 // 35 Comments

I have begun listing the many promises in God’s Word regarding the eternal security of the believer. So far I’m up to 130 scriptures, with more to come. It’s a  wonderful, reassuring list, but too long to reproduce here. So for the sake of brevity I have pulled the top 12 promises guaranteeing your eternal [...]

Does 2 Peter 2 Say You Can Lose Your Salvation?

May 11, 2017 // 72 Comments

In this world of anxiety and fear, it is a radical thing to proclaim the eternal security of the believer: One with the Lord, your future is the same as his. No one can snatch you from his hand; nothing can separate you from his love. Yet every time I say things like this, someone will point to 2 Peter 2 as [...]

How Do I Know I’m Saved?

October 13, 2016 // 104 Comments

“Are you saved? Are you sure?” These questions are sometimes used to scare people into signing up for works-based insurance, which is bad. And they can trigger salvation-anxiety, which is really bad. But the questions themselves are legitimate. In scripture we are exhorted to examine ourselves to see [...]

Why is the Narrow Gate Hard to Enter?

June 23, 2016 // 67 Comments

What is the narrow gate? You probably know the answer to this question – the narrow gate is Jesus – but what does it mean to find the narrow gate, and why did Jesus say many would try to enter and fail? Make every effort to enter through the narrow gate, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will [...]