Top 10 Brennan Manning Quotes

April 19, 2013 // 26 Comments

Brennan Manning passed away last Friday at the age of 79. I only found out this morning and I’ve been thinking of him all day. I never met Brennan Manning and I never heard him preach. Yet I would count myself as one of the millions who have been touched by his life. Why? I’ve read The Ragamuffin Gospel, [...]

Top 20 C.S. Lewis Quotes

November 22, 2012 // 19 Comments

When people ask me to name my favorite author, like many others I respond with the name of C.S. Lewis. Since I first heard The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as a boy, I have been a fan. I have a bookshelf of his books. If he wrote it, I’ve read it. And you’ve probably read it too. Is it too much of a [...]

Top 12 quotes on grace

November 12, 2012 // 32 Comments

What is the one thing that separates Christianity from every other religion in the world? It is grace – that divine and undeserved favor of God that elevates the lowly and loves the unlovely. Grace is the good news that a sick and dying world needs to hear. Grace is what God’s love looks like from our side. [...]

Top 12 Bill Johnson Quotes from Manifest Presence 2011

September 2, 2011 // 5 Comments

Bill Johnson must be one of the most quotable preachers on the planet. He’s a regular wordsmith and full of wisdom. If you’ve heard him speak you’ll know he’s funny and profound and never condemning. He paints word-pictures of heaven-on-earth and he tells good stories about the goodness of a good God. [...]

Wommackisms – Top 20 Andrew Wommack Quotes

July 11, 2011 // 301 Comments

If you’ve ever heard Andrew Wommack speak, you will know that he is one unique hombre. I’m not just referring to his theology – there’s a growing number of people preaching pure grace these days. I’m referring to the way he speaks. I say this with the utmost respect, but Wommack has mastered the art of [...]