Is the church too feminine?

October 21, 2020 // 2 Comments

I have been blown away by the positive response to my forthcoming book, The Silent Queen: Why the Church Needs Women to find their Voice. Although the book doesn’t come out until Christmas, I thought you’d might like a taste now. The following article has been cut from the Introduction… Since its inception, [...]

Last chance to get “The Good Shepherd”

June 11, 2020 // 4 Comments

Hi friends, Just a gentle reminder that you have one day remaining to take advantage of our special offer. “What special offer?” Sign up as a patron before this weekend and you will receive my latest ebook, “Henry Moorhouse’s ‘The Good Shepherd’.” My book introduces the Victorian boy preacher, Henry [...]

Seven zeroes

April 21, 2020 // 49 Comments

On its first day, Escape to Reality was viewed 20 times and I was stoked. Three years later it reached a million page views, and I was astonished. A few days ago, we passed 10 million page views and I don’t know what to say. Except, thank you. And wow. 10,000,000. There is nothing particularly significant about [...]

A free study guide and a sweet treat!

March 30, 2020 // 13 Comments

Hi friends, I have TWO exciting book announcements to share with you. 1. The Chocolate Gospel ebook is now on sale My latest book, The Chocolate Gospel, has just gone live on Kindle. You can also get it for your Android device and in PDF form here. If you missed out on the Kickstarter project, you will not be [...]

The Chocolate Gospel is on Kickstarter!

February 13, 2020 // 0 Comments

The Chocolate Gospel is here! For the next two weeks, you can order my latest book on Kickstarter. And then it’s gone forever. You cannot get The Chocolate Gospel on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the Book Depository, or anywhere. It is ONLY available on Kickstarter and ONLY until the end of the month. If you wait [...]

E2R turns ten, and a free book for you!

February 5, 2020 // 15 Comments

Ten years ago today I wrote an article called “Whose medicine are you taking? The dangers of taking scripture out of context.” I used this article to launch a brand new blog called Escape to Reality (E2R). Five hundred articles, 30,000 comments, and nearly 10 million page views later… I’m kinda blown away [...]

Ten birthday candles: E2R’s most inflammatory articles

January 29, 2020 // 36 Comments

Escape to Reality is turning ten next week! To mark the occasion I could list the ten most popular articles, but that would be boring. I’d rather list the ten most inflammatory articles, the ones that lit a fire and got people talking. Think of these as ten candles atop the cake of nostalgia. 10. The [...]

Merry Christmas from the Shaky Isles

December 19, 2019 // 24 Comments

As you may have heard, one of New Zealand’s many volcanoes erupted last week killing more than a dozen tourists plus a couple of local tour guides. It was a tragedy and a reminder that our time on earth is short. So make the most of it this Christmas. Treasure your families. Make memories. Live fully. Love [...]

Last chance to get The Chocolate Gospel! (For now)

October 30, 2019 // 8 Comments

Hi friends, This is just a gentle reminder that you have 24 hours to grab your copy of The Chocolate Gospel. This book is not available anywhere in the world. You won’t find it on Amazon or Kindle. But limited edition copies will go out in the mail this weekend. Here’s how you can get your copy: Sign up on [...]

The Chocolate Gospel – limited edition available now

October 24, 2019 // 10 Comments

During WWII, Corrie ten Boom, a Dutch Christian, was imprisoned in Ravensbrück concentration camp. After the war, she visited a prison which housed Nazi female guards from Ravensbrück. She went to tell her former captors about the love of God, but these sophisticated ladies refused to listen to an uneducated [...]